Friday, October 5, 2018

Review: Adventures Of Super Sons #3

Adventures in Super Sons #3 came out this week and was another look at some DC Silver Age tropes in a carnival mirror. Peter Tomasi is really taking advantage of this last trip on the ferris wheel of fun. This current mini-arc of the sons fighting the super-villain fanboys of the planet Cygnus has been a blast, seeing the younger version of the World's Finest team trying to outwit an adolescent take on the Injustice League.

This time around is a hysterical look at the Superman Red/Superman Blue. The Jons don't like each other and seem more interested in fighting each other than the villains. It is a rare day when Damian is the voice of reason!

The art team of Carlo Barberi and Art Thibert continue to bring a sort of giddy energy to the book, bordering on cartoony but staying within the confines of more modern sensibilities. The images really jump off the page.

Add in a cliffhanger showing that our tour through the Silver Age isn't over and you have a confection worth reading. I love this book. And I will be said when this team goes away in the aftermath of the Bendis re-imagining.

On to the book.

The book opens with Joker Jr. thrilled to be escaping Rex Luthor's gang in one of the spaceship's escape pods. But the traitor is taken care of by Kid Deadshot. His body drifts in space.

Meanwhile, on the Gang's ship which is streaking to their home world, the Red Superboy and the Blue Superboy, created by exposure to Red K, begin to squabble.

There is something very funny about this response. Part of me thinks Jon would be thinking 'cool! Two of me!' but that wouldn't fit the old Superman Red/Blue story.

What does seem weird is their intent to fight each other rather than turning on the Gang.

My favorite bit are when they insult each other ... realizing of course they are insulting themselves.

What could be better than them telling the other they are going to run home to mommy or daddy. And 'shut up' followed by 'double shut up' isn't exactly a mensa debate.

This squabble doesn't derail Luthor's plans. And so a melee breaks out on the ship. And split in two, each Superboy isn't as powerful as the original.

Thankfully, Joker Jr. doesn't die. He seems to have a transuit allowing him to drift while alive only to be picked up by someone.

'Need a lift' should have clued me into who this is.

I'm skipping a fair amount of fun super-heroic battling on the ship. I like how Superboy Red seems to have a crush on the pixie like Ice Princess, asking to fight her and then running to save her when the fight gets too rough. That's right. the boys have damaged the ship.

Nice panel perspective here. And love the absolute incessant bickering between the two Boys. What could be more classically Tween then teasing someone over having a crush on someone. Let alone a villain!

With the Jons fighting the Gang in the hold, Damian heads to the bridge to try to turn the ship around and get back to Earth.

Again, the characterization of the Sons is the biggest draw for me to this book. Here, Damian gets all Bruce-y as he tries to threaten Brainiac 6.

But remember, these Gang members are fans of Earth's super-community. So Brainiac saying he is 'such a Batman' and calling it out as a bluff is a great moment. Too funny. Probably ticked off Damian to no end.

Again, the art crackles. Damian is great in the cloak. And Rex is terrifying.

Unfortunately, the damage the Jons did has the ship plummeting toward Cygnus and a major city. The Sons need to finally team up and save the day.

I mean it when I say, I laughed out loud at the Red throwing out a Mom joke. It's his Mom too! I chuckled out loud. That means great writing!

In a nice metaphor of the two personalities, they have to work together yes ... but by doing opposite actions, pushing and pulling.

You feel the effort here.

Thankfully, the rescue happens ... at a cost. Superboy Blue has been hurt, pinned under the wreckage. And before Damian can tinker with Luthor's Kryptonite device to merge the two (and hopefully save Superboy Blue), Rex and Shaggy Boy smash it.

It looks like all three sons are in big trouble.

But salvation comes in the form of ...

I wish I had asked Peter Tomasi more about this comic when I saw him at cons this summer. He must be emptying out all the dream things he hoped to get to in the ongoing title. It also feels a little like a love letter to DC's Silver Age silliness, perfect fodder for Jon and Damian.

Hoping everyone who needs a little joy in their lives is reading this book. It is so much fun. And it is the perfect palate cleanser after last week's Heroes in Crisis.

Overall grade: A


Anonymous said...

Very funny. The banter between Superboy Blue and Red was priceless. Damian being forced into a "voice of reason" role was priceless. Oh, and Space Cabbie.

Sigh. I need more Silver Age goodness.

Martin Gray said...

What a typically adorable issue. Who knows, if sales are decent the book may continue - the announcement of Wonder Comics this week makes it seem that DC’s ‘canon’ is pretty flexible, and we do know that Jon isn’t staying as old as he’s apparently getting soon.