Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Unpublished Cover For Supergirl By Amy Reeder

Everybody think back to June 2010 and the release of Superman #700. Included in that issue were preview pages for each of the Super-title including a Supergirl one by Sterling Gates that talked about his plans for BizarroGirl, the annual with the Legion, and the ToyMaster story arcs.

Gates' actually hinted about stories beyond those ones as well. Part of his plans for Kara included the return of Superwoman as well as Linda Lang enrolling in college. Alas, we never saw those stories. Gates was shown the door so Nick Spencer could take the reins ... for half an issue.

So imagine my surprise to see this, a draft of an Amy Reeder cover for a Supergirl issue that doesn't exist.

Here we see Supergirl in her Linda Lang identity in a dorm room at UM (University of Metropolis?) caught in mid-change by her roommate/friend.

We'll never know the specifics of the story or the breadth of Gates' plans. And that is a shame. Nothing against James Peaty's story (piecing together the scraps Spencer left behind), most people know how much I love parts of that story.

But I wish we could have read this story and more. This is a palpable reminder of what might have been.

This is beautiful stuff by Reeder. I can't wait to read Rocket Girl by her and Brandon Montclare!


Count Drunkula said...

Another great Amy Reeder pic!

Despite my telling Sterling Gates that his HAWK & DOVE series was horrendous, I really, really enjoyed his work on SUPERGIRL when it wasn't handcuffed to the "New Krypton" stuff.

I wish he could be given a book I'd actually want to read, like BIRDS OF PREY, NIGHTWING, or hey, even SUPERGIRL again!

Martin Gray said...

Just lovely, a classic Superman Family situation, that.

Ah we'll, at least DC's latest solicitations show Gates' current book, Vibe, is getting to at least #10, as the #9 details have no FINAL ISSUE slug.

Anj said...

I would love for Gates to come back to Supergirl. I wonder if there is a sort of 'you can't go home again' feeling.

Too bad we will never see this story.

And I am glad that Vibe will see 10 issues. Who knows how many more though.

Unknown said...

Wow, this is a great Amy Reeder Supergirl cover concept! Her covers are among my favorites from the previous Supergirl title. I like how Reeder includes reminder notes around the mirror, and a photograph of Kara/ Linda Lang and Lana Lang together. These details really build an understanding of Kara as a person.

Anonymous said...

Curiously evocative of this classic Bronze Age Supergirl cover:

Dollsome work from Ms Reeder though...pity we will never get to read it...


elknight20 said...

That's a GREAT cover!!!

Shame we'll never get to read it! :(