Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Supergirl Episode 402: Fallout

Supergirl episode 402, titled 'Fallout', aired this week and truly was a show about the fallout of the reveal to the world that President Marsdin is an alien. With this Earth already torn about alien rights, this was, as Otis said, the perfect fuse to light the bomb. Certainly, this episode leaned heavily onto the theme of this season. It looks like the main storyline will be about respecting and accepting people who are different than us, assuming their actions are good. So while it might seem that aliens are an easy substitute for immigration issues, I think this can apply to other marginalized groups who feel attacked.

One of the things that I liked about the premiere episode was that it set the tone and the theme of the season in motion without being too heavy-handed or preachy. This episode sort of continues that mode. Certainly, people speak with weighted words which sound more like a script than normal conversation. But the writers here do a good job of showing both sides of this issue while clearly standing up for one. For me, I applaud them.

Let me start out by saying that this Earth has every right to be worried about aliens since for three seasons an army has come and tried to brainwash, take over, or kill everyone. The planet has been subject to alien army invasions and terra-forming. People should be nervous. That said, not all aliens can be painted with the same villainous brush, nor should they be. At the very least, the show comments on all of this. The bottom line is clear, as said by Supergirl in this very episode. People, alien or not, should be judged on what they do, not where they come from.

Political agenda aside, the episode also is entertaining to watch. This isn't a documentary; it's a super-hero show. We see Supergirl in action. It is clear she is a big deal on this world, hanging out with the President and addressing the world. We see her hiding her powers while acting as Kara, a nice fun lift in the middle segment. We see character growth in all the mainstays. But this is most apparent in Nia Nal who goes from nervous cub reporter to open force for justice. And seeds for future plots are planted.

I liked this episode a lot, albeit a little less than last week's. Onto the particulars.

Outside the White House, there are protesters on both sides behind bike racks. On one side are the people asking for the President to step down. Included are the haters yelling 'roaches go home'!

Inside the Oval Office, the President reminds Supergirl that she is in violation of the Constitution. Despite Supergirl reminding the President about the compassion and fight for equal rights that has marked the Presidential term, it doesn't matter. Stepping down will limit the chaos.

The President sounds Presidential. She is tired of hiding. She says that fear can create monsters where none existed before.' But she asks Supergirl to be the beacon of hope the country needs.

So Marsdin knew she was breaking the law. So that's not cool. Hard to think she wasn't biased on alien laws. And heck, just months ago, Reign was terraforming the world. So saying fear creates enemies where none existed seems a bit over the top. But the non-world killers? They shouldn't be thrown in with that lot.

Finally the protest becomes a brawl and Supergirl has to fly in to stop it. I love the imagery of her holding the American flag; she is a symbol of what it should mean. And she says that people should be talking, not fighting right now.

 This division reaches into the DEO. Agents there are split. Some, like an Agent Jensen, think the President and aliens should be expunged. Alex seems surprised at this. She says the DEO will defend all citizens. And it is a workplace and not a place to talk politics. Really? Politics in the government black ops division? She's  surprised?

In interrogating Otis, he mentions how the DEO used to attack and send aliens running, bringing up the lead dispersal device against the Daxamites. I like the internal continuity we are seeing in the show these days.

But from a continuity viewpoint, there is a lot for me digest here. The DEO was split last season in the gun control episode. How can Alex be surprised about political disagreements here. And a reminder that the DEO was initially set up to find and incarcerate aliens. So somewhere along the way that has changed to just 'bad aliens'.

I agree with Alex's viewpoint now. The DEO isn't supposed to round up all aliens. But it might be nice throughout the season to hear her discuss the mission of the DEO and bring up the past. I'd also love to hear about this from a worldwide viewpoint. Do other country's have an alien problem? How are they handling it?

 Meanwhile, Mercy is still on the loose. She kills a low level LCorp employee and steals his laptop. And then she shows Agent Liberty her secret weapon ... Kryptonite. He is a cunning foe. He doesn't want Supergirl killed. That would make her a martyr.

