Thursday, July 26, 2018

October 2018 Solicits

The October solicits for DC Comics came out this week and there are a couple of things which sound good, a couple of things which sound bad, and something that sounds like THE EXTREME 90s !!!

Here is a link to Newsarama's coverage if you want to look at all the solicits for the month:

One thing that stuck out immediately is Newsarama picking the Supergirl cover to spotlight the article. And no mistaking that that is Artgerm back on this cover. You might recall my postulating that Artgerm's variants for the book made it sell and extra 10K a month.

On to the relevant books and material.

written by MARC ANDREYKO
enhanced foil cover by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU
variant cover by AMANDA CONNER
Supergirl’s cosmic quest continues as she searches the galaxy for the truth about Rogol Zaar’s connection to Krypton’s destruction—and if there are any other culprits to be brought to justice. The library police are hot on Kara’s trail after she breaks into the Green Lantern database on Mogo, but she’s short on credits to pay the fine.

Well, we are three issues into the 'Supergirl in Space' arc and she is still on the run from the Green Lantern Corps. I hope that Kara eventually heads back to Earth to help defend her new home. But if she is going to be a more galactic hero for a bit, I hope Andreyko uses the whole canvas of DC Cosmic. Give me some Thanagarians, some Rannians. Give me The Spider Guild and the Dominators. Give me the Gil'dishpan.

Lovely cover by Artgerm, no surprise. But 'enhanced foil cover'?? How 90s of DC? What's next holographs? Bagged with a trading card? And the Conner variant, if it is the one of Krypto licking Kara's face, is also wonderful.

art by RYAN SOOK
enhanced foil cover by STEVE RUDE
variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
 Superman confronts Lois Lane and wants answers: Where is Jon Kent? What happened during Lois’ trip into space with Jor-El? Why didn’t she contact the Man of Steel when she returned? And most importantly, does she still love him? Or is the world-famous reporter looking to let Clark Kent down easy? Lois and Clark’s relationship gets redefined in this issue illustrated by acclaimed artist Ryan Sook!

So I keep trying to be patient with the Bendis direction of the Superman books. And I have enjoyed a lot of what he has done. But the biggest boon of Rebirth and Superman Reborn was the re-invigoration and  basic veneration of the super-family. Lois, Clark, and Jon all loved each other, respected each other, and even adventured together. And fans were happy!

So Jon missing. And Lois being home without contacting Clark. And Lois maybe not loving Clark. And their romance redefined?? This all sounds horrible. So horrible that even a Steve Rude cover and Ryan Sook interiors can't make me smile.

Seriously, this better be a feint. And if I were Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, I might be cursing under my breath.

art and enhanced foil cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
variant cover by ADAM HUGHES
As Superman fights to protect the world from Rogol Zaar and the Kryptonian convicts trapped inside the Phantom Zone, the greatest minds on Earth devise a risky plan to return the planet from the deadly prison. With the Earth continuing to crack and crumble and its greatest heroes fall, can the Man of Steel hold the line and give his adopted world a chance to escape?

I thought Supergirl had Zaar's axe? Maybe he fashioned a new one in the Phantom Zone? I like the idea of us seeing the whole superhero community trying to help here. It gives Superman that slight nod of leadership.

I don't know if I want Zaar to linger around though. Give us more of his backstory though! We deserve that.

written by PETER J. TOMASI
cover by DAN MORA
The Super Sons find themselves tumbling through space and time without so much as a GPS to guide them! Having battled the intergalactic group of teen hoodlums known as the Gang, Superboy and Robin barely escape. However, they do end up having a shootout with gunslingers on a Western-like world before engaging in a swordfight to save a princess on a medieval-like planet. The Sons need to find their way back to Earth before the Gang does a planetary smash-and-grab with the whole planet!

We have seen preview pics of a slightly aged Jon returning from his trip with Jor-El, sporting a scar on his face. And so I will eagerly await for this series and read one last adventure of a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, not angsty Superboy.

