Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Supergirl Episode 401: American Alien

Supergirl Season 4 started last Sunday and it started with a bang. I will start out by saying I was very very impressed with this episode. It built off of last season's revelations. It laid out the theme of the season nicely. Everyone had strong scenes with excellent characterization. New characters meshed very well with the cast. There were a couple of surprise guest stars. And ... and I think most importantly ... the political aspects of the plotlines and the themes were presented well, as aspects of the actual story instead of preachy, weird, hamfisted speeches.

I was thrilled.

There is no doubt that Supergirl is a politically progressive show, leaning left. Even the title card this season, colored by the rainbow, is a nice subtle nod to the idea of inclusion. The concepts of acceptance of diversity, embracing differences, and acknowledging value have been part of the show since its inception. Last year several episodes seemed to stall when the agenda seemed to be more important than the story, something I really have an issue with. The previews of this season made it seem like we could be in for more of the same. Instead we got a well-told story which showcased these issues. We weren't told what side to be on, we were shown. That goes a long long way with me.

Somehow this premiere not only gave us the foundation of the season but gave us subplots, name drops, personal character moments, and action. It was well acted all around. Despite all that, it didn't feel overstuffed, rushed, or superficial.

Seriously, I was so impressed with this episode that I can only hope that the rest of the season lives up to this beginning! Prepare for typical long review.

The season opens with a shot of a newspaper stating Superman is off world. Supergirl is now *the* hero of Earth-38 and she is pulling double shifts. How often in the last three seasons have I asked myself 'how could Superman not get involved with this threat?' Just like that, with him visiting Argo City (something which makes perfect sense), I don't have to ask that any more.

We then get a fantastic montage of Supergirl doing super-heroics around the world. Saving National City from a meteor? Thwarting an art thief in Spain? Stopping a train in Kaznia from falling off a broken mountain bridge? Easy peasy ... all with a smile and a 'no problem' in native tongue. So wonderful.

And the series of super-deeds ends with her landing at a Presidential press conference and representing CatCo. She asks President Marstin about the upcoming alien amnesty peace conference. Just like that you feel like she has made some jump in her career, the face of CatCo at the most important news event. Hooray for 'Kara as journalist' scenes!

Yes, for once, Kara feels like everything is under control.

After the mopey beginning of last season where our hero rejected her humanity and went cold, this was so welcome. I want my Supergirl smiling as she saves people, being optimistic and hopeful all in the pursuit of justice.

Bang! Welcome back everyone! Perfect opener.

As that closes, we get a pretty quick look in on all the remaining major players of the ensemble.

At the DEO, Alex is in charge as the director but is taking a hands on approach, sparring with other agents. Alex doesn't seem like the type to sit behind a desk so seeing her in the gym with the agents seemed right on target.

You also get the sense that she and Brainy aren't exactly working well together when he arrives with the President without having warned Alex. I have to say Jesse Rath really nails the sort of awkward, semi-concrete thinking of Brainy well.

Meanwhile, at CatCo, James discusses how the DA is after him for his role as Guardian. Lena is there and wants to use her pull to help get him out of trouble but he doesn't want her to sully herself after working so hard to distance herself from the Luthor name and nefarious dealings. These two actually had some chemistry. Also, wrapping up one of the plots from last season, we hear that Sam and Ruby are doing well on the East Coast. Hooray for some extra wrap up.

Finally, J'onn, now out of the DEO and among the people, takes part in an alien support group. It is good scene. One alien uses an image inducer to walk among the people, hiding his identity. Another, Dr. Vose, says they should be celebrating their differences, like the bone claws he has coming out of his forearms. The counselor says they should all do their best. This could have been the ham-fisted rant of last season. Instead we get several viewpoints - the optimist, the militant, the middle ground.

Vose turns out to be nuclear scientist and he is ambushed back at his lab. The brother/sister team of Mercy and Otis Graves blast him with a laser and cut those bone claws off. Turns out Vose uses it as a biometric key to his lab. Of course, if all they wanted was in, they could have cut of just one. But Otis cuts off both. So there is a tinge of hate here. (Kudos to the props people for making sure there was marrow in the bones!)

