Friday, July 18, 2008

Cliff Chiang's Atomic Bombshells and my Commission

Over on Cliff Chiang's blog (link over there in the right column) , he is unveiling pics of comics/animated characters imagined as WWII bomber plane nose art. Yesterday's post was this absolutely lovely take on Supergirl. (Other characters so far have been Teela, Poison Ivy, Scarlett, and Princess from Battle of the Planets.)

There is so much to love in this Supergirl picture!

It just invokes so much Silver Age goodness! Kara is in the original costume with the blue skirt and short cape. She is in a rather demure position for a woman riding a rocket. And she oozes the beauty of a 50's pin-up girl.

On top of that, the rocket she is riding is a version of the original rocket she landed in way back in Action Comics 252. On his blog, Chiang says he used the half-tone background to also give it a Silver Age feel. And when was the last time she was called 'The Maid of Might' ??

I would buy this if it was a print. I would wear this if it was on a t-shirt!

I love Chiang's art. It is so clean and smooth but just grabs you. It reminds me a little of Alex Toth in that his art says so much, tells such a great story, with an economy of lines. I enjoyed his work on Beware the Creeper and The Human Target. I even bought Green Arrow/Black Canary for the first few issues solely for the art, and not the (shudder) Winick story.

I was lucky enough to meet Cliff Chiang at a Boston Comic Book Spectacular and here is the commission I got from him. It is a great shot of Supergirl soaring in the clouds and is proudly displayed on the 'Wall of Fame'.

If any readers are at the SDCC, I would highly recommend finding him, drooling over his art, and trying to grab a commission.


Heath Edwards said...

chiang does some lovely stuff. i really enjoyed his 'dr13' backups in the not-so-recent 'spectre' mini (i think it was)... lovely and clean looking art...

Anj said...

lovely and clean looking art...

That sums it up perfectly.

There are few artists that I buy a comic for simply for the artwork. Chiang is one of them.

He is slick.