We have enough emotionally and physically scarred, brooding teen heroes in the DCU. The best thing about Jon was how he broke the gritty mold.

Thank you Peter Tomasi for giving us this Jon. Still hoping 'The Gang' is the one from the 80s Supergirl book.

written by DAN DiDIO
art and cover by SHANE DAVIS
backup story written by J.M. DeMATTEIS
backup story art by TOM MANDRAKE
variant cover by EMANUELA LUPACCHINO
It’s Superman versus super food with Top Cat caught in the middle. While searching for his missing friend Bennie, TC uncovers a dietary danger that threatens the healthier portions of mankind, and it’s up to the Man of Steel to stop the probiotic menace of Kalien! In the salad bar, no one can hear you scream. Plus, part four of a Secret Squirrel backup story written by J.M. DeMatteis. ONE-SHOT

The most underrated Hanna Barbera cartoon ever? Top Cat.
So seeing my boy T.C. teaming up with my man Superman? Brilliant.
Will Dan Didio make me happy? That would be the most tip top thing ever!

I thought Top Cat was such a smooth slick dude, I wanted to be him.

Celebrate “24-Hour Comics Day” with the SUPERMAN BLANK COMIC! You can write and draw your very own adventure of the Man of Steel in this 16-page comic, which features uncoated 80-pound paper (the same stock used on DC’s blank variant covers) that’s ideal for drawing on!

I suppose if you are an aspiring artist this could be fun.
I suppose if you get commissions and want to use this as a sketch book, this could be fun. But $2.99 for blank pages? I don't know ...

written by SHOLLY FISCH
art and cover by DARIO BRIZUELA
Scooby and the gang have teamed up with dozens of superheroes to face some of the world’s weirdest menaces. But the shoe’s on the other robotic foot when they have to team up with the world’s strangest heroes, the Doom Patrol! And if the heroes make Scooby and Shaggy nervous, just wait until they meet the Doom Patrol’s enemies…

While not a super-book, I feel the need to promote Sholly Fisch's wonderful Scooby Doo Team-Up book. In October, the gang will team up with one of my favorite groups, The Doom Patrol! I am definitely in!

So foil covers, Lois and Clark falling apart, and Top Cat! Weird month!


Martin Gray said...

Oh well, at least the foil covers aren't adding to the price.

It's funny, sometimes I love Artgerm's work - see this week's Wonder Woman - but this, it's creepy, he's not drawn Kara, he's drawn SuperBarbie.

I wonder if TC has a Trashcan of Solitude. I never thought he was underrated here, he's so popular he's used in TV ads.

You know who Supergirl should meet in space? Hyathis.

That Action Comics solicitation has me worried.

Anonymous said...

Needless to say, that Supergirl cover is lovely. Good thing Artgem is back.


"But 'enhanced foil cover'?"

My thoughts, exactly.

"Seriously, this better be a feint."

I'm sure it'll be a feint. Don't worry.

I've got the feeling AC will be the book focused on Metropolis stuff whereas Superman will deal with more fantastic, sci-fi stuff.

Adventures of Super Sons sounds as sheer Silver Age fun.

Top Cat? This really takes me back.

"But $2.99 for blank pages? I don't know ..."

... Seriously?


The Doom Patrol? So far the Gang has teamed up with the League, the Titans, Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, Batgirl, the Birds of Prey, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and Green Arrow, the Canine Patrol, the Legion, Zatanna and other DC magicians, Sugar & Plum... Who is left?

Anonymous said...

Artgerm posted about this Superfirl #23 cover on Instagram. Says it’s a “cameo” and not continuing his run.

People commented there on the fabric. It really does seem to have a velvet look. (But it also looks eerily like a doll.)

He’s also got a photo in his feed of his Sideshow Supergirl statue at San Diego Comic-Con.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments. This Kara did skew a bit Anime. But I liked it.

I would love for Supergirl to face Hyathis.

And yes, the Lois stuff is concerning, see my Action review tomorrow.