Monday, June 25, 2018

September 2018 Solicits

The September solicits for DC Comics came out last week and usual there are some interesting bits. I definitely am interested in some of the new books that are hitting the racks these days, specifically the new JL books. And the 'event' even sounds interesting. Somehow this feels like the post-Legends time period where DC was pretty prolific in putting out new and solid books. Here is a link to CBR's coverage:

As for the super-books, let's dive in.

written by MARC ANDREYKO
variant cover by AMANDA CONNER

Who murdered Krypton? Supergirl and Krypto rocket into space, en route to the Green Lantern world of Mogo, where she hopes to find clues about Rogol Zaar and his connection to the destruction of Krypton. Instead, she finds whispers and cover-ups. What are the GLs hiding? And will they go from Green to Red when they find out she’s in possession of Zaar’s weapon of war? (Hint: yes!) 

The idea of Supergirl and Krypto romping around space is a fun one. If the super-dog is her mystery co-pilot, I am down with it.

And I love the look of her new costume, especially under the slick hands of Terry Dodson.

But seeing Supergirl wielding the giant axe of the person who might have blown up her planet is not an image that sings to me. And her fighting Green Lanterns feels like a step backwards. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
variant cover by DAVID MACK

How well does Clark Kent know his own city? Are the threats targeting Metropolis new or something older and more dangerous than they seem? With mobsters being killed off and the Daily Planet staff hunting for answers, it’s up to Superman to discover what lurks in the underside of the city he thought he knew so well. Who is the Red Mist, and why has Superman never heard of someone so powerful and dangerous? And what is Lois Lane doing with Lex Luthor?

Much like Supergirl, I am waiting to see what the post-Man of Steel landscape looks like. We have seen arson stymie Superman. Now we hear about mob killings. Will Superman be incapable of dealing with small-time crime?

At the very least, Lois is mentioned in the solicit so she is back. 

art and cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
variant cover by ADAM HUGHES
variant cover by DAVID MACK

Guest-starring the Justice League! Locked inside the Phantom Zone, the Earth stands poisoned and its heroes lie dying, with no idea how to escape the deadly Kryptonian trap. But an even deadlier threat invades as Rogol Zaar teams with those who have been imprisoned inside the Phantom Zone to use Earth to escape, not caring if they destroy the planet to do it.

I was hoping Zaar would be gone/captured after Man of Steel. So I don't know how I feel about seeing him still slugging it out with Superman here.

Fingers crossed.

written by PETER J. TOMASI
cover by DAN MORA

Kids today, amiright? What with their vaping, texting, emoji-ing and whatnot—never mind what happens when teen villains the Gang get their hands on Gold Kryptonite! That’s exactly what the young bad guys plan to do to impress the Earth’s biggest villains! Super Sons Robin and Superboy stand face to face with Rex Luthor, Joker Jr. and other psychos pulled right from your nightmares. The Gang has already robbed Superboy of his powers, and now they’re ready to reveal their grand plan!

So happy to get more Sons stories. So thrilled that Barberi and Thibert are on art. Love the idea of evil sons fighting super sons. And still hope The Gang are somehow linked to the old Supergirl villains.

Thrilled this book is on the shelf.


This public service announcement is brought to you by the Department of Extranormal Operations! You saw how Supergirl hid a murderer underneath National City right before our eyes. What other secrets is she hiding? D.E.O. agents will be stationed at every school to ensure their safety! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Collecting issues #15-20.

Hooray that the end of the Supergirl run by Orlando, Houser, and Rocha is being collected. This title was so solid during this last set of stories. I will happily revisit it once more!

art and cover by YANICK PAQUETTE

For years, Diana of Paradise Island yearned to leave the only home she knew behind for adventures that laid beyond its shores. Now, after a fateful meeting with Air Force pilot Steve Trevor, the Amazon Warrior finds herself in Man’s World. And she is ready for anything that it may throw at her. But is the world ready for Wonder Woman? An American government, fraught with dissension and conflicts foreign to Diana, has deemed her a danger to society. How will Wonder Woman carry out her mission of peace and love in a world that can’t get out of its own way? That is, unless there are more insidious forces at play…
Don’t miss the second volume in the WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE original graphic novel series!

Okay, not a super book. But I am so happy that the second volume of WW Earth One is coming out.
I have not cared for the Superman Earth One stories. And I haven't read any others (although I am tempted to get the GL one). But I loved the WW Volume 1. I guess I am in the bag for Morrison. Paquette's art is just sumptuous.

So I am there.

written by TOM KING
art and cover by CLAY MANN
1:50 variant cover by J.G. JONES
1:100 variant cover by MARK BROOKS
1:200 variant cover by FRANCESCO MATTINA
blank variant cover available

There’s a new kind of crisis threatening the heroes of the DC Universe, ripped from real-world headlines by C.I.A.-operative-turned-comics-writer Tom King: How does a superhero handle PTSD? Welcome to Sanctuary, an ultra-secret hospital for superheroes who’ve been traumatized by crime-fighting and cosmic combat. But something goes inexplicably wrong when many patients wind up dead, with two well-known operators as the prime suspects: Harley Quinn and Booster Gold! It’s up to the DC Trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman to investigate—but can they get the job done in the face of overwhelming opposition?

Tom King has yet to disappoint, so I am giving Heroes in Crisis the benefit of the doubt. But I hope this isn't a darker take on things. Rebirth brought DC back to its roots. This has a grimmer feel to it.

