Monday, July 23, 2018

Fan Expo Boston Preparation

Okay, we are moving at light speed towards my conventions season. I am lucky enough to have a several conventions be close by over the summer months and each con has a distinctly different feel to it.

The first con is Fan Expo Boston, formerly The Boston Comic Con. Last year was the first time Fan Expo was running the show, purchased from the local organizers. As a result, last year had a very corporate feel to it. It was moved to a bigger venue, one with free parking, and had more celebrities on the guest list. But it lost a little bit of the 'true comic con' homey feel the prior incarnation did. The comic guests seemed like a tack on rather than the draw.

Now I'm not complaining. I have Terrificon coming up to give me the true comic feel. And I don't mind experiencing a more business-like con here because it is probably the closest I'll get to San Diego.

This year's comic guest list is very impressive. Perhaps last year's success was enough to lure some big names. So I definitely have people to run and see. I also have a couple of commission hopes. So with all that said, here is my Fan Expo Boston con prep post.

I always try to get in touch with artists I am hoping to get a commission from before the show. While I know it is often hard to hold a spot for someone, I always hope that getting in touch beforehand will at least be a sign of good will.

This year I have had no luck.

My primary target for a commission is Tyler Kirkham. I have always been a big fan of his art. I even got his 'on line only' variant of Action Comics #1000 which I am hoping to get signed. It will be a big bummer if I don't get a sketch from Kirkham, someone I have been hoping would make their way to the Northeast. So Saturday, looks like I'll be running to his table first.

I also like getting more veteran artists for sketches as well.

Bob McLeod is going to be there. His Supergirl cover for Action Comics #674 is the main image in my source material for sketches. So I feel obligated to try and get a commission from him. I love his work.

As he is there all three days, he'll be one of the first tables I head to on Friday.

I am also thrilled that Steve Orlando is going to be at the con.

I thought Orlando's run on Supergirl was very good, especially the back end. I also loved his Justice League book as well. I have a ton of books to get signed so I might need to go in two trips. I am really hoping that Orlando's table isn't too busy so I can actually pick his brain a bit about the run.

Of all the writers present, Orlando is the one I am most pumped to meet.

Now there are plenty more creators who I am going to try to glad hand.

Hoping to finally meet Jim Lee. I definitely want to meet John Byrne. I have a bunch of issues for Tom King to sign and want to talk Mister Miracle with him. I have met Frank Quitely before but have issues for him to sign too. I'd love a Clay Mann commission if I could afford it.

Also, I want to talk Sojourn with Greg Land. I want to talk Flash with Josh Williamson. Etc. 

Yes, there are celebrities, voice actors, and cosplayers on the guest list as well.

I might get in Emma Dumont's line and get her to sign this X-Men Blue issue. I was very impressed with her performance as Polaris on The Gifted, a mix of anger and fear totally spot on for a mutant on the run show.

And, as always, if anyone out there is heading to the show, let me know!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you have a good time and many nice signs/commissions/sketches.

It'll be interesting talking to Orlando and maybe asking how Bendis' arrival and Supergirl's reboot changed his plans.