Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Terrificon Recap #2: Frenz Commission, Supergirl Sigs, Barry Kitson, Harley Quinn, And Other Stuff

Last week I began my review of my excellent time at TerrifiCon. As I said then, this convention has become the high point of my convention season. There were just too many great creators there to try and meet and chat with.

I already talked about how great the venue was, how accommodating and friendly the creators were, and how it was comic book centric, so rare these days. So let's jump into more of my fondest memories!

If you remember from my TerrifiCon prep post, Kevin Nowlan and Ron Frenz were the two commissions I was hoping to score here. Last week I talked about how lucky I was to grab the Nowlan sketch. So did I go two for two?

Based on the title of this post, you can probably guess.

I was lucky enough to get a great Supergirl sketch from him. It was funny when I asked for Supergirl and showed him my source material (the Matrix costume from the triangle period is my usual request) he said how he really dislikes the belt loops on the skirt in this costume. He asked if he could just sketch it with a solid belt. Who am I to quibble?

This is a great sketch of a happy and rather adult looking Supergirl flying into action. This is such a very iconic pose. It really gives the sense of the Supergirl in the Super-titles when Frenz was on the books.

Frenz was a super personable guy. His table was sandwiched between David Michelinie and Brett Breeding. That meant that aisle was something of a throng of people. People (including me) were constantly asking 'which line is this' to make sure you were heading to the right table.

Frenz's table was always hopping. Lots of people bringing Spider-Man issues up for sigs.

Me? I had all the Strange Visitor issues he did with his brother. You may remember I reviewed that story when Steve Orlando brought her into the Supergirl book. He seemed sort of tickled that those were the issues that I was getting signed.

I showcased some of the books I got signed last week. Here are a few more.

The Strange Visitor book like I mentioned. Some Panic in the Sky by Jerry Ordway, the story where Supergirl sort of returned to a heroic status. Jason Fabok was there and signed by Man of Steel. And the Baltazar and Franco team was there as well to sign Super Powers.

They were all great to chat with. I got to talk to Fabok about working on just a couple of pages on the first issues and what that was like.

People here should know how much I love Amanda Conner so I was thrilled when Paul Mounts, her color artist, was in attendance. I got to get him sign a lot of issues already signed by Conner from prior cons.

But the coolest thing was getting Mounts and Art Baltazar to sign my cover of Harley Quinn #0. This book now has 10 signatures - Conner, Palmiotti, Jim Lee, Chad Hardin, Sam Kieth, Stephane Roux, Dan Panosian, Dave Johnson, and now Mounts and Baltazar.

Too cool!

I always will head to Barry Kitson when he is at a convention. He is such a great guy!

Last year he was a Terrificon and I got a commission. Then he mentioned he was working on a cover of Supergirl in all her costumes. Turns out he is still working on it. It was meant to be a possible variant cover. It is still in the very early stages but he showed me a sneak peek.

Check this out! I can only hope he'll share it when it is finally done. But it looks amazing. Sorry for lousy photos.

I also know that should I win the lottery, I will be speed dialing Kitson. He had a book filled with pre-done sketches including some Supergirl ones and a stunning one of the Ranzz twins from the Legion.

People here should also know my deep-rooted love for Ayla.

Lastly, I got to once again meet Roy Thomas.

He had a pretty big line so I didn't take up too much of his time. I just thanked him for shepherding the Earth-2 stuff through the continuity bomb of the Crisis. I also thanked him for the Young All-Stars Fury, a character I truly love.

So overall, just an incredible experience. Next year's con dates have already been announced and I have blocked it out from work. See you there!


Martin Gray said...

Sounds like a wonderful time, but how can you hate belt loops? And who is Ron Frenz's brother?

That work-in-progress from Barry Kitson is promising... wouldn't it be amazing if he actually did do ALL the costumes Kara has worn, including the Adventure Comics one-issue wonders? I used to go to the same comic shop as him in Norwich, lovely chap.

Anj said...

His brother is Randall Frenz. Both are listed in the credits of this arc.

There were a lot of Supergirls on that Kitson piece so who knows if they all are represented. Definitely saw one or two mod outfits.

Anonymous said...

Great Frenz piece.

I'd love seeing that cover completed. I can spot New 52, Bronze Age, Final Bronze Age, Cir-El, one of her 1971 short-lived costumes... I think the Turner suit is below the Bandana suit...

Someone needs to write a "Crisis of Infinite Supergirls" story. "What you mean, you're OLDER than Kal?" "What do you mean, it's only a 'S'?"

"I also thanked him for the Young All-Stars Fury, a character I truly love."

You're talking about Earth-Two Diana's daughter, right? I'd like seeing more of her. Lyta was even more screwed up by the Crisis than her Infinity Inc. teammates. I'd not mind seeing her back in the main continuity as an Earth-
Two survivor, but DC can't even treat Donna and Cassie properly or figure out what to do with them, so I don't see them bringing her back.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Nice commission. Maybe drawing belt loops drives RON into a FRENZ-y?
Maybe not.

Last year I guessed that Barry Kitson drawing had something to do with celebrating Supergirl's 60th anniversary (1959-2019). That's still my guess. I HOPE that DC has plans to mark the event, someway, somehow.

I've felt for sometime that Roy Thomas really got the worst of the Crisis and it's aftermath. He had been designated "Earth 2 editor" (official or unofficial, I don't know) and suddenly there was no Earth 2 to be editor of. He was also promised that he could continue to use the Earth 2 Superman and Batman in All Star Squadron, even after the Crisis, only to have THAT taken away from him. Still, he made the best out of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly a Crisis of Infinite Supergirls, but Superman/Batman #24 and #25 from 2006 feature Silver Age Supergirl, Linda Danvers, Supergirl 2004, Cir-El and Power Girl, along with Superwoman of Earth-11. And Dark Supergirl also shows up. (There's a lot of Batmen too.)

It's all something to do with a Myzptlk game/alternate reality. (How is that different from any other multiverse Crisis situation?)

Anj said...

I get the sense that the Supergirl piece isn't going to be used for anything official any more. Maybe it is just a print he is going to make to sell on his own.

It is lovely.