Kara heads to LCorp to talk to Lena about Mercy. She brings up the President and Lena has some interesting answers. She talks about how the President stepping down should mean that there won't be any economic ramifications. It is only when Kara mentions the personal side of things that Lena agrees. Hmmm ... maybe she is a Luthor at heart.

 We start to see Nia Nal's powers kicking in.

Asleep at her desk, she wakes up suddenly craving coffee. She runs off.

I like this riff on Dream Girl's power of dreaming and precognition.

Back at the DEO, Brainiac 5 realizes that the tension in the office could be eased with pizza. He heads off to the pizzeria where he has become a regular. Nia arrives. I assume she had a vision of this encounter.

Because Mercy hacks the image inducer tech via the dead LCorp employee's credentials and turns them all off. Luckily Lena is able to outhack Mercy and turn them all back on.

But at the pizzeria, Brainy suddenly looks like a Coluan. And the cashier calls out the cooks in the back who immediately attack Brainy with a baseball bat. He seems rather adept at evading the attacks. Perhaps he calculates most likely attacks?

But it is Nia who stands up to the workers, telling them they need to back off.

Leaving the place, Nia says people need to accept a person for who they truly are.There is a whiff of a potential romantic plotline between the two. But as someone who thinks Brainy and Kara belong together, I hope I don't see it.

 J'onn investigates his friend Fiona's disappearance and sees that she was engaged to Manchester. So I guess British citizen Manchester Black could be a hero ... or maybe an anti-hero ... this season. I like that! That is a good wrinkle.

Maybe Black doesn't think Supergirl is going far enough in his defense of aliens and she needs to fight him? A sort of take on his comic motives?

 At CatCo, Nia had been asking James to write an editorial stating that CatCo is against alien prejudice. She discussed her gender identity and how she has been the target of hate. It is the time for justice.

Throughout the episode, James has been talking about a balanced coverage of the issue. He knows that the unbiased news is what will change people's minds. Also, he doesn't want to be prematurely called biased. The readers who agree with them know where they stand. But Nia pushes him and says it is the time for justice.

A few thoughts.

I know this is television. But the cub reporter walking into the CEO's office and putting his coals to the fire seems a little unrealistic. I suppose it shows how passionate Nia is about this.

Second, I don't think anyone, even James, would think that an editorial against hate and attacking innocent people is too edgy. He should write that. But I hope that he will cover news, like the President's unmasking, truthfully.

My guess is I am opening myself up to attack here. I am probably saying things wrong.

I also like the backstory we are getting about Mercy and Lena. Lena considered Mercy akin to a big sister. Both believe that humanity should be pushed ahead, to gain powers and be as strong as aliens. Between this reveal and Lena talking economics, I think we will see her become darker as the season goes on.

Mercy decides to attack LCorp directly to get to the actual servers to shut down the image inducing tech. Kara is still there in her civilian form. Despite protests to split up, to have her hide somewhere, to stay in armored hallways (all so she can become Supergirl), Lena says she will protect Kara and they all (Lena, Kara, and Miss Tessmacher (yay!) need to stay together.

This leads to my favorite scenes in the show. Kara has to use her powers slyly to keep the three safe without giving away she is Supergirl. That means catching and throwing bullets back at gunmen, super-sneezing at them, and using her foot to wedge a closing door open.


 The chase leads Lena and the others into Lena's prototype lab. There Lillian's armor sits on a table. Mercy and Lena each arm themselves with a gauntlet and get into a brawl.

I love how Lena circles the room, always keeping herself between Kara and Mercy. She is protecting her friend!

There is also great dialogue here. We learn Lex always belittled Lena. Lena wants to clear the Luthor name, not grow in power. Finally Kara is able to slip away and returns as Supergirl. She says 'the Luthor name doesn't deserve Lena'. Nice line.

