Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sales numbers for Issue 30

Diamond Comics Distributor released its sales charts and market share reports for June 2008.

Supergirl #30 was ranked at 71. The incomprehensible sales index was 60.41. Supergirl #29 was ranked at 74. The sales index was 29.64.

Therefore, the title rose 3 slots from the sales of issue 29.

This may be a secondary to the buzz being raised from the new creative team and focus coming on in 34. Maybe readers want to get a sense of where the title is right now.

Or it may be that people saw that Will Pfeifer wrote the issue and bought it. Or maybe the Puckett detractors bought it because it was written by somebody not named Puckett.

Regardless, a leap of 3 slots when you are ranked in the 70's is nothing to write home about. The Sales Index number remains a mystery to me as to how to analyze it.

That said, at least the title did not seem to lose any more readers. I doubt the title is in danger of being cancelled now given the emphasis DC is placing on it and its place in the Superman titles. But if this title continues to lose readers and we are 6 months into Gates' run, it might be on the chopping block.

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