Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Batwoman/Supergirl World's Finest 100pg Giant Solicit

Back in the December Solicits, DC announced the Batwoman/Supergirl 100pg  Giant. But there wasn't much else there making me wonder what would the content be.

Last week, Bleeding Cool announced the creators and stories in the book. Here is that link:

I can understand DC wanting to maybe cash in a little on the CW Sundays which has Batwoman and Supergirl shows on back to back. They aren't a natural team-up in the comic world. But should be interesting. Heck, the Joelle Jones cover alone probably is worth the price.

So what can we look forward to?

“Sister, Sister,” a 16-page Batwoman and Supergirl team-up story written by Margaret Stohl with art by Laura Braga. When a powerful alien weapon falls into the wrong hands, it will take the combined might of Batwoman and Supergirl to save the city from the Religion of Crime!

I loved Braga's take on the Bombshells book so she seems like a natural for this story. I have never read anything by Stohl so I am looking forward to reading this. And an alien weapon and a city cult? Sound like the perfect mashup.

“Faceless,” an 8-page Batwoman story written by Sanya Anwar with art by Chad Hardin. Batwoman must go undercover in a highly secretive beauty company in order to track down a missing journalist. But what Kate discovers is far more insidious than she ever imagined!

Uh oh? Evil make-up? Is this the Catwoman movie all over again?

I like Hardin's art. I haven't read anything by Anwar. So again, seems like a good creative team for me.

“Exit Interview,” an 8-page Supergirl story written by Andrea Shea with art by Mike Norton. Since arriving on Earth, Supergirl has always followed in her cousin’s footsteps. But maybe it’s time for Kara to forge her own path…

I don't know. I have read plenty of stories which sound like this one. But as this might be someone's first Supergirl story differentiating her from Superman seems like a wise choice. I like Mike Norton's art (last sampled in Mystik U) but I have never read anything by Shea. So fascinating ...

And then these reprints.

* “Looking Glass,” from Batwoman: Rebirth #1
* “Brainiac Part One,” from Supergirl: Rebirth #1
* “Escape from Dinosaur Island Part One,” from Batwoman #0

I'm in.

This looks like a very good collection.


Martin Gray said...

I'm so jealous that you get this stuff, it's unlikely to come to the UK. The exit interview story has me most interested, from where is Kara exiting? Superman's shadow? As you say, she's not really been there. Still, it could be fun. I've never liked the religion of Crime, it's just one more stupid Gotham cult, but who knows...

Anonymous said...

Nice to get 3 new stories - most of the Giants have 2 new stories and 3 full-size reprints (which seem to mostly be part 1 of the first New 52 or first Rebirth arcs).

But sometimes, one of the reprints is just a 12-page backup story, and you get an extra 8-page original.

I wonder what these reprints are. Are they calling the Lar-On story in Supergirl: Rebirth #1 "Brainiac Part One?" Or are they just reprinting the final 2-page epilogue, which kicks off the Reign of the Cyborg Superman story? But the cover does show a thumbnail of Supergirl dealing with Lar-On.

Similarly, while there are two books named "Batwoman #0," does either have an Escape from Dinosaur Island, Part One?" Isn't that a relatively recent Superman 2-part story?

Maybe Bleeding Cool got some of the reprint details wrong.


Rob S. said...

I wonder if the Escape from Dinosaur Island isn't a Bleeding Cool error, but an error from DC's marketing department. (Any look at the typos in their solicitations lately shows how much they've been cut to the bone there.) I suspect "Escape from Dinosaur Island" might be a story that'll be reprinted in the upcoming Superman Giant, and is a copy/paste artifact left in the Supergirl/Batwoman solicitation.