Monday, April 16, 2018

Sales Review: March 2018

The sales numbers for March have come out and things are both fascinating and frustrating. Here is a link to the ICv2 coverage:

For this blog, the big news has been the shelving of the Supergirl title.

'Bendis is Coming!' The landscape of the super-titles will be changed. Supergirl will have a 'new mission'. And it all seems strange when you look at the numbers.

I will also say I realize that sometimes I, as a reader, am impossible to please.

I want Supergirl to be her own hero, having her own adventures.
I want Supergirl to be part of Superman's life but not too much. If she isn't in his books or mentioned in his books I am unhappy. But I don't think his books or life should dictate her series.

And it is probably tough to satisfy all those things. If she wasn't impacted by whatever is happening in Superman's books, I wouldn't be happy. And yet, here she is impacted and I'm not happy.

Surely there can be some happy medium. If Batgirl and Red Hood and Batwoman and Nightwing can all somehow have their own titles *and* be part of the Batman books, it can be done!

So on to the sales!

Supergirl #19 was the 'very special' issue discussing nonbinary people. We had Vita Ayala and Steve Orlando telling the story of Lee Serrano. It also sported this Bruce Timm inspired Artgerm variant.

The book ranked at #55 and sold 30,669.
It sold better than Harley Quinn.

I understand that much of this might be due to the Artgerm variants. But the book was selling very well. And it is going away.

This reminds me so much of the midseason hiatus of the Supergirl show. The momentum is probably going to be broken. It is a jumping off point.

Action Comics #999 also came out last month, the last issue before the mega-anniversary of Action Comics #1000 and the Bendis era. It also wrapped up Dan Jurgens' time on the book.

That also sold very well coming in at #19 and selling over 51K.

It sold better than Detective Comics.Incredible.

The Rebirth era for the super-books have been fantastic and it is basically over. We should all be happy it happened. And hopefully the new landscape builds on it instead of erasing it.


Anonymous said...

Yes, all of this editorial-driven cancelling and rebooting will kill the favorable momentum. And SG #20 is practically a jumping-off point.

Sales dropped slightly. I assume it's because people is already aware of the book's cancellation and is waiting for the trade.

Let's hope for the best...

... although this tweet is troubling:

Then again, it sounds like Marvel's classic pot-stirring tactics. We'd been said future revelations will stir Superman to the core, but it's been already leaked (won't spoil, don't worry) and it's not a big deal. Dumb and been done before, but not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

That twitter conversation IS ominous. “Careful what you wish for” ??!! Wherever she “goes” let’s hope she makes it back!

Martin Gray said...

There was a further comment from Brian Cunningham (I have to give him credit for engaging with us):

"The upcoming stories are very strong, very Superman. I’m enjoying them a ton. Anything new is additive to what’s come before. Emotional gut-punches and real gut-punches combined to make entertaining comics. I couldn’t ask for more than that, as a reader."

Anonymous said...

“Careful what you wish for”

Lol, the last months has been hard being a Supergirl fan. The only word of a life past the Man of Steel series was a weak hint that she would be involved in some titans team which we now know she won't be. Then silence, until this message which sounds like DC will give us a perverted genie version of what we really want.

No DC, I don't want the Wishmaster version. When we want more Kara we don't want a "she is a clone" storyline. When we say we want her out of Supermans shadow, we don't want a 50 foot Supergirl. When we say we want her to have a good relationship with her cousin we don't mean Many Happy Returns.

Goddammit, just try to reassure us everything will be great like you are with Superman. Let me know Bendis is here to save Supergirl too. I know she didn't need to be saved from Orlando, but anything that sounds like a bright tomorrow would be welcome.

DC is as comforting as parents who turns off the light when you ask them to leave it on, then leave the room with the words "The monsters don't like it when we leave it on."

This is not helping with my current fears.

At all.


Anonymous said...

Hah. I had to look up you Wishnmaster reference. Well done.

And before I discovered, using my advanced research skills, that Many Happy Returns was the Matrix storyline, what came to mind (mistakenly) were two holiday special stories, which turn out to be named All I Want for Christmas in DCU Infinite Holiday Special #1 (published Feb 2007), and the 1-pager Season’s Greetings in DC Universe Holiday Special #1 (Feb 09). I could live with Supergirl in a Santa hat, but I’m not sure about the beard! (Both appearances were good. Santa hat in both stories as it turns out. One was by Joe Kelly so it had his take and managed to feature the “kill Kal-El” version of Zor-El, but there were still good deeds and it ended well. Plus, Alfred served her milk and cookies.)

Fifty foot Supergirl makes me think of mecha Dawn in the Buffy comic.

Anonymous said...

DC's corporate berserker neurosis continues unchecked, undiagnosed and untreated....Supergirl's solo book is selling well so therefore ALL MUST BE CHANGED!!
I'm definitely aligned with the "foreboding faction", I trust none of these people they have nothing to declare but their bad intentions.