Tuesday, April 10, 2018

DC Nation #2 Supergirl Headline

We all have been waiting for news about Supergirl after the explosion of Brian Michael Bendis' arrival.

Of course, no news has led to the usual concerns of lack of a new book, being pushed aside, or headlining a team book.

Well, the slightest hint came out the other day, from C2E2. At a panel, DC revealed the covers for the upcoming DC Nation magazine. And if you squint close enough at the cover, you'll see a tease. Here is a link to Bleeding Cool's brief coverage on the magazine.

So what about Supergirl? Well, it looks like we'll need to wait until July 4th to get some news. Of course, by then, Man of Steel will have ended.

 Well, once DC released it at C2E2, cover artist showed the cover he produced over on his Instagram.

Yes, it is a pretty cool cover of the Joker looming over a squashed Batman/Catwoman wedding cake. Of course, Bruce and Selina's marriage ceremony is happening in July.

But check out that bottom headline on the left.

Supergirl has a new mission in the aftermath of Man of Steel.

So how much can I read into this 8 word headline?

Well, for one, at the very least, it means DC hasn't forgotten Supergirl in the Bendis' world. She is around, active, and important enough to warrant a headline on their monthly publicity magazine. So that is great.

In my mind, I am hoping that this is where they will be announcing a new Supergirl title, which I assume will be another number one and yet another volume. I hope that is true.

But there is some concern at those last two words. A 'new mission' for me reads like a 'singular focus' and I worry about this. What if readers don't like the new mission? If the whole book is built on Kara doing one thing (let's say rooting out hidden aliens, or fighting a plague, or fighting social injustice), if readers don't connect with that, they'll leave the book. And then a 'bold new direction' early on never is good.

I suppose it all goes back to my oft-stated desire for their to be a Supergirl title where she does super-heroics, fighting super-villains, hanging out with a supporting cast, and finding her way in the world. You know, like a standard comic format.

Let's not lose sight of the forest. Supergirl got a headline on DC Nation #2. See you there!


Martin Gray said...

Well, it's something. Maybe she'll become Jon's full-time babysitter? Er, kidding!

I do agree, though, I want variety in my comic books - look at the first couple of years of the mega-successful New Teen Titans; as well as superheroics we had space opera, horror, social issues, detective drama...

Anonymous said...

"And then a 'bold new direction' early on never is good."

Yes, a "bold new direction" has never made the character favors. It always happens when she gets a stable, workable status quo.

"Let's not lose sight of the forest. Supergirl got a headline on DC Nation #2."

Let us not forget that.

At the very least, it sounds like DC has a plan for her. I have to assume this is related to the new bad guy and the outcome of that battle and the "revelations" Bendis is threatening us with.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for a mission focused arc a while. Heh, I'd throw money at a Kara babysits Jon arc. At the end of the day I am just happy for the news. Thanks for finding and sharing Anj. I wish DC was better at communication.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this means she is migrating to a notional LoSH book as a team member thereof? That would constitute a "new mission" indeed, and it would also be an inversion of the current supergirl set up, "there is a solo book but no team affiliation" this is a team affiliation sans a solo book.
I'd be cool with it, IF the writing & artwork worked, but then again how often do we get that eh?


Anonymous said...

Why am I getting the dreadful feeling that the new mission will involve that poor dead planet again.

If it's a LoSH book, even then, I am conflicted. I would love to see Kara with a team affiliation but then again she will be removed from the present timeline which I donot want.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

"...Good morning, Miss Danvers...your mission, should you decide to accept it...."

About this new mission for Supergirl...I hope the plan isn't to send her on a long quest across the universe as a way to get her out of the picture for several months while DC decides "what to do with her". Who knows, maybe the mission will keep her on Earth, and she can still interact with her supporting cast. If the mission, whatever it is, comes to a satisfactory conclusion in the first arc of a new Supergirl title, that would be okay.

What if her mission is to visit the DC offices and find out why they keep screwing with her comic?

And if a new title IS in the works, who will write it? Will it be Bendis? Will it be someone who understands the character, like Gates or Orlando?

"I am hoping that this is where they will be announcing a new Supergirl title, which I assume will be another number one and yet another volume. I hope that is true."

Agreed, but I would prefer that DC would pick up the numbering at 21 and go from there...

Anonymous said...

In regards to the new mission, do you guys think that "The Girl of Tomorrow" text Steve left at the end of the last issue was a hint of what is about to come?

While it could just be saying "Hey, Supergirl is where society needs to go", it might also be a hint to Legion stuff coming or a Metropolis reference.

While I would be good with both, I feel that I would prefer her to stay in National City in current time and develop it to be as a natural part of the DC verse as Metropolis, Star City, Coast City and Central City.

Martin Gray said...

Well, today's final issue doesn't end with any news of a hiatus, or Supergirl will return... but it left me smiling.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments!

I'm glad she isn't forgotten. We have to wait and see what it is about.

The idea of her not being in the present isn't one I'd embrace. I don't know if I want it to be her in space. That rarely works.

Of course, good stories win out. Maybe the the creative team will knock it out of the park.

Anonymous said...

Next Supergirl book will be "Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes". You heard it here first.


Stop laughing. Please?

Martin Gray said...

Supergirl and the Ravers, surely!

Leighton Dyer said...

Even if some the fans don't like the "New" mission/s of Supergirl the loyal ones will always want more. Supergirl is here to stay ... I hope! But like you said Anj ... She got a headline so that's gotta count for something.