Triggering an alarm, Supergirl shows up and we quickly see that the Graves will be formidable opponents. A sonic weapon, a powerful laser rifle, and increased gravity foot cuffs eliminate Supergirl pretty quickly. I usually might bristle at this but we need to establish the Graves as worthy foes and I am sure Supergirl wasn't expecting high tech weapons. Plus, it is a novel way to get rid of her, to weigh her down. With Supergirl out of their way, they steal an EMP device and deliver it to Agent Liberty.

We don't get a great look at him but he has a Mr. Roboto appearance. In a nice touch, he quotes Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus and says 'let he who desires peace, prepare for war'.

Defying Alex's order, Brainy (shouting 'Long Live the Legion'!!!) flies off and dismantles the fetters. It seems like he can communicate with electronics with just his mind. Hmmm ...

As Vose was part of his support group, J'onn shows up at the lab. He is concerned that this attack on Vose, specifically the cutting off of his alien physiology, might represent a hate crime. To Kara, this was a snatch and grab. The tusk was the key into the office. It's just happenstance.

Again, this was a nice scene. Not every crime is a hate crime. But if you aren't looking for that motive you might never see it. Both sides have a point here. And this sort of fair and nuanced discussion will always work. Who is right here ... well we'll find out.

Back at CatCo, Kara meets the 'cub reporter' that Cat Grant wanted her to mentor, Nia Nal. In an awkward elevator ride, Nal (initially not realizing she is riding with Kara), bemoans her no good, horrible, terrible, bad morning which has made her late carrying a cold latte for her new boss.

It is endearing to see Nal showing all the worries and concerns and neuroses we saw in Kara back in season one. Even Kara recognizes it. She says 'you're me' to her new protege.

Okay, this is Nia Nal, portryed by transgender activist Nicole Maines. Kara saying they are the same is that sort of subtle writing that works well for social issues like this.

Meanwhile, Brainy has identified the Graves and tells Kara they both worked in the past for the Luthors. So off Supergirl goes to talk to Lillian Luthor. When Kara enters the place, she sees Lena playing chess with her mother. Remember, Lena and Supergirl ended last season on bad terms and their interaction here is icy to say the least. Katie McGrath is strong here. And the chess motif is always appreciated when it comes to the Luthors. Always moves ahead.

And imagine seeing Brenda Strong back as Lillian! I love it. She talks about Kryptonians terra-forming Earth (a nod to Synder's Man of Steel?) and how that made her want to repair all bad relationships. She gives up all the places where the Graves might be hiding.

And later, as a way to strengthen her relationship with Lena, she gives up information on Bruno Mannheim, a mobster who laundered Lex Luthor's dirty money before leaving Lex in the lurch.

Bruno Mannheim is a nice name drop from the comics. He was the Intergang boss and I hope we see him here.

It is always excellent to see Lillian. She is fantastically wicked, even when oddly reformed here.

The alien bar where the support group was being held is bombed and that makes J'onn even more worried. He can sense a new wave of anti-alien hate forming.

In another solid discussion, Supergirl says that she sees so much good in the world lately. The country is better now, more accepting. J'onn replies that it is that very growth which is angering people. Both sides can be right. There can be strides of improvement and pockets of hate. Not everyone is an enemy. After all Supergirl is accepted, isn't she? Maybe, as J'onn points out, she is accepted because she looks the part.

Supergirl again thinks that there isn't a connection between the Vose robbery and this random act of violence. As she leaves, J'onn says that it is Kara desire to remain hopeful that makes her the hero she is. I agree. Supergirl has to inspire.

Another thing missing from last season were scenes between the Danvers sisters. These are always great.

Here we get a scene over chinese take out. It covers the usual small talk - Alex's dating life, her problems with Brainy, and Kara trying to be optimistic.

Again, Supergirl talks about how she has seen more acceptance around the world. Alex responds 'in some ways.'

After the rough last year, Kara just wants to feel like the world is good. And I think that is true for so many of us. We have seen these tremendous strides recently. We don't want to think everything is bleak. But we know more needs to happen.

Chyler Leigh and Melissa Benoist always crackle in their scenes together. I hope we get a Danvers sisters scene in every episode.

Brainy tracks down the 'abandoned warehouse' where the Graves had been hiding and Kara suddenly sees the underbelly she has been ignoring. On computer screens she sees countless web chat rooms of people hating aliens, making homemade bombs to eliminate the 'roaches'. In a cool moment, Kara answers the phone to hear a mother of a young child lamenting the last weapon she made not being strong enough.

The very 'normal' people Kara has been saving are part of an unseen mob.

