Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Bullet Review: Harley Quinn #67

I was on board for Harley Quinn since way back when Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti reinvigorated her character.

I have been doubly on board since Sam Humphries took over the title. His book has been a perfect mix of comic insanity, fourth wall foolishness, and a modicum of emotional heft.

But in the end, it really is a humor book. And monthly I laugh ... out loud. In this world of dark vicious comics, I could use a few laughs.

In Harley Quinn #67, Harley, reeling from the death of her mother, is trying to get her family together for a Thanksgiving dinner. But she can't get them together. Meanwhile, she continues to struggle with the Year of the Villain and how Luthor promised to cure her mother if Harley drifted back into evil. An offer she turned down.

Basically, with all that happening, Harley decides to fight against crossovers. She can't deal with them any more.

Throw in a Supergirl cameo and I felt I needed to talk up this issue and this book here.

So where does that take us?

Well, she becomes a Crisis Killer, using Booster Gold's tech to move backwards in time to try and stop all of the crossovers from happening.

Talk about shattering the fourth wall! For an long time reader like me, I loved this time travel trip and seeing Harley work her magic in these universe threatening stories.

And I love that it is her in the original Harley Quinn costume. It makes me happy to see her in my favorite costume again.

First stop? Final Crisis!

Hard to believe, but this blog was around back then and I covered the issues!

I love how she drops the bomb that Darkseid is behind everything and that Batman dies at the end.

But it was also great to flashback to that version of Supergirl, long gone. Ah, the belly shirt, my least favorite of Kara's costume.

But it doesn't end there.

She makes fun of Infinite Crisis.

She even hits Crisis on Infinite Earths, aiding in the final battle against the Anti-Monitor by helping Dr. Light in the battle in a rather unconventional way.

I know there is the feeling that Harley is everywhere. But I'll say it again, Humphries is bring the magic in this book. Whether it is Harley-specific stories or comic nonsense like this, it is a hoot. People should give it a shot.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading Harley Quinn for a year or so, and also love it. Sam Humphries has been knocking it out of the park. He manages to be funny, 4th-wall-breaking, and yet really heartfelt, really sad. The recently concluded Trials arc was funny but very bittersweet, and that mood continues.

This particular Thanksgiving story had a conclusion I just didn't see coming. But it did manage to have two endings, right? It's a comic book, and had a comic book ending. And, it didn't.

This month's acetate covers, including Harley's, are extraordinary. Gotta buy the physical copy for these - digital won't do.

A propos Harley Quinn, I just happen to be 2/3 of the way through the "Breaking Glass" YA graphic novel by Markiko Tamaki ("Being Super") and Steve Pugh. I've read just a couple of these YA books, though I'm hardly the target audience, but they are really well done, and the best part of them, for me, is the art.

And with this book, I've just been marveling over Steve Pugh's artwork. It seems uncanny how he captured the perfect faces and perfect body language for the dialog and emotions in virtually every single panel. Flawless work, I think. For that alone, I recommend the book. (Though I do fear where the story is headed.)


Martin Gray said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Anj, I started the review, and was spurred on to buy and read the book, and here I am. I loved it, what a treat for veteran fans - I wish this was the only version of Harley in the DCU, she's moved on from Joker to become a basically good woman. The post-Crisis climax was truly poignant.

Rob S. said...

Thanks, Anj. I always like Harley in her own book, though I'm not a regular reader. But I'll be picking this one up tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

What Harley warns Batman but doesn't warn Kara re. COIE #7? Typical BatGhod Cheap Heat...:)


Ben said...

I have an awful feeling that we'll be waxing nostalgic for the bare-bellied version of Supergirl after she's been turned into a villain for the umpteenth time.

Anonymous said...

Whatever I think about her fanservice-y suit, I'm nostalgic for that Supergirl anyway. Throughout her career she did a lot of growing up, forged bonds with most of heroes, became a member of every important team, made appearances in every major event and earned her place before being retconned out and damned to comic-book limbo as all of her predecessors.

Poor Harley. Tired of events. I can relate.

Rob S. said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Anj! I read it this morning. And as much as I like the crossover jabs (and butt boops!), the real heart of this story is Harley's attempts to connect with her family for Thanksgiving. And they really hit home.

A wonderful issue!