Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Supergirl Show Season 3 Photo Booth Scene

I recently got a fabulous gift in the mail.

Eric Carrasco, a writer on the Supergirl show staff, sent me several of the photo booth strips of Kara fighting the Kalanorian Finhead, from episode 315: In Search of Lost Time.

The photo booth scene was a fun little moment in a very amusing opening scene to the episode. So to be able to hold the pics in my hand and look at it close up was great. This is a great souvenir for me to have from the show! I can't thank Eric enough.

But what events led to me having this in my hands?

Well ...

Back when episode 319, The Fanatical aired, Eric went to Twitter hoping that someone caught his deep cut name drop of a Kryptonian goddess as well as a Raiders of the Lost Ark homage.

Later, I tweeted this, discussing Yuda and showing one of the fanaticals holding up a small statue of the goddess (so similar to the Hovitos fertility god from Raiders).

I had recently been reviewing the Krypton Chronicles on the site so I had a bunch of panels to easily pull for. Yuda and this image is just what Eric was looking for.

For those interested in looking back at the episode, here is the link:

To congratulate me for picking out the Yuda/Raiders moment, Eric sent me a prize, the photo booth images.

Here is the classic shot from episode 315: In Search of Lost time of Kara reviewing the pictures after she knocks Finhead out. Great shot.

For those interested in looking back at that episode, here is the link:

Of course, me being me, now that I had the strip, I decided to recreate the image.

Not bad for an amateur!

Thanks again Eric!


Anonymous said...

Very nice of Erik. And it goes on that glorious tradition of Supergirl fighting -or making stuff- in a photo booth.

Anonymous said...

That is great, and your photographic homage is hysterical.

KET said...

Congrats on receiving that special gift from Eric Carrasco.


Anonymous said...

Better hold on to's a possible collector's item. And part of a fun episode yet.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments and glad you liked my re-enactment!

Pretty nifty item to have for a big fan like me!