Yes, there is a problem out there. Violence is never the answer. But the culture war doesn't know that.

Suddenly the rose colored glasses are off. How do you fight a political movement?

Supergirl heads to J'onn to ask for help. The anti-alien movement he warned her about is real. The Graves look to be gearing up to attack the President's Camp David alien amnesty summit. She needs his help.

Wearing his father's robe, he bows out. He needs to practice H'ronmeer's teaching of peace. He can't be a soldier any more. He can advise and support. He can't fight.

Later in the episode, J'onn tells Kara that despite her learning how deep the hate goes, she needs to remain the voice of unity and compassion. She will inspire. I love love love that.

But I wonder how this pacifist J'onn will figure into the season.

The Camp David summit is attacked. The President is protected by Supergirl and the DEO. The best action in this sequence is Alex going hand to hand with Mercy. Methnks that is only round one of that brawl. Supergirl captures Otis when he is shot by Mercy. But that turns out to be a diversion so Mercy can escape.  To be honest, that 'climactic ending' of the Camp David attack was the least interesting part of the show. But it served its purpose.

What is great is the wrap-up as we get a little progression of the some of the subplots.

Brainy dresses up like Winn realizing maybe he needs to become Winn to get in Alex's graces. Both realize they are missing old friends and will try to be better together. I love this. It acknowledges Winn as a character in their pasts (like Sam and Ruby). It also shows that Brainy, while in the Winn role, isn't Winn. Alex, like we viewers, has to get used to that.

Kara channels Cat and tells Nia to stop being timid and to make waves (Nia didn't speak up at an earlier meeting). She even claps her hands and says 'tick tock' in a very Calista Flockheart way!

Lena gives everything she learned about Bruno Mannheim to the DA so they, in turn, will drop the charges on James. Incredibly, after screaming about being lied to all last season, she doesn't tell James she did this. He thinks he beat the rap on his own.

Meanwhile, Lillian learns she has been played by Lena. Ahhh, the classic tip the chess King over to show utter defeat. Maybe this new leaf Lillian has turned will revert to the old ways. I had to feel for Lillian a little. It actually looked like she was turning to the light ... only to be shown that nice folks finish last.

The Camp David attack was filmed and unfortunately reveals that the President is an alien. News everywhere are blasting the footage.

This will only incite further violence from the alien hating populace.

Now this is becoming interesting.

And then to make sure we know how deadly Agent Liberty is, we see him kill an alien we had met earlier in the episode, really for no good reason. I guess any dead alien is a good start.

Despite the Mr. Roboto garb, he is immediately a scary foe.

And then a wonderful last shot.

The bridge collapse that almost derailed the train in the opening montage happened because the evil Red Daughter clone from the end of last season was punching her way through the mountainside.

Hmmm... given the political bend of the show, how it leans into headlines, and how we just heard that Supergirl is the voice of unity, I can see where this is going. The doppelganger will do stuff to undermine Supergirl's image.

It's fake news ... from Russia!!

No complaints here at all. Everything really seemed to work. Everyone really seemed to click. Quite the premiere!


Neal said...

Great review. I also really liked this one. I am pleased the show seems to be making a renewed commitment to setting stories at Catco. I don't like when Supergirl is just hanging out at the DEO all the time.

Anonymous said...

I generally liked this episode, it "Avoided Clunkiness" which is easily could have encompassed, some new big bads were rolled out and in general the show's default worst tendencies were more or less avoided. I see a lot of potential in Jesse Rath, in a weird way Brainiac Five is recapitulating what Kara went thru at age 12 when she arrived on Earth, The need to fit into not only an alien culture, but a relatively primitive culture given her lineage. If he is "The Next Romantic Entanglement" I'm All In. I hope I mean no creepiness when I say Melissa Benoist gets prettier every year, TV seems made for her particular charisma.


Anj said...

Agreed with all said here. Thanks.

And yes, Benoist is incredible!

KET said...

"It's fake news ... from Russia!!"

A little more than that. It also bookends the reference to Red Son at the opening of the episode, of Supergirl returning an escaping red balloon to a young girl who accidentally lost it.


Anj said...

Nice call KET

Anonymous said...

"...the political aspects of the plotlines and the themes were presented well, as aspects of the actual story instead of preachy, weird, hamfisted speeches."

