Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Boston Comic-Con 2013 Wrap-Up and Aaron Lopresti Commission

Boston Comic-Con 2013 was this last week and it was the biggest and best show that I have been to.

I have been going to this show since its inception and each year it has grown. I can remember when it was in the basement of an old insurance building, cramped and with a couple of guests.

This year the show was postponed because of the Marathon Bombing. So first and foremost, I have to congratulate the show's producers for putting together this phenomenal of a show in such a short period of time. The artist list was deep filled with major creative stars. And it was held in the massive Boston Seaport Trade Center, a huge venue easy to find with cheap and plentiful parking. I can only hope that future shows are held there as well.

And this con was as packed as I have seen any show making me think that word is spreading that this is a convention you should travel to get to. Standing in line for signatures, I met people from up and down the eastern seaboard. Both days there were throngs and throngs of people. Unreal.

Moreover, it felt like a 'big con' with multiple panels filled with big stars. The DC panel was led by Dan Didio and had Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel, Brian Azzarello, and Aaron Lopresti. That is a huge panel.

Personally, I had some great moments talking to some of the creators present.

While I had to wait a bit, it was great to talk to Scott Snyder about Superman Unchained, even if it was only for a couple of minutes. He even showed me a splash page of Wraith's Fortress of Solitude from an upcoming issue. Fantastic. Snyder was just a great guy, approachable and amiable.

I got to talk for a while to Aaron Lopresti about his Wonder Woman run and, in particular, his Ends of the Earth arc co-starring the DC's 70's sword and sorcery characters.

I got to chat with Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare about Supergirl, Halloween Eve, and their upcoming Rocket Girl book.

And while waiting in Phil Jimenez' line, I was in a comic conversation which covered  Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Worlds at War, Legion of Super-Heroes, and other stuff. That was probably the best comic talk of the weekend for me.

I even got to meet Sue from DCWomenKickingAss!

Anyways, big big show.

As always, I had a bunch of commissions I was hoping to get and ... miraculously ... I got them all. For a total just over $300 (in total) I got Aaron Lopresti, Joe Eisma, Cully Hamner, George Perez, Amy Reeder, and Phil Jimenez. Talk about a great haul! I will showcase each commission on its own so each piece can breathe and I can talk about the artist individually.

Above is the Lopresti piece. I am a huge fan of Lopresti's work. It is always of the highest quality. And Lopresti was the piece that was most crucial for me. So I was glad to get on his list early and line up this piece. Everything about this piece is stunning. The powerful pose. The beauty of Kara. The multiple colors and depth of  shading. I mean, he even colored in the eyes light blue. Even the half-shirt works here, Lopresti's idea.

I am thrilled with this piece and feel it is a stand-out in my collection!

Thanks again to Aaron Lopresti for the chat and the commission!


Diabolu Frank said...

"For a total just over $300 (in total) I got Aaron Lopresti, Joe Eisma, Cully Hamner, George Perez, Amy Reeder, and Phil Jimenez."

Wha-- who-- how-- GAH! I spent more than that at Space City Con this weekend, which suffice to say did not feature a tenth of the luminaries. I'm not bemoaning the quality of the pieces I got, but my sympathy over the rescheduling of your con has officially evaporated. Lovely piece by Lopresti! Isn't Supergirl in the market for a new artist?

Count Drunkula said...

Hey Anj,

Great Lopresti sketch! I am jealous that you got so many commissioned sketches for a reasonable amount. I posted the one Black Canary sketch I bought on my Black Canary blog: http://blackcanaryfan.blogspot.com/2013/08/black-canary-by-greg-moutafis.html

I only went on Saturday, and the decision was nearly last-minute. I fully intend to go again next year; maybe we can meet up and chat.

Other than commissioning that pic of Dinah, the highlight for me was talking to LEE WEEKS for about ten minutes at the end of the day on Saturday. He was obviously tired, and had spent a while looking at a hungry young artist's portfolio, giving the kid some thoughtful and considerate feedback. I had a blast just watching Lee give the kid a Master's class on panel construction. By the time I went to buy a signed Captain America print, I could tell Lee wanted to talk about anything BUT comics. So we talked about marriage, children, health, sports. It went all over the place. Very cool.

Anj said...

I have found that contacting artists beforehand to get a sense of their prices, schedules, and 'booking' a spot on their list pre-con is incredibly helpful. I let them know I use a sketchbook, want Supergirl, etc.

Lopresti - $120
Eisma - $120
Hamner (bust) - $75
Perez (quick) -$40
Reeder - head/bust - free
Jimenez -head/bust - free

Given that I have paid $300 for some commissions I have been dissatisfied with, this con was a complete win for me.

Great BC sketch by Moustafis Count!

Count Drunkula said...

Holy Crap! A quick sketch by Perez was only $40???!!! I thought it would have been double that! I had a chance to snag one from him towards the end of the day on Saturday. I guess I should have been bolder (or braver) and just asked.

Thanks for the tip, though. I might contact artists in advance before the next con I attend.

Count Drunkula said...

Oh man, I talked to Amy Reeder for a couple of minutes, too! I bought Halloween Eve from her! Damn, I should have asked for a sketch from her, too! She could draw a knock-out Black Canary!