Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Leviathan Theory - One Last Post

I have had my Leviathan Theory.

I have had my Leviathan back-up theories.

I have had odds and I have had changes to odds.

I have puzzled and puzzled.

I have looked for clues and I have looked at things thinking they were clues but wondering if I was reaching.

All of this means that this has been a great story with a great hook. Kudos to Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev for crafting this story.

And today, four hours from now, I'll know if I was right ... on any level.

So let's just take a look back at something which I hope will bear out as being important in the mystery.

The Watchmen Overtones.

There are too many to gloss over. They have to mean something.

Tears on angel statues? Feet walking through puddles? Check.

Blue energy globes? Check.

Things happening minutes ago? Check.

Tentacled creatures creating havoc? Yep.

Broken globes?

Even the occasional 9 panel grid.

Anyways, I don't think I made these things up.
These are Watchmen homages or clues.
So why ... why were they there?

Yes, my theory is that it is Charlton heroes, a riff on Watchmen heroes, who were riffs on Charlton heroes, the Ouroboros of our comics.

But I hope they mean anything, even if not my theory. Because if they were all feints, I might be sad.

So who is Leviathan?


Martin Gray said...

No spoilers from me, just my thanks for a fascinating series of posts.

How will you top this next year? Anj loves a mystery...

Clipping Path said...

I am absolutely loving your gorgeous blog!I love this blog.Thanks for sharing.

Rob S. said...

Oh, man, I'm gonna miss these posts. I hope a new mystery catches your eye soon, Anj.

You're not crazy about seeing all those nods to Watchmen. But I wonder how much of that is ultimately a product of a culture & artform where Watchmen was so influential in how comics are made. Perhaps its vocabulary is just part and parcel of superhero comics now, and certain similarities -- the nine-panel grid, statues in the rain, blue energy -- are to be expected from a generation of artists and writers who grew up with the book.

In other words, it's Dr. Manhattan's world...and we're soaking in it.