Saturday, August 31, 2013

Boston Comic Con Commission #5: Phil Jimenez

Hard to believe that Boston Comic-Con is almost a month ago!

One of the people I was psyched to meet was Phil Jimenez. I have been a fan of Jimenez' work for a while. I really loved his work on Wonder Woman. And recently, I really enjoyed his take on the Legion Academy in the Adventure Comics relaunch.

Incredibly, Jimenez was doing free commissions at the show, fantastic head/bust shots with some unique and interesting backgrounds. As a result the line for his table was quite long which allowed me to listen to the conversations Jimenez engaged in. I have to say, the conversation was fantastic. Jimenez is really passionate about comics. There was great talk about just about everything from Wonder Woman to Aquaman to the dark edge of comics and a variety of other topics. Just great stuff.

During my time in line I saw some great commissions - Magik and Wonder Woman were quite popular. But someone even got a Transformer! And wandering by later in the day, I saw Jimenez drawing Alley Kat Dabra! Awesome.

I love this Supergirl commission, a sort of pensive Kara with a great space background.

As a 'con courtesy' I try to limit the number of issues I bring to a creator for signatures to 6-8. If it is one of my all time favorites, maybe I'll stretch it to 1o.

Anyways, I couldn't wait to talk to Jimenez about these two issues of Wonder Woman, the Worlds At War crossovers. These are incredible issues, extremely dense with inset panels, crazy number of characters involved, and wild action. These issues are exhausting to read and absorb/process. They are the closest thing you can get to Crisis on Infinite Earths. So I was thrilled to get them signed by Jimenez and gush a bit about them.

But seriously, the best thing about meeting Jimenez was just taking part in the conversation while I waited. Great stuff!


Dave Mullen said...

An Amazing story - What an extraordinarily generous man!

From dismissing him as a poor man's George Perez when he started out I've come to love his work. His Legion Academy, brief though it was, is a particular favourite and makes you regret what might have been if he'd been allowed/Invited to work on the Legion proper. If I had a current book I'd like to see him on it might be Teen Titans, as that book needs someone who can bring it more down to earth.

Diabolu Frank said...

The first convention sketch I ever got was by Phil Jimenez. I didn't understand how anything worked, so I asked for something extravagant but ended up with a free Wonder Woman bust instead. The main topic of discussion was the hated Superman/Diana romance issue that Eric Luke had brought up. Jimenez pointed to the guy signing next to him, who turned out to be Joe Kelly, and they let me know that they had plans to deal with the matter. #170 ended up being the best issue of Jimenez's run.

Fantastic Supergirl sketch! I love how womanly she is, with the more angular, defined, sophisticated features. Everyone makes the Perez comparison, but compare this to the other sketch from this con posted earlier and tell me they're drawing the same person. I don't really like Supergirl very much, as I've always preferred her adventures when she's allowed to mature (late Bronze Age, PAD, etc.) Jimenez drew the character as I wish to see her.

Anj said...

Thanks for the comment Dave.

A Jimenez Titans would be a great book. I have stayed away from the New 52 version.
But I would love him on Legion.

He would be the one to capture the classic Legion feel but make it readable in today's market.

Anj said...

Thanks Frank!

You are right. Jimenez' Kara is an older hero and would look perfect in the Daring New Adventures book or in the Linda/Matrix PAD book.

Funny how the Perez commission does look girlish in comparison!

Anonymous said...

Its a pensive commission d'ye not think? Vaguely evocative of Alex Ross' Bronze Age Supergirl Poster...Nice "get" though.


Unknown said...

Lovely Supergirl sketch by Phil Jimenez! I like his version of Kara- especially her hair style. It seems to me like Supergirl is reflecting upon her life in Argo City. Her eyes and facial expression just seem to me like she'd peering off into deep space. Thank you for sharing this art!