Thursday, August 22, 2013

Supergirl Smorgasbord And Other News

I have been busy with reviews and news but there has been a bunch of small Supergirl news items I wanted to tell people about.

First off, blog friend Valerie21610, an ardent Supergirl and Brainiac 5 supporter has set up a Facebook group celebrating the couple. Here are her words:

I have started up a new facebook group, dedicated to Supergirl, Brainiac 5 as a couple and XTC their daughter.     Talk about Supergirl, Brainiac 5 and the Legion of Super Heroes will be allowed in it too. 
The name of the group is Supergirl + Brainiac 5 = XTC.

Here is a link to the group. Sounds like a great group and a great cause:

While there are other Supergirl costumes I like much more than the New 52 one, I have to admit the last  collectibles of the new costume have been pretty. This new Kotobukiya statue looks gorgeous. Here is a link to an store taking preorders:

And the solicit:

Kotobukiya continues their line of awesome ARTFX+ Statues featuring characters of the DC Universe with the Supergirl ARTFX+ Statue. Supergirl stands just over 7.5 inches tall and includes magnets in her feet for added stability on the display base. The Supergirl ARTFX+ Statue would make a great addition to your DC statue collection.

Now I might need to see this up close as Kotobukiya statues sometimes veer to being to cheesecakey and provocative for me. But this one looks pretty slick.

I spoke about the upcoming DC Women of Legend cards here. I get the sense that like the Superman The Legend cards, that these will be an impulse buy at the store.

I saw Nina Edlund's premiere sketch cards of DC's female super-heroes and super-villains over on the Mary Sue. Here is the link: 

Supergirl is in the middle and looks super-cute.

Lastly, just the Boston Comic Con was just a couple of weeks ago and they have already announced next year's dates. In what I think is a great sign, they have added a third day! Hopefully I can swing all three. And they also kept it at the same site! I thought the Seaport was a great place - big spaces, easy to find, plentiful parking.
Here is the official site:


Martin Gray said...

Great round-up, Anj.

I was never convinced by the Supergirl/Brainy romance - I recall that creepy Legion story in which Querl had a Kara sexbot, and his sad reactions to her death post-crisis, but did they really ever have more than the odd kiss in a Legion tale? Thank goodness for that Sterling Gates Supergirl Annual.

Seriously, did I miss a period when the pair were actual girl and boyfriend?

Anyway, best of luck to Valerie with the group! They do look good together.

Anonymous said...

Brainy asked Supergirl to "be his girl" before he had more than two casual conversations with her. And that post CoIE story where he admits he knew when she was going to die, along with his behavior when he showed up with the Legion in "Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow", seem to say he was infatuated with her before he met her. So it was more like getting a crush on Joan of Arc, then going back in time to ask her out even knowing there was no chance for a relationship. Brainy was a bit "off" from the beginning.

Unknown said...

Anj, i have been waiting 4days for you to post the solicit for the Kara Kotobukyia statue! I am so excited to buy it and place it next to my Superman statue!!! Everyone that knows me shared that link on Facebook the day of the announcment!!!