I also like the fight scene between Lena and Mercy. Mercy is a great fighter!

And Lena asks suspiciously how Supergirl got into LCorp. Hmmm ....I think she knows.

 Back at CatCo, James witnesses a microaggression. An alien from Dryad (Blok's world!) finds wood chips in his coffee mug. He told someone in confidence he was from Dryad. That co-worker played a prank but clearly it wasn't taken that way. It was taken as a breach of trust.

It looks like this finally tips James. He calls the CatCo writers together and says that in that office, they need to respect each other. Catco does not tolerate hate in their walls or on their pages. Ignorance is the enemy, not each other.

I actually like what I have seen of James this season. He's kind of reminding me of Perry. Glad he is settling into a leadership role.

 At the DEO, Mercy begins to wear down the DEO agent Jensen.

He is reminded that aliens want to take over the planet. They want to become us and replace us. And the DEO used to fight those aliens. Now they partner with them. Those who care for aliens are Earth traitors.

It is hard that Mercy can so easily sway someone who worked for a Martian just a couple of weeks ago. He should know that not all aliens are criminal or evil.

But it works.

 And Brainy is still shook by his pizza visit.

He tells Alex that he was known as Barney at that place. He was friendly with him. He is surprised that his appearance alone could incite such hate. And Alex, who just last episode talked about how Brainy was driving her crazy, tells him she will defend him without pause.

I loved this small scene showing growth between the two. I also love how Alex says she'll defend him without pause.

I do like how his human name is Barney, sort of Brainy as an anagram.

 The end of the episode truly crackles.

Supergirl uses CatCo to address the country. In a very stirring speech, she talks about how America is in the midst of complicated times. People feel betrayed by the President. But she urges people to remember that people are not defined by where they are from but from what they do. She is an alien. She loves the planet. She is against those who are trying to divide the country, to have people live in fear. She wants what we all want – to be a good American. How great to hear her say those words! At a time when 'the American way' is chopped off all super-sayings, I am glad to hear this. I also think this was a nice speech to hear in comparison to the 'hope' speech from Season one. She sure has grown. 

Then we see her in the Oval office again where she tells the newly sworn in President that she is loyal to the country and the person leading it. She will defend the office. I like how Supergirl is so important that she has an early audience with the leader of the free world. But given the politics of the show, my guess is he is going to start putting through legislation she doesn't agree with and will be torn.

 J'onn tracks down a rally for Agent Liberty where he pours out some propaganda.

He asks for a show of hands of people who lost their jobs to an alien, who lost their homes to an alien attack, who can't make ends meet. He says the country can't live on hope as Supergirl wants them to.
The aliens want their jobs. The aliens want their lives. The laws are supposed to protect all from discrimination but it seems they only protect aliens and not regular folks.

The crowd lustily agrees with his words chanting 'Earth first'.

I think Liberty is going to be a great foe. There is no denying that National City has almost been leveled three times in recent years. It will be easy for him to exploit that fear.

And then the kicker. The Graves wanted to be put in the DEO so they could steal the lead dispersal tech that Otis had mentioned earlier! Nice foreshadowing.

The Graves use the device to atomize the Kryptonite they have. It is just enough to weaken Kara, sending her falling from the skies.

Now that is a great cliffhanger.

So this was another very good episode. I love the characterization. Nia's strength, Kara's hope, Lena's questionable ideas, James' leadership. That all worked. Even Agent Liberty showed me that he is as much a charismatic villain as he is a fighter.

But I truly loved the 'Kara stuck as Kara in a Supergirl situation' scenes. Those were brilliant.

The theme is pretty much set up. Eager to see where we end up going.


Anonymous said...

Oh no anj, you have reviewed ep 2, now that troll will surely descend!! Oh whatever will we do then!!