I somewhat beg to differ. The speeches weren't there, but there was things I saw in this episode that raised a few red flags. Notably those people who are thought of as "Earth First" seem to be hateful or protectionist in the minds of the leftist globalist writers. Replace Earth with America is what I did in my mind. And that ANGERED me.

Also since it has been found that President Marsdin is an alien, at least according to the US Constitution on THIS earth...that is DISQUALIFICATION (Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5).

Yeah, this sounds like Supergirl is going after the birther movement a movement for 8 years of his "presidency", and without ANY LEGAL OR MEDIA SUPPORT tried to prove Obama was born in Kenya and thus not a Natural Born Citizen.

Has anyone on the writing staff took a course on the Constitution in college or school? I doubt it; and even so, they probably failed.

The next episode may be called Fallout, but I may as well call it "Birther."

Mary said...

The terraforming Kryptonians was a reference to what the dark Kryptonians and Reign were up to at the end of season 3.

Nicole is off to a good start as Nia Nal. I'm looking forward to more from her.

Brainy is proving to also be a good cast addition. I liked the nod to Stan Lee, when he told Alex that he got his stuff from a comic book shop on Excelsior.

I am curious to see how J'onn will react if he's put in the position having to do something to protect or save Alex or Kara.

I always look forward to Danvers sisters scenes and I hope there are a lot more to come.

Scrimmage said...

This season, it seems that the “bad guys,” led by someone who calls himself “Agent Liberty,” are going to be self-proclaimed “Patriots” who, as Mercy said, “love their country” (presumably America), and who see “alien amnesty” as a threat to their culture, and their way of life. Really?? Well, so much for being subtle. Whatever happened to superheroes fighting for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way?”

And what are those dastardly Russians up too, with their own version of Supergirl? They're probably pretty patriotic too.

Scrimmage said...

This episode started off with a bang, and then fizzled out altogether. Watching Supergirl take her cousin's place, saving lives and doing heroic things all over the world was a dazzling reminder of just how powerful she really is, which is why it was so ludicrous later on in the show that someone on a motorcycle could elude her. That's just one example of the ups and downs in this wildly uneven episode.

The Good: Supergirl being super...

...but this is NOT like the beginning of last season, when she was throwing herself into her work to distract herself from the loss of Mon-El. This time, Kara isn't even thinking about romance. She's focused, and in full control of her powers AND her dual lives as Supergirl and Kara Danvers.

The Bad: Kara's protégé.

We meet the oddly named Nia Nal, aspiring “cub” reporter, who is WAAAAAY too much like Kara in season 1. Why do we need a Kara clone at CatCo?? There's already one punching holes underneath mountains in Kaznia.

The Good: The return of Lillian Luthor.

The Bad: The notion that Lena is selling “Image Inducers” to aliens.

First of all, why would ONLY extraterrestrials buy these things? Wouldn't a lot of “normal” humans want to change the way they look too, and wouldn't that represent a significant security risk just about EVERYWHERE? No one would ever be able to make a positive ID of a criminal again! That kind of technology would be classified, and HEAVILY regulated before it was EVER made available to the general public.

On a shallow note, why would anyone with an image inducer choose to look like that guy in the support group? They should all look like supermodels, movie stars, or Lynda Carter. I'm glad they finally tied up that loose thread about President Wonder Woman being an alien, and therefore ineligible for the office. I wonder who the Vice President is.

Speaking of appearances, how hypocritical was J'onn to suggest to Kara that she is loved and accepted around the world because she “presents as human,” while he NEVER walks around in his natural Martian form? That sounded dangerously similar to someone to criticizing a light skinned African-American for “passing for white.” I would counter that Supergirl is beloved and accepted because she saves lives, and that would be true if she was a big, green, melon headed alien.

The Good: Brainy vs Alec.

Braniac 5 is doing a great job conveying the whole “Stranger In A Strange Land” vibe, and his difficulty taking figures of speech a bit TOO literally is perfectly understandable, and quite endearing, as is Alec's exasperation. His imitation of Winn was silly, but it was MUCH better than Nia's version of Kara. I laughed at that bit he did with the toy gun.

The Bad: The demasculinization of the Martian Manhunter.

Okay, so if J'onn doesn't want to brawl with super villains, fine, but he could still do good using his powers in other ways, like Supergirl did in the beginning of the episode. It seems as if the writers are going out of their way to deemphasize the roles of men on this show. Superman is off-world, Mon-El is back in the future, along with Winn, and for another example...

