Saturday, August 10, 2013

Boston Comic-Con Commission #2: Joe Eisma

Allow me to present this phenomenal Supergirl commission by Joe Eisma, obtained at this year's Boston Comic-Con. (The plan will be to present my Boston Comic-Con commissions over the next month on  Saturdays.)

This commission works on a number of levels. For one, Eisma draws Kara as a girl. She looks young here, something that I don't always see in my commissions so it is a nice change of pace. I also really love the quizzical look on Supergirl's face here, holding her hand up to her head. It is an almost flashback to the Silver Age when she would hold a finger to her lips when deep in thought. I love the action here, the cape fluttering straight up. And lastly, the added color including the hazy background all add depth to the piece. I am thrilled with Eisma's piece.

I have to thank my best friend who told me I should go for Eisma. He reads Morning Glories (I don't) and told me he thought Eisma would do a great Supergirl. After flipping through some Glories trades, I agreed. I am blessed to have a best friend as interested in comics and commissions as I am. We bounce ideas and thoughts off each other. I wouldn't have thought of Eisma otherwise.

This piece was one of a half dozen excellent commissions I got at Boston Comic Con. Wow, that is a great show!


Count Drunkula said...

Another great get from the Boston Con, Anj! I can't wait to see the others you got.

Anj said...

Thanks man.

Will probably post Perez this Saturday!

Martin Gray said...

Very nice indeed!