Sarcasm aside, I have some thoughts about the in-world politics of it all- simply to say that it doesn't add up. The question is- there have been three big scale alien attacks which put earth in peril- astra/non; daxamites and the worldkillers. Now, I actually am not wholly sold on 'take the aliens side' in the story (my stance on the real world immigrants is support for sure). The humans have been witnessing their planet almost get captured and they get killed of- why won't they be a rise in anti alien sentiments?

What do people see:
A daxamites who beat up people first as his job and now miraculously is a hero in a maroon suit with blue cape

His home world invades earth- Supergirl instead of putting her planet first and sending him off, puts billions in peril.

Reign is too strong to be tackled alone, surely but why does Supergirl let everyone go! Why not capture them!

If Supergirl has to be taken in-world and by the viewers truly being there for both the people and the aliens then she has to start holding her alien world threats seriously instead of getting mopy that she had to send her boyfriend off. If Supergirl is there to represent the best of both humans and aliens then she has to rise above it. There can't be a storyline where she deals with human stuff for herself while also remaining the ideal to strive towards. There has to be a middle, which this show has yet to find.

I suppose a question will arise where people will question here- if she is here for the humans as well then why didn't she stop the aliens sooner? The answer we know is because it wasn't simply the season finale and I don't like to nitpick superhero shows, but since has decided to dive into this headfirst, then let's do it from all stands shall we:

This Supergirl left the world on a whim to argo and was probably planning on staying there for who knows how long, if the Reign threat hadn't re-emerged. While there she also almost kissed a married man as well. So why should I trust someone or listen to them when I have seen that they can abandon us anytime just to cater to their own needs? Hope, help and compassion can't be meted out sitting sipping tea, thousands of light years off earth. So why shouldn't the pizza guy get mad at brainy- he hid his identity and that was a breach of trust for a man who brainy calls his friend. If he has been living in national city then he knows the things it has all been because of aliens and for once I support him. Aliens, unlike the real world immigrants have been responsible for almost killing the planet and who is standing between them- a superhero who moped around while carrying out her duties, which she herself chose. Ofcourse I understand that there needs to be internal conflict for Kara, but by god it was so badly done last season and I am not going to dismiss this idea of letting the show start afresh each season where they get to pick and choose what happened last season.

Poople here are going to get mad at me- but I have to say, the new52 Supergirl was actually better than this one: even in her rage filled, hatred for earth, she still protected it from H'el when push came to shove. She didn't have anything much to hold onto here, but she still did- because it was the right thing to do.

Now, to lighter things:

I liked episode just fine, nia nal standing up reminded me of Supergirl and that was a great thing to witness; the parts where Kara tries to save her friends while being unable to change was funny for sure. Loved j'onn being back in the deo as well.

Overall a solid episode, but I have to question the in world logic.

P.S I am not scrimmage and I would like to have a discussion actually regarding this if people will engage with me, because I am thinking of not watching the show on a weekly basis and just binge watching it when it hits Netflix later on in the next year.

Scrimmage said...

Excellent Recap and Review, Anj. I agree with everything you wrote, and I felt much the same way as you about this episode, although I DO wish that they would make it as clear as you did that the people of Earth have good reason to be afraid of aliens who wish to do us harm, but they also have to acknowledge the positive contributions of “benign” aliens, like J'onn, and Supergirl. Now the question becomes how can we tell friend from foe, and considering how powerful some of these beings are, can we afford to make a mistake?

Rather than repeating all of your points, I'll just break down this episode into The Good, The Bad, and The Questionable in my next post.

Scrimmage said...

The Good:

Supergirl: “I'm an American... I'm loyal to this country, no matter WHO runs it!”

Wonderful!! I was thrilled to hear her say that! Like many legally adopted children from other countries, Kara is a naturalized citizen, who loves her adopted homeland, and everything it stands for. Patriotism is a GOOD thing.

Supergirl holding the American Flag.
An ICONIC, patriotic image, reminiscent of hundreds of comic book covers, and the opening to the classic “Adventures of Superman” TV show from the 50's.

