Monday, February 6, 2017

Teri Hatcher As The Big Bad! Kevin Sorbo too!

Last week, Deadline broke the news that Teri Hatcher had signed on for a recurring role in the Supergirl television show. Here is the link to that article:

The information is pretty brief but can be best encapsulated in one sentence:
Details of her character aren’t known, but it’s described by the CW as “a mysterious new role that will become the new Big Bad of Season 2.”

Now there is a lot to mull over with this brief news blurb. First off, kudos to Greg Berlanti for bringing in another actor associated with the Superman mythos. We have Helen Slater. We have Dean Cain. Now we have Teri Hatcher. This is all great.

And, of course, that could lead to scenes of Hatcher and Cain together. I can only hope that happens, a Lois and Clark reunion!

But the big question is who could she be?

At first I thought she might be alien in origin, somehow involved with the women chasing Mon-El. Perhaps she is his mother, the Daxamite queen? Maybe she is a major alien baddie like Lady Styx?

But I keep coming back to Dean Cain being at Cadmus and the need to Cain and Hatcher to appear together. So I am going to go out on a limb here.

I am going to say that Hatcher is the head of Cadmus, even above Lillian Luthor. I'm going to say that Jeremiah is being forced to work for her. And I think she needs to be a threat to Supergirl in all ways. And that can only mean one thing.

I'm going to say that Teri Hatcher is going to play Kitty Faulkner, Rampage.

Kitty was a scientist, so that covers the Cadmus angle.
She worked for Luthor in the past, so that connection is there.
And she becomes a Hulk-like being, which means she could stand toe to toe with Kara.

What better way to put all the pieces of what I believe together.

But wait, there's more.

I covered these issues on the site, but there is a history between Supergirl and Rampage.

In the mid-90's, Peter David and Gary Frank had Supergirl and Rampage fight each other in  Supergirl 6 .

And, of course, Sterling Gates and Bengal had Supergirl fight Rampage in last year's Adventures of Supergirl #1.

Now this could be something of a wrinkle. After all, Adventures of Supergirl was in continuity with the show. So how could Hatcher be Rampage and Supergirl have fought Rampage?

My guess is the show doesn't think too hard about what happened in the book. That said, this is the biggest flaw in my guess.

But wait, there is even more!
That's right! Mon-El has a history with Rampage as well! In what seems like a lifetime ago (but actually happened nearly 8 years ago), Mon-El fought Rampage in  Superman 686.  James Robinson and Renato Guedes did a good job having Mon-El become the defender of Metropolis.

For me, Rampage makes the most sense. But that said, some sort of intergalactic villain acting as a threat such that Supergirl needs to fight a two-front war between Hatcher and Cadmus could be interesting. All the more reason for Mon-El, Guardian, and Martian Manhunter have to step up and be a heroic team.

Now one more thing. I have been concentrating on Teri Hatcher. But the day after Hatcher's hiring was announced, there was a similar article about Kevin Sorbo being added as another Big Bad. Here is that link:

Both being added changes things a little as I have to suspect that the two are somehow linked.

So what if my theory that Daxam didn't get destroyed pans out? Or that many Daxamite refugees are living on other worlds. And what if my theory that the woman chasing Mon-El is the jilted bride in an arranged marriage is also correct? Maybe Sorbo and Hatcher are Mon-El's parents trying to bring him back against his will. Given the somewhat sordid details about courtly life on Daxam, they could be bad guys. So maybe that is what's going to happen.

Anyways, those are my guesses. What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

So happy to see Hatcher being a part of the show. And to think that she played Lois Lane during an era where Kara Zor-El was banned from the Superman mythos... Things have thankfully changed since the middle 90's.

Rampage sounds like a good guess. I hope you're right because I want to see more classic SG villains. I'm tired of the "SG lacks villains" nonsense.

Although if we're getting a female SG villain with a science background who can fight Supergirl, I'd like to see Blackstarr or Psi.

Or maybe she's Superwoman? A former Lois Lane playing an evil Superwoman?

I have no idea who Sorbo will play, but my gut instinct tells me he'll be a Superman villain. But who? No Lex or Brainiac, I'm sure. And no a Phantom Zone inmate. Hmm...

I don't think Hatcher and Sorbo's roles will be linked. Unless... Oh, my God... What if Hatcher and Sorbo are Worldkillers?

Unlikely, I know, but if they're linked, and Hatcher is a Big Bad class threat...

However the Worldkillers would feel like the inmates of Fort Rozz. So I don't think it's a likely theory.

Peter LoCasto said...

What if she's going to be the Contessa?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the thoughts, Anj. While I think your initial theory is great, methinks Berlanti and co will be playing
quite fast and loose with Supergirl canon of any sort. I definitely could see Hatcher and Sorbo as the jilted bride / former
king and queen of Daxam, possibly in the vein of Man Of Steel Zod intent on remaking National City / Earth into a New Daxam,
possibly moreso intent on "winning" the Daxam / Krypton arguement once and for all with Supergirl.

That'd tie BRILLIANTLY in with a previous speculation that Mon-El would have to reveal his royal parentage under extreme
duress... and make quite the moral dilemma for both Mon-El and Supergirl, given that he's already revealed he has feelings for
her, and she's taken Mon-El under her wing.

However it plays out, we can only wait and see how things go.


Anonymous said...

Well sooner or later AntiClimax must take hold so I'm thinking "Volcana"....too bad "Gotham" is still on the air, Hatcher would make a perfect "Poison Ivy"....
Oh and I reiterate when Mon El's true identity is revealed (if he is the Prince of Daxam) then its grounds for a good clouting in the head from Ms Kara.....Our Girl doesn't like casual deceit....



Anj said...

Incredibly, my Sorbo and Hatcher as Mon's parents is probably rig given a recent Sorbo interview!