Thursday, June 21, 2018

Nano Metal Fig Supergirl

Sometimes you get lucky.

The other night I was asked to drive two of the supergirls at home to Target so they could get some cosmetics and toiletries in anticipation of an upcoming dance. It was clear that I was to be chauffeur and purchaser during this visit. My opinion on make-up was not needed.

As we entered, I asked what the heck was I going to do while they were shopping. In a perfect response, one said 'go to the toy department.' My children know me very well.

And while wandering the aisles, I came across this mini-figure. A Supergirl diecast metal figurine from the Nano Metalfigs line.

I had no idea such a thing existed. 

But perhaps it was destiny that had me in that Target.

The first thing that caught my eye about this was the very dynamic pose Supergirl is in. Arms out, one leg up, cape billowing. She looks ready to spring into action.

The second thing was that this was the New 52 costume, already a bit in the rear view mirror. I don't know when these figures were solicited but I don't know if any new New 52 Supergirl merchandise will be made. I am almost glad the knee holes were mistakenly painted red. Looks better that way.

This is a small figure, maybe 1.5 inches high. But I like the action it conveys.

This is a big cape with appropriate folds and wrinkles on the back.

I am always happy when I see a complete sculpt, front and back.

You get a sense of how small this is in the group shot of all the New 52 figures and statues I have.

Obviously I bought it with the pile of other stuff I got that night. A small reward for myself and a nice, truly little addition to the shrine.


Anonymous said...

You used your super-supergirl-tracking power, didn't you?

A very dynamic figure. You can feel the power of the character and the wind billowing her cape. The Post-Flashpoint costume isn't my favorite but I never hated it, either. I'm wodering if she ever posed like this during the New 52.

I don't know when it was solicited either, but a quick -and mostly fruitless- google search tells me it's been around for at least one year.

Anonymous said...

Glad you found and like this one!

I thought I mentioned this Nano Metalfig to you in a recent post where you reviewed the shrine, but I guess I didn't. This one is still pretty widely sold - can pick it up easily on Amazon or eBay.

The pose is dynamic. New 52 style lends itself to dramatic poses.

I know you generally like to arrange the figures by era, but I find the size of this one makes it well placed near the "DC Comics ERTL Supergirl Die Cast Metal Action Figure." That's the pre-Crisis Kara, about the same height as the Metalfig, on a black base, and I'm pretty sure I've seen it in some of your photos.

I also like to keep these around Heroclix pieces and Fansets pins placed in their stands. ( has at least 4 Supergirl versions including some DC Super Hero Girls.)

They are all close to the same size, and one can perhaps think of them as survivors of Kandor hanging out together.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

This may have been mentioned to me in the past.

I have debated blowing up the shrines arrangement for something different. Having the minis together is a great aide.

@kara_querl said...

I feel I have failed you not mentioning this ;-) They are only $1 and we have mountains of them now (part of the reason the girls know so many hero names) I will have to keep you updated on future finds.

Anonymous said...

Wow, seriously? New or used? That's such a great price you could buy a ton and give them away to everyone you meet as a Christmas tree ornament.

But I've seen these generally for less than $5.00. I wonder how these are stamped out, and if they are hand painted.

There's another small (3.5") Eaglemoss figurine that is semi-Michael Turner costume - short frilly blue skirt, but not taffy-shaped extreme Turner figure. Sadly it is one of the lead figures, not resin. Solid, heavy. Comes with warnings about kids under 14 so gotta be careful or protect it somehow. I wash my hands after touching it.

This is "DC Comics Super Hero Collection 14. Wrapped with a thin book with drawings, kind of like the way the chess pieces come.

The Eaglemoss Supergirl white pawn is a little bigger than this one, and also stands taller due to the chess base. A good combination - New 52 pawn piece, Turner figurine.

Anj said...

I keep hoping to run into that Eaglemoss figurine!

Anonymous said...

I see there are a number for sale on eBay and Amazon - I just searched for eaglemoss supergirl and there are a bunch of results. Some on eBay are the original lead, some are the later release in metallic resin, which is now "DC Superhero Supergirl Best of Figure with Magazine #21" - with "metallic polyresin, improved figure bases, and updated magazines." I think Amazon sellers only have the resin version.

Interesting - the original #21 was Raven, a striking black figure. The numbers actually referred to "issues" of the magazine.

The Eaglemoss page says the magazine was updated to include the New 52. Mine is mostly about 2004 Supergirl, touching on Teen Titans, a lot of space on Cassie, Legion of Super-Heroes, and even Lobo with an image from the Brave and Bold tale. Power Girl and (ugh) Power Boy appear. But it also goes into Matrix, Linda Danvers, and even Cir-El. An updated magazine that includes New 52 is going to have to trim most of this older material, if not all of it. Which would be weird given the figure is the pre-New 52 version.

I need to re-read this magazine!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if anyone noted this...but on the front of the package...see the "S?" It's like the one on the TV show...but with the yellow filled in. If there was just ONE THING I would change about the suit...that would be it.