Supergirl saves the day!
For once, Supergirl was actually the hero in her own show! What a concept!

The Bad:

Alex's unlawful interrogation of Otis.
Did she read him his Miranda rights before she punched him, choked him, and locked him up, without charges, or allowing him access to legal representation. Who's supposed to be the Nazi, again?

Otis' sister, Mercy.
I don't know what's worse; Mercy's horrible (over)acting, the way her oddl diction and strange accent seem to come and go between scenes, or her plastic, Botox face which was less expressive than Agent Liberty's mask! That's not even mentioning the rather gratuitous murder she committed to steal a laptop, when she could've easily rendered her victim unconscious, instead of killing him. No Mercy?

Easy access to Kryptonite.
From where? We saw Mercy steal the laptop, but where did she get the Kryptonite? The idea that that small amount was enough to immediately poison the ENTIRE atmosphere is preposterous, but as far as stupid plot devices go, it's hardly alone in that regard!

Nia Nal reveals herself to be a Social Justice Warrior who favors “advocacy journalism.”
She shouldn't be working for a legitimate, unbiased news organization. She should be writing a blog.

The Good:

The Martian Manhunter as a detective.
He's ALWAYS been a detective in the comics.

James Olsen: SuperNewspaperman
James was actually acting like the head of a major news organization. That's MUCH better for his character development than dressing in armor, and bashing crooks with a shield. He has MORE power in his role as Editor-In-Chief than he EVER had as Guardian Olsen.

Brainiac 5, AKA “Barney”
Brainy's unusual form of bravery, and his cool, non-violent approach to brawling and self-defense was interesting. I like unique characters, and there hasn't been a guy like Brainy on TV since Data, on Star Trek: TNG. Pizza for everybody! He IS a genius!

Supergirl “trapped” as Kara.
I really enjoyed the slapstick feel to those scenes where Kara had to play it “super-clumsy” to protect her secret identity (another neglected aspect of her daily life), but I couldn't help but wonder if her antics where caught on video by all the security cameras that I'm sure were everywhere inside a secure, state-of-the-art facility like L Corp. Maybe Mercy killed all the other cameras when she took control of the the building, but it would've been nice if they at least mentioned it.

The Questionable:

Miss Tessmacher!
I think she has enormous potential as a supporting character, but they have to be careful not to turn her into a caricature, or a punchline. I didn't understand her explanation for how she knew how to short out a security door with a hairpin, and frankly, it probably would've been better if she hadn't explained it at all. It would've added to her “mystery.”

Supergirl's national address.
I'm just being picky, but I thought it should've been spontaneous, and from the heart, not pre-planned. Perhaps Nia could've asked her a question on National Television, and prompted that response.

Bruce Boxleitner as the President?
Really? First Wonder Woman, and now “Babylon 5” Bruce? Hokay!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anj, great writeup as usual, but I'm lining my pants with shingles for the inevitable fallout to follow.
Let me start with my positives :

- Supergirl calming down the crowd infront of the White House, and her speech at Catco. BRILLIANTLY DONE,
and Supergirl large and in charge without using her fists.

- Nia Nal and James Olsen - this wasn't "preachy," this was "I was hurt too before, and I can't stand by while
others get hurt for being different." Very Martin Niemöller, and something I could get behind, and I hope
others can too. And like the episode last season with James expressing his emotional scars from being treated
differently because of his skin color, beautifully and passionately played by both of them.

- James Olsen as Perry. Interesting observation there Anj, and I think looks good on him.

- Miss Tessmacher is BAAAAACK! WHEEEE! And the "but I bet you're glad to see me" line between Supergirl
and Lena, it still makes me hope Lena can and will still be on Team Supergirl.

- Bruce Boxleiter as the VP-now president. Sad Brent Spiner couldn't do this role, but I liked Boxleiter's
portrayal and the gravitas he brought to the role.

