Thursday, July 5, 2018

DC TV Gallery Supergirl Statue

A couple of weeks ago, I was a bit surprised to enter my comic store and find the DC TV Gallery Supergirl statue waiting for me.

You know you have a problem when you don't remember that statue you ordered. I had completely forgotten about it. Part of that is that I prepaid for the statue the day I ordered it with gift certificates I had for the store. It also was ordered months ago so had slipped my mind.

All that said, I am glad I did order it. What a great statue! And pretty affordable.

And big!

A great purchase.

I am not a packaging guy. Nothing stays 'mint in box'.

But the back of the box gives a nice little summation of the Supergirl television character.

As I said, this is a big piece. And very nice dynamic pose. This is Supergirl, running into action, clearly in the Fortress of Solitude.

The cape and hair is streaking! We  know she is motoring!

Whoever she is running to confront better watch out!

And this is a very good sculpt. It looks like Melissa Benoist. The tendrils of hair, the texture of the costume, the piping on the shirt, the folds in the skirt, the creases in the boots. It is all there to make this very realistic.

From an angle, you can see that this isn't just a tall statue. It is a deep statue.

She is in full run mode, legs in sprint mode and cape in the wind behind her.

And purely from the side, you can see how wide this is.

We are talking an omnibus, three hard covers, 2 Showcases, and three trades deep.

And everyone knows one of the big things I look at is the back of a statue to see if was overlooked.

The answer is no.

We get deep folds and furls of the cape. We see the color and feel of the ice spikes.

From a 360 view, it is a fine statue.

How big is this statue?

I had to completely rearrange the shelves of the collection.

Enough 'show' merchandise has been made, much of it large, to dominate half a shelf. The New 52 merchandise needed to find a new home near the Silver Age stuff. Strange bedfellows indeed!

Anyways, looking for a piece which is large, beautiful, and not super-expensive? This might be the one for you!


Anonymous said...

In profile this looks especially like Melissa Benoist - they capture the jaw, cheeks, nose very well. It's a great action pose, and if it was 5" shorter I would get one!

KET said...

Congrats on receiving the new SG figure. It really does seem to stand out from most of the TV show-inspired pack, due to its dynamic action pose. Hadn't actually considered picking it up...until I saw yours.

BTW, in somewhat semi-related news, Warner Archive is finally releasing the 1984 Supergirl movie on Blu-Ray on July 24th. It's a deluxe edition, featuring both the 128 min. International Cut, and the longer 138 min. Director's Cut on an extra disc (which IIRC, hasn't been available since the 2000 and 2002 Anchor Bay limited editions).


Anonymous said...

"You know you have a problem when you don't remember that statue you ordered."

Yes, definitely.

"I am not a packaging guy. Nothing stays 'mint in box'."

Ptffffff... Xena -okay, Lucy Lawless- states otherwise:

Joking aside, a friend of mine usually throws boxes and blisters away unless he likes the packaging. He'd have no room for more action figures otherwise.

It's a beautiful -and big- figure. Congratulations.

"The New 52 merchandise needed to find a new home near the Silver Age stuff. Strange bedfellows indeed!"

Oh, God. Can you imagine one conversation between both SGs?

"What do you mean "It stands for 'Hope'"? It stands for Supergirl! It's only a 'S'! And since when it's the Family crest?"

"What? Your cells are a solar battery?"

"You're OLDER than Kal?"

"Daddy WHAT now?"

"What are the Red Lantern Corps?"

"He left you alone for months? Great Rao, thinking I was pissed about being dumped into an orphanage..."

"So you moved to New York and the West Coast, too?"

"He and Lois got married? Wow. I'd never think I'd see the day."

Anonymous said...

I imagine we'd get a repeat of this golden exhange:

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting the Supergirl Blu-ray

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Congratulations! I got one last week. It was heavier than expected, compared to the animated Supergirl figures that Diamond Select put out last year. And yes it is a very good likeness of Melissa Benoist. I wonder what she thinks of all this merchandise?

Speaking of statues, as Rocket J. Squirrel would say, "here's something I hope you'll really like!"

If anybody out there in Supergirland is feeling lucky, Sideshow Collectibles is running a giveaway for the new Supergirl Premium Format figure. The statue is designed by Stanley Lau (Artgerm). The contest is open until July 10 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. Winner pays shipping costs. There's an art print too, that I think goes with it.

Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but didn't that "family crest" business originally come about because Marlon Brando wanted to wear the "S" symbol in the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie?