Thursday, February 23, 2017

DC Superhero Girls: Tales From The Krypto-Mites Part 1

DC Superhero Girls has entered its third season of shorts on their website. As I noted in past posts, it seems this season will be something more of an ongoing show with running plots as opposed to silly one and done episodes.

And we didn't have to wait long for this to be apparent. The third episode of the season is called 'Tales from the Kryptomites, Part1'. The very fact that it says part one shows the website is thinking more long form while not heading more into feature length DVD films.

I also love that Supergirl seems to be a central part of this arc. The main bad is Lena Luthor (or perhaps here Lena Thorul)! And clearly that history of being a Luthor is part of the plot. I also like some nods to the past within the episode (although I admit that I might be reaching here.

And we end on a nice cliffhanger, making me want to come back.

Go ahead and can watch the episode here.

In the meantime, here are my thoughts.

The issue starts with the DC Superhero Girls trinity in shop class to finish their vehicle projects. Babs has to fix up the batplane which was damaged in a prior episode.

Wonder Woman has an invisible motorcycle. And Kara has her super-rocket.

I like that these three chum around in this continuity.

When tinkering with her rocket, Supergirl accidentally fires a missile. After a tussle in the sky, the missile ends up blowing up the IT office, where new head of IT Lena works.

We, of course, know that Lena is a Luthor. There is something very Silver Age about a super destroying a Luthor lab. Remember, those elements were part of Lex's original origin story.

I wonder if that was intentional.

We then see Lena working in her secret lab. She has stolen the Kryptonian dust which coated Supergirl's rocket. Inside that dust was microscopic particles of Kryptonite, so small as to not even effect Kara.

But using a formula of her design, Lena grows the dust mote into something bigger.

Proud of her accomplishment, she takes a selfie! A super-villain