> But I truly loved the 'Kara stuck as Kara in a Supergirl situation' scenes. Those were brilliant.

+9000 to this!

"clunky" plotlines / holes :

- Brainy has an imager from LCorp, and it's tied to a failure "in the cloud." Alittle TOO convenient, but gave
us some more great Jessie R moments, especially in dealing with the fallout of the pizzeria not accepting him
for being an alien.

- Mercy getting her hands on kryptonite via the darkweb, and Jensen walking out the DEO door with the element
atomizer -- par for DEO security course, I guess so I guess I'll roll with it. Will be interesting to see what
they do with Jensen longterm.

As to the final scene with Agent Liberty, I suspect that is where the majority of the hateon will be for this
episode. To step back a bit, consider all the other power gatherings / rallies in history -- you take a charismatic
leader, an angry crowd who's lost everything, an easy bogeyman / scapegoat, and you basically have this. Agree
it's the strength of Agent Liberty's performance and charisma that makes this work.


Nutation said...

Brainy finds Nia Nal familiar? As was established with Laurel Kent, people often resemble their ancestors of 40 generations ago. Also, they retain the same surname.

Kara secretly acting super was fun. I think the official line must be that Lena doesn't know; otherwise, she would have sent Kara out of view. I doubt that a Kryptonian with DEO assistance has a hard time explaining breaching the lockdown.

Alex blurting out Supergirl's name on Kara's phone is harder to explain. Was a live call in progress from the time Kara left Lena's office? If so, that was in the context of being Kara. And, it would be trivial for Alex to start a call with a less compromising phrase.

That phone call and Kara not wearing the earplugs might be clues that Lena picks up on later. Despite the teases at the end of last season, I think Lena officially doesn't know.

A silly use of such a small amount of kryptonite. It only works on 2 aliens. Lure Supergirl somewhere (easy enough), and disperse it then.

Earth First. Isn't that another Legion reference? Put me in the camp of those who think human fear of aliens is justified. The goal this season should be to recognize the difference between benign aliens and those for whom we should be diligently watching the skies.

Anonymous said...

I didn't like the writers making Brainiac5 rely on "primitive" 21st-century tech. Surely, like his character in the old comics/episodes, he would only use "the best" tech? I'm sure Chameleon boy taught him something too (Adv#376)? So why would he depend on old tech for his image enhancer? "he IS a genius". That's like us using Viking tech. The writers maybe need to consider this? Oh well...

Anonymous said...

"As was established with Laurel Kent, people often resemble their ancestors of 40 generations ago. Also, they retain the same surname."

Heck, even until the 853rd century, though it's hard to say if Ariella Kent was going to grow up to physically resemble her parents, Linda Danvers and Clark Kent. Although maybe she was just planted directly there by The Spectre.

"Alex blurting out Supergirl's name on Kara's phone is harder to explain. Was a live call in progress from the time Kara left Lena's office? If so, that was in the context of being Kara. And, it would be trivial for Alex to start a call with a less compromising phrase."

Do they still make "push to call" phones? Those have a walkie-talkie capability. Or maybe it's a DEO-issued supersmartphone that doesn't have to ring. I had to watch it twice, but there was a closeup of Kara's ear - she heard it through superhearing. Still, you are right that it makes no sense that Alex would blurt out her name like that. Really, the only safe thing to say is "Are you there?" Because Kara evidently uses the same communication device in both identities.

"A silly use of such a small amount of kryptonite."

The lead dispersal 2 seasons ago was equally incomprehensible.

Speaking of audio, after another episode of this I have to say something about it: it sounds to me like there is something off about the audio recording of Chyler Leigh. Something muffled and slightly distorted. I noticed it in episode 1 too. Everyone else is loud and clear, so I wonder if it means that Leigh isn't projecting loudly enough for some reason, so the dialog editor has to pump up the audio when she speaks, and the result isn't very good. Or maybe they kept giving her the same wireless mike without realizing (yet) that it was defective. Am I hallucinating this?