Please don't be Identity Crisis! Please!!!

Anyways, good to have 4 super-books on the shelf.


Martin Gray said...

There's plenty of reasons to hope for good stuff with the creators we have on board. I'm truly hoping, though, that Kara sorts out the Zaar business soonest and gets back to life on Earth, heroes in space gets old very quickly. Kara works best in a suburban setting, but I can take National City.

Anonymous said...

"The idea of Supergirl and Krypto romping around space is a fun one."

Silver Age fun. Exactly my kind of fun.

"If the super-dog is her mystery co-pilot, I am down with it."

Supergirl and Krypto teaming up is great. I'd liked seeing someone like Batgirl, Brainy or Streaky, but I'll happily take Krypto.

I'm torn on the axe. On the one hand, she looks absolutely badass (I'm a sucker for axe-wielding characters). On the another hand, why would she need an axe? She can hit harder than that giant wood-chipper can cut, and she shouldn't be using it to cleave people in half.

I wonder if her Red Lantern phase will be acknowledged.

Action and Superman sound interesting. It's like Bendis intends to delve into both aspects of Superman: the Kansas reporter turned into champion of the downtrodden and the godlike alien who became defender of the galaxy.

I wonder how the planet got stuck into the Zone. And how did Kara and Krypto avoid to get trapped? They leave Earth before it happens?

And Rogol is teaming up with the inmates? The Phantom Zoners? Why won't I be surprised if he turns out to be a hypocrite?

More Supergirl trades are always a good thing.

"Please don't be Identity Crisis! Please!!!!

Amen, brother. One is more than I can take.

I wonder what it'll be like. I'm sick of deconstructions. It was novel and fresh when Moore and Miller did it, but at this point a story deconstructing super-heroes is NOT ground-breaking, thought-provoking, interesting or bold, let alone original.

A little sad Supergirl is barely visible, but at least she's on the cover.

Anj said...


I'd rather Supergirl be home on Earth than out in space. So wrap it up.

Glad Supergirl was on the cover. That means she isn't in a box.

Anonymous said...

Streaky was never a good addition to the "Supergirl Mythos" (Jim Mooney the then artist on the feature clearly had no respect for the feline depicting him with huge cartoonish eyes)...I always thought though, it made sense for Supergirl to "inherit" Krypto's care and feeding as younger siblings sometimes do with treasured family pets. And anyway isn't Krypto the ultimate "therapy animal'? He can help Kara with her PTSD....


Professor Feetlebaum said...

Kara and Krypto on a magical mystery tour/fact finding journey through space? Sounds good, but won't Streaky be jealous?

Anyway, I can picture Krypto with his head hanging out the window of the spacecraft, barking at passing comets (the real thing, not the horse), and distracted by space squirrels! Wonder if they'll run into Space Cabby?

I doubt Kara will be using Zaar's axe as a weapon. I'm sure she's hanging onto it as part of her investigation. And yes, she and Krypto DO need to return to Earth ASAP.

About Streaky...Jim Mooney DID like Streaky! I brought this up before, but here's Mooney quoted in Twomorrows Krypton Companion:
"Streaky the Super-Cat was my design. I think the writer came up with the initial idea, but I designed him so he looked a bit more like an animated cat. I fell in love with Streaky from the very beginning. I still draw him. I love cats."

Looking at those early stories in Action Comics, Mooney certainly put a lot of "life" into those drawings of Streaky.

I too hoped Zaar would be gone or imprisoned after Man of Steel, but at least this alleviates my concern that he would die at the hands of Supergirl or Superman.

Gear said...

Krypto coming along? That sounds like a kick.

Big humongous axe? Maybe it’s evidence, or a clue, or even a guide or key to whatever the thing is that Kara is searching for. That’s where my money is.

Lanterns? Well, I guess we’ll find out whether her turn as a Red Lantern is still in continuity. I enjoyed her relationship with the Reds, and even though they killed off Zilius Zox and Skallox, they still have Bleez and Guy to work with. I hope they do something with it. Particularly Gardner, between Soule and Bedard they were actually able to find a way to make him not just tolerable but even (gasp!) fun and funny. Never thought I’d say that about Guy Gardner.

Adventures in space? Fine with me, two of her other space adventures were the aforementioned Red Lantern arc and the Perkins/Johnson run, both of which were great reads and did a lot with characterization. I can’t the same about most of her New52 Earthside adventures.

So I’m looking hesitantly forward to this run.

Anonymous said...

Kara's turn as a Red Lantern is definitely in continuity. She has appeared as a Red Lantern in a couple of flashbacks during the Rebirth run.

There was a tweet a while back that Kara was heading somewhere bad... something like "big careful what you wish for" (paraphrasing.) Let's hope she doesn't get sucked back to the red side. She has, after all, been continually portrayed in Man of Steel as filled with anger, perhaps uncharacteristically, so maybe that's setting up Red Lantern redux. Ugh.

In a different reality, Zox, Bleez and Dex-Starr are appearing now in an arc in the Injustice 2 comic release (the digital releases are, I think, several issues ahead). In Injustice 2, they are all alive and work for Atrocitus.

Anj said...

I was a big fan of the Red Daughter arc so I am happy it is still there. I suppose it adds a layer of intrigue when it comes to GL interaction.

I'm a sucker for Streaky and hope we get on in continuity. But a romp with the family dog also sounds fun.

Hoping it is a fun time!