Wednesday, October 3, 2018

10 Years Ago ... Supergirl #34

Just earlier this year, I celebrated by 10 year anniversary of doing this blog. One of the reasons why I felt compelled to start this blog and focus on Supergirl was because of the rather shabby treatment of the character (in my mind) since her re-introduction into the DCU.

Over on Twitter 2 days ago, Sterling Gates tweeted out that it was his 10 year anniversary since the release of Supergirl #34, his first issue on the book. I am amazed at how quickly time flies. Both Gates and artist Jamal Igle tweeted out some recollections and thoughts about this issue.


That is crazy.

But if any character needed a soft reboot, a bold new direction, a creative team that cared about her, it was Supergirl.

As a new blogger who needed to believe in Supergirl, the news hit me. And this was one of the things that seemed a bit of cosmic luck. Just five months into stubbing my toe trying to blog, Supergirl was getting a new team.

I had never read anything by Sterling Gates and scoured shelves for some Green Lantern Corps issues to get a sense of his style. I had a smattering of Jamal Igle books in my collection already, including a fill-in issue on Peter David's Supergirl run and pulled them out to remind me of his art. 

And you can see how excited I was back then. Supergirl #34 is listed in 16 posts! Sixteen!

I reviewed the book the day after it came out! That just doesn't happen anymore!

I covered the sales. I covered other sites reviews. I culled blurbs from interviews and publicity pieces. I showcased Fernando Pasarin, the artist on the variant cover. I looked up Joshua Middleton pieces since he was on covers. And I kept my fingers crossed.

 And I was floored.

There was this self-realization by Supergirl that she was maybe heading down a wrong path and needed to reinvent herself. The creative team acknowledged the rough parts that came before but smoothed them out. We got Linda Lang. We got a Kara that embraced Earth and wanted to help.

It was the beginning of an incredible run ... maybe *THE* run of Supergirl to date.

So congratulations to Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle for their Supergirl run and hope they celebrated their 10th year anniversary! As a Supergirl fan, I can only say my appreciation for their run and for Supergirl #34 has only increased over time!


Anonymous said...

"And you can see how excited I was back then. Supergirl #34 is listed in 16 posts! Sixteen!"

It should be 17. There's a post tagged 34. instead of 34

Nitpicking aside, their run showed what could be done with the character when she's handled by someone who is a good creative, cares for her and knows her history. It was a great issue and the beginning of a great run, and it annoyes me that DC sabotaged it by crossing it over with the New Krypton event, firing Sterling Gates because he was writing Kara RIGHT and then retconning it out of continuity with the New 52 and Superman reborn messes.

I'll set aside my annoyance for one second to congratulate Gates and Igle, who made Supergirl shine and deserve another chance at the helm. Sadly, it seldom happens a creative's second run measures up against their beloved first (see: Shooter and Levizt in the Legion, Claremont in the X-Men, Byrne in Superman), but maybe they would surprise us with another masterpiece.

Martin Gray said...

I'd buy another run by Gates and Igle in an instant - after years of missed opportunities we had a Supergirl strip by a committed team, people who really wanted to be working on Kara and do right by her. It was written with confidence, and beautifully drawn. This was a sustainable direction involving likeable characters (and Cat Grant!) and intriguing storylines that were Supergirl tales, another character couldn't be easily swapped in. I wish this run had been a lot longer.

Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

3rded, kudos to Gates and Igle! And the road not travelled... I too would have loved to have seen where they could have
taken her next, save for the "creative team shakeup" and subsequent events of New52. I can't seem to find it Anj, but
your one post of the proposed art for Kara at Metropolis U sold me on "I want to see what happens next!"

Happy 10years, and wherever Gates and Igle are, best to them from this Supergirl Fan!


Anonymous said...

Loved their work.

Also loved those Middleton covers, striking and elegant. His style is different now, more "photo-real," but remains among the best. Maybe my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Gates and Igle are the Supergirl "proof of concept" pioneers they made her long awaited revival "work" without recourse to gruesomeness or trickery...
I'd let the both of them have another go at her in a heartbeat, plenty of snap left in those garters so to speak.