Anonymous said...

If you're decrying heroic characters being "social justice warriors" in a superhero show, you have willfully missed the entire point of superheroes.

Par for the course with this crew, unfortunately. If it doesn't affect you, it's an inconvenience and should be shushed into nonexistence.

I'm sure Anj will step in to grouse about "civility", which isn't a problem for the commenters who say racist stuff & talk about school shootings being faked but is when he & his cronies are called out by "trolls" on their entitlement.

Anonymous said...

I think I just found my new screensaver :) Thats a nice shot of Kara with Old Glory.

Not to put out the bonfire with gasoline, but technically, didn't The President reveal her alien status last season with the attendant violation of Article II of the US Constitution? Which in turn opens the heroine up to potential obstruction of Justice charges?
I wonder if thats Agent Liberty's secret plan to ruin Kara's reputation, if so big whoop it's been ruined before and she's always restored her good name...:) Except this time she might need a presidential pardon.
She survived Don Heck, she'll survive Agent Liberty....

Agreed good cliffhanger...necessary since MB had a late call time this season due to Broadway Commitments.
I do think, that Agent Liberty's rap is sort of hypocritical; a man in a Republic Serial Iron Mask decrying alien refugees who hide among us? I mean who is he to talk?


Anonymous said...

I think the mask on agent liberty is meant to symbolize that he could be anyone among us- that the face changes but the agenda doesn't.

Yeah, count me in with the human camp as well. Simply because the show has to hold a lot of people responsible first for me to even take the side of aliens in here, first of which is SG herself.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised to see so many of your lackeys insisting that the violent villains fueled by hatred of "aliens" are actually the good guys and using the same "angel families" rhetoric we see applied to real-world immigrants.

It isn't a coincidence that the reviews here are the only ones that consistently bring out the Trumpers at this point. Like attracts like.

Anonymous said...

And I would also like to wonder...what about these recent attempted bombings all at prominent leftists and CNN...all of which are false flags from a desperate left-wing that still can't get over losing in 2016...which merits a trip to Bellevue or perhaps Arkham? They are still throwing what I call the biggest temper tantrum in Western Civilization history! And, if we are not careful, we will have what happened 55 years ago this November 22nd, Thanksgiving Day in the US in this case, happen here.

Politics aside, I think Supergirl with old glory seemed, if you will pardon the term, a false flag. And despite meeting with the new POTUS (Boxleitner) and even like a doting mother straightening his tie (lol), he will be more human/earth/America First (yes to that anonymous I am a Republican AND a conservative AND a libertarian registered in deep deep blue CT!), the side I am with and might do something that will add nitro glycerine to an already dangerous fire leaving Supergirl in the ultimate bind.

You can also bet Breitbart, Infowars and other so-called alt-right (HOW I DETEST THAT TERM) websites, if they get wind of the activity on this show is going to let it have it...and rightly so! Then again, six Hollywood outlets, including Time Warner, are run by Chinese investors with ties to communist dictator Xi Xi Peng.

The fun moment was the identity crisis for Kara with Lena and Eve.

As for Nia Nal...she just gave her audition tape for MSNBCNN!

Anj said...

Hoo boy ...

I like talking about the show. There are plenty of political sites for these sort of rants. Please go there.

But for clarity-

To the person who thinks I am alt-right/Trumper running a conservative think tank in the guise of a Supergirl site:
If I deny that, you say I am lying.
If I fight you, I am a -phobe.
If I ignore you, I am agreeing with you my silence.
If I agree with you, I am lying. That is not who I am.
Thus, I am powerless. Congratulations.

To the person who thinks that people are sending bombs to themselves as a false flag and that communist China runs our media, I do not agree with you. There are plenty of sites you can talk about that stuff. Please don't do so here.

To everyone else, I think I might have to stop reviewing the show.