The Good: The end of “Guardian” Olsen.

Perhaps the best development of the whole episode. The idea of Jimmy Olsen as a poor man's cross between Batman and Captain America was an EPIC failure, and now, without Winn for technical support, having him continue as the Guardian was no longer practical. It was NEVER interesting. Good riddance!

KET said...

"Whatever happened to superheroes fighting for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way?”"

Maybe you should check the name of the episode again, because it's all right there in the title. However, one person's ideas of 'truth' and 'justice' might not be the same as another's, all of which is borne out of this episode. Also, Kara addresses the importance of 'fighting' for what one believes in after Nia backs away from the fashion story that she had wanted to do.


Anonymous said...

Good to see your MAGA friends are still watching with you, still throwing around their "we think we're being clever with antisemitic codewords" crap, chomping at the bit to be angry. I'm sure it won't take long for you to join them, especially once that icky transwoman shows up, shoving her mere existence down your precious throats.

If you want to masturbate to Supergirl that badly, there's cosplay stuff on PornHub. Go there and let the audience of people who watch stuff besides Fox News & Walking Dead enjoy this in peace. Or go send death threats to creators, that's what members of your hate group do when they get made people unlike them are allowed to exist. And then act like you're a poor picked on baby who just wants to "entertain" while never being called on your obvious bigotry.

Anj said...

Some comments -

The show's politics are well known.I still believe the pilot showed a far more subdued and nuanced take on that than last year's.

Some ground rules for here -

You want to discuss the show and it's merits? Fine.
You want to discuss a point someone made in the comments and defend/disagree? Fine.

But I can't allow insulting comments to stay. So please be measured. I mean this on all sides of the discussion.

Anonymous said...

"Notably those people who are thought of as 'Earth First' seem to be hateful or protectionist in the minds of the leftist globalist writers. Replace Earth with America is what I did in my mind. And that ANGERED me."

Which part ANGERED you, exactly? The accuracy, or the accurateness?

(Yes, those are the same thing. And yes, they're the only options.)

"Has anyone on the writing staff took a course on the Constitution in college or school?"

Possibly they were busy taking elementary English, and so would know it's "taken," not "took."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thoughts and review Anj. I'm with some others that this DEFINITELY was alittle better than the
clunky writing and/or moralizing episodes of last season -- I'll continue to take things as they come, but I will
give them that.

My personal LOVES :

I definitely LOVED the opening scenes of the episode! To me, echoed Superman IV during his battle with Nuclear
Man where Superman helped when and where he was needed, was warmly welcomed, and responded in the native tongue.
Agree, this was Supergirl large and in charge!

The Lena / Kara relationship : while I welcomed a seemingly offscreen repair of that relationship, I liked the
"cold prickly" scene with Lena, Supergirl and Lillian, nice echoes of last season there. Makes me wonder where
Eve Tessmacher is, right now.

Nia Nal / Nicole Maines - some REALLY nice chemistry between her and Kara, and definitely an interesting enough
character and portrayal that I want to see what they do with her as a character in the future.

Final scene and hook for next ep -- WOW! VERY interested in seeing how this plays out.

My personal annoyances / hates :

Scripting of Supergirl chasing Mercy and Otis. A bulletproof vest? Really?! Guess the writers couldn't do a
"one knockout fingerflick and superspeed rush to catch up to and nab Mercy" as well?

As for the photos of Tyler H in the dark suit, I LOVE IT! Interested in seeing how it plays out... but stuff like
that makes me want December to come sooner to find out what happens on the crossover!!


Anonymous said...

Lex Luthor is apparently going to be appearing on The Show, which tells me that the DCEU has pretty much given up on Superman as franchise film property, for now at least. So much the better I say, Berlanti & Co at least see the Supers as full time "Agents of Hope"....


Anonymous said...

Funny how Anj's admonishments to "play nice" never come out for the white nationalists using code words and only for the people responding to them. I guess screaming conspiracy theories, demanding blind shows of hyper patriotism, and using well-known dog whistles is okay, but calling them out on this is too much. That's not suspicious at all. It's not like these same folks are actively ruining the world and engaging on a hate campaign against anyone in comics who isn't a white dude stuck in the eighties, right?

Are we sure he's not Richard Meyer using a pseudonym? Probably not - Anj is pretty good at covering his increasingly obvious biases instead of wallowing in them.

Anj said...

