Tuesday, June 12, 2018

DC Nation #1

The second issue of DC Nation, the company-made fan magazine, came out this week and I have to say as a fan of DC, I was impressed.

First off, the price. Free!

Second, it is 48 pages of high gloss, gorgeous art and news. It isn't just 'Direct Currents', although the latest solicits are in there. There are interviews. There are small pieces where you get to 'meet' the creators and staff. There are process pages. There is concept art.

For someone who loves comics, loves seeing the creative process, loves hearing from the creators, this is a perfect vehicle for all things DC.

I wonder how long they can keep up something of this quality or size. I can imagine it eventually being 20 pages or $1 or both.

But until then, I am going to drink it all in. Especially when I learn a little more about my favorite characters and upcoming books.

For example,

In the middle of a Scott Snyder/Brian Michael Bendis co-interview, we get this inset blurb about the upcoming Supergirl book.

I don't know if I am sold on the concept yet. But I'm going in with an open mind. And this 'classic' new costume is growing on me. Something about that wide gold belt that brings a bit of panache.

But the big thing in this is how Kevin Maguire is described as the artist on 'the first arc'.

Remember when Maguire and Perez flip-flopped pages/issues in  Worlds' Finest? Maybe he is doing every other arc to give him the time he needs? Hope it isn't a done in one thing with Maguire.

 Bendis does a more pointed brief interview about upcoming stuff in Man of Steel. While there isn't much news, at least we learn that the Lois mystery is revealed in Man of Steel #6 (even if it is still ongoing).

And I do find it interesting that low-tech crime like arson would be vexing to Superman. But it makes sense in a way.

 We get some process pieces about Jim Lee designing Rogol Zaar. I like that stuff, like character sheets explaining the look of someone.

Again, Bendis gives vague statements about Zaar. I still hope that he didn't trigger Krypton's doom. Maybe he was planning on it but they did it all on their own.

But it did grab my attention when Bendis hinted that Zaar might be more embedded in DC history than we know. Maybe he got revenge to that Galactic Circle? Foment the Rann/Thanagar conflict? Send the Psions/Citadel to Tamaran? Drove Apsa Ali Appa mad?

And then the add for the next issue/ Don't forget that  DC Nation 2  promised some news on Supergirl's mission.

Yes, it is DC propaganda. But as a DC customer, how can I not like this.


Anonymous said...

"First off, the price. Free!"

You can't beat that price!

Some interesting stuff, although...

"But it did grab my attention when Bendis hinted that Zaar might be more embedded in DC history than we know."

Oh, God, this is the "Jessica Jones" syndrome over all over again. "Do you know this new character who I've just created? Well, he's been involved with everyone/behind everything since the beginning of this decades-old universe".

Anonymous said...

This was a terrific free magazine. If I recall correctly, I read in some solicitation or at previewsworld that comic shops were going to be shipped these in the amount of 125% of their main Batman title order. Since I don’t have (any) Batman titles pulled, I’m glad my LCS put this in my box.

The interviews and process pieces and looks behind the scenes are always fun. This included good previews of JL Odyssey and JL Dark and the new Teen Titans, as well as all - some? a few? - of the apparently infinite number of Batman wedding prelude stories. Nice primer on some Harley Quinn incarnations, too.

Speaking of the Batman wedding, apparently Tom King will be appearing on Seth Myers "tonight." I put tonight in quotes because it's the "Tuesday late night" show that is technically airing at 12:37 AM Wednesday morning, in terms of setting a DVR.

Anonymous said...

Can we get Jamal Igle back for an arc?

Anj said...

Jamal coming back for an arc is an inspired thought!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, speaking of artists, I'm not sold on Kevin Maguire. I reviewed his older work, and what I can see is he spends 99.9% of his effort on faces. Yes, he beautifully captures expressions, but his bodies are mostly just standing around.

Even those facial expressions - well, most of it is accomplished through lots of fine feathery lines. Kind of like a weathering of faces, showing age. The opposite of that ultra-clean and ultra-youthful smooth look almost epitomized by Ema Lupaccino.

It's a question of preference.

Jamal Igle is probably a good compromise. He also puts a lot into facial complexity, but not to the exclusion of physical postures.

If someone can suggest some of the best and fairly recent Kevin Maguire work, let me know.

I'm also unconvinced by Terry Dodson covers. The solicited cover for Supergirl #21 his standard cover.

The repetitive nature of his work is easily seen when you scroll through his web page of covers:


There are some exceptions, many quite excellent, but really the majority have a character standing or floating upright with one leg bent and the other straight. Just like Supergirl #21.

I would say his backgrounds are the most diverse and interesting elements of his work.

Well, we'll see all of it on Aug 8th, and maybe some preview pages before then.

Martin Gray said...

I loved this first issue, it reminded me of when Wizard was good.

As for Maguire, I can’t give chapter and verse at the moment but I really liked his New 52 Worlds’ Finest work, as mentioned above. I’m impressed DC has assigned such a legendary artist to a Supergirl story. And of course, it would be great to have Igle back... and maybe Sterling Gates could fit in a guest issue among his TV work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion - I see it's the New 52 Huntress/Power Girl Worlds' Finest. The artwork is so mixed between them (at least in the dozen issues I checked), that I'm not completely sure. who draws what. Perez does similarly detailed faces. But Perez's work includes intricate backgrounds, while Maguire's does not. He appears to have drawn a number of what appears to be the flashback sections (Five Years Ago... etc.) in the early issues. Not a bad way to split the art up in an issue. The style changes from extremely detailed Perez to ultra-simpilfied Maguire. In #2, drawing multiple pages with 2-shots, talking about a menu.

#10 may be the first solo Maguire effort, and it somewhat illustrates what I mean. It's not that every panel he draws matches my description, but he does have a lot of panels here of extreme facial closeup, and most backgrounds are very spare. Sometimes the panel is just a face with featureless color in the background. Lots of people standing around. But there is some decent action too.

We'll have to see how well his style matches the space adventures of Supergirl.

I think Sterling Gates might have tweeted that he'd write comics if only someone asked him. What, we don't count?! Maybe he was kidding.

Anj said...

He did all of WF #0 which really was Supergirl (not PG specific)


Worth checking out.