Anonymous said...

I think Anj whomover that anonymous is it looks he sounds like a complete mental case. I think he is someone who has been posting on other superhero sites who review the series as well and clearly has anger issues.

Anonymous said...

> To everyone else, I think I might have to stop reviewing the show.

I for one certainly hope you don't Anj. I come here to enjoy Supergirl in all the media she is in, not get into a
pissing contest over nonrelated debates / arguments / flamewars. As you point out, there's other platforms and
venues for that sort of thing.

Suffice to say, it's Thursday, there's a new ep of DCSHG out that I VERY much enjoyed, and it's almost the weekend!

Best to Supergirl Fans Everywhere! El mayarah!


Anonymous said...

Sorry things are getting colonized Anj, I try to keep off anything inflammatory in my own posts, but then there are people out there who simply self ignite every day on the internet. I do hope though, you continue to review the show, I for one love your reviews. I think blogger permits you to turn off comments on individual posts, maybe you could do that on "Review Day"? Thats just a thought....but no matter what I am a firm supporter of this site and your writing.


Anonymous said...

I love your reviews and I love coming here and talking to everyone about the show. But if you feel like the comments are getting too much, especially from that nut case then I understand anj.

But before you decide to stop the reviews, I would also like to tell that the person obviously doesn't comment on any other Supergirl related posts- like comic book reviews, sales reviews, solicitations and such. They don't love the character like we do and so I do feel that it is futile to not enjoy something we love because a troll suddenly descended here. At the end of the day it's just a tvshow with a female Clark Kent no matter how much the show thinks they are doing right by her.

But at the end anj, I will support whatever decision you make, because we still have the comic to support and talk about, maybe let this season go and come back for the next? Or maybe you can do a post once for the midseason finale and then again for the finale? So that we all are all caught up and on the same page. But still I have to say anj, I will be sad to see the reviews go.

Martin Gray said...

Top review, as ever.

I like that the intro now has Supergirl announcing: ‘I am Kara Zor-El.’ That makes sense with where the story is... but I still wish we had Linda DANVERS in the show.

Loved the callback to the cover of Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #13!

Kara is a terrible friend, she never goes to see Lena unless she wants something.

One pizza with apples and things for Brainy! Shame he only got half his pizza order!

Ooh, Brainy is now green rather than blue!

You’re right to call Jimmy out on his not writing an editorial. What the heck kind of editor is Jimmy that he’s not producing a leader column outlining CatCo’s position on anti-alien stuff? Why does Nia need to justify her questioning Jimmy’s judgment by sharing her own story? This isn’t a complicated situation, just pick your side and state your case. Yes, keep the news reporting balanced, but have an opinion in the clearly marked Editorial on the op ed pages. That’s what newspapers do, being woolly serves no one. HE should be lecturing young reporter, not vice versatile. Jimmy Olsen - Mr Inaction. He didn’t even sack cub reporter Mackenzie for her hate ‘prank’.

I am glad, though, that Nina’s transgender status isn’t being held back for several episodes as A Big Revelation.

Actually, why IS Jimmy in that role? Patronage. He’s a talented photographer, not a journalist who’s worked his way into the role. Even when we eventually get something from CatCo speaking against random hatred, it’s Supergirl who is the mouthpiece, not the newspaper. Honestly! Overpromoted!

What did Mercy’s line, ‘love the ren-o, Lena’, mean?

Loved the super-sneeze and Eve is ace... underpromoted! I know there’s some revelation about her later, I guess this is the start.

Most interesting line, Lena to Mercy: ‘You’ve chosen a side. I would never do that. ‘ Sinister!

I have to say, this show passes the old Bechdel test in pretty much every scene.

Someone from Dryad in the coffee room? Please let them be Blok!

Love Brainy, he’s so much more empathetic than the comics versions - the Winn feint, last time, the pizza gesture here - who says he doesn’t get humans?