You obviously haven't read my responses to comments about this show all of last season and throughout my decade of running this place.

I'm sorry you think I am such a horrid human being, living a lie and acting deceptively as I positively cover Supergirl for a decade.

Nutation said...

Vegetius' saying is one of my favorites. It's essentially Teddy's Roosevelt's motto, and it makes sense from a game theory viewpoint. In a nuanced and thoughtful show, J'onn's pacifism would be proven unwise, but I'm not hopeful. I am confident, however, that Kara will punch many people this season despite her unwavering optimism.

Agent Liberty is, of course, not just preparing for war. He is attacking.

Nia Nal is a Naltoran name, but we saw no evidence of precognition. Maybe that is revealed in future episodes. If the trans bit is incidental, that's fine, but I'm again suspicious after last year's anti-gun tirade and similar events.

Brenda Strong, excellent as always.

Brainy's literalness was completely predictable (especially after the first several times). Alex has had a lot of experience with fish-out-of-water aliens and should have been able to give him clearer orders. Eventually. Fail on her part.

I hope The President was born on Earth of alien parents, otherwise her position is completely untenable, and therefore less interesting. Do the writers actually understand this? We shall see.

Anonymous said...

"Funny how Anj's admonishments to "play nice" never come out for the white nationalists using code words and only for the people responding to them."

Funny how you're clearly proving you haven't read any single comment Anj has ever written throughout the years, and how you like claiming anyone who don't agree with anything you spout is a "white nationalist engaging on hate campaigns and stuck in the eighties", troll.

"I guess screaming conspiracy theories, demanding blind shows of hyper patriotism, and using well-known dog whistles is okay, but calling them out on this is too much."

Except that no commenter has screamed conspiracy theories, demanded blind shows of hyper-patriotism or used dog whistles at all. And you know it, troll. Of course, if you acknowledge nothing like that has happened, then you would have zero excuses to insult anyone. It's way better claiming you're calling bad behavior out than admitting you are engaging on it.

"That's not suspicious at all."

... And who is screaming conspiracy theories now? Further evidence you are a troll.

"It's not like these same folks are actively ruining the world and engaging on a hate campaign against anyone in comics who isn't a white dude stuck in the eighties, right?"

Well, no, unfortunately for you, those "folks" aren't ruining the world or engaging on hate campaigns.

Anonymous said...

"Well, no, unfortunately for you, those "folks" aren't ruining the world or engaging on hate campaigns."


There's no Comicsgate that's actively sending death threats to women, LGBTQ+, and POC creators?

There's no hyper conservative political party that campaigns entirely on bigotry, and is happily caging & torturing children and trying to wind back civil rights?

There's no global resurgence of Nazi ideology that uses dog whistles like "globalism" to cultivate & further their reach?

You're either completely oblivious or completely sympathetic. I'm guessing the latter.

"I'm sorry you think I am such a horrid human being, living a lie and acting deceptively as I positively cover Supergirl for a decade."

And pouting like a child every time a story has even the vaguest whiff of middle-ground "liberal" leanings. Never ones that are cringey conservative. It's only those evil lefties cramming stuff down your throat.

The world is falling apart, and people like you & your fans who happily turn a blind eye & then complain when they're suddenly "tricked" into looking are only speeding up the process. Using your spank bank as a shield will only save y'all for so long.

Martin Gray said...

Well, here I am, many months late. I doubt anyone will read these comments, it as I’m reading your fine reviews, why not?

I don’t like the idea that Supergirl is Superman’s substitute - by this point she should be equal in the public’s eyes.

Kara was annoyingly dim as regards J’onn’s warnings, but then J’onn was annoyingly ‘pacifist’ (which isn’t a gendered thing, Scrimmage!) when asked to help... defending lives isn’t ‘raising the sword’ in a negative sense.

I wonder why the Prez’s surname is spelled Marsdin when it has to be a homage to ‘Marston’

Hooray, the end of Jimmy as Guardian... please!

I really liked Brainy, but I hope we see his natural look at various points. And Nia is nice, I look forward to seeing her develop.

I wasn’t keen on the Otis namecheck, why do we constantly have to nod to Superman: The Movie?

Scrimmage asked: ‘...why would anyone with an image inducer choose to look like that guy in the support group? They should all look like supermodels, movie stars, or Lynda Carter.’ Because they have different standards of beauty? Or because they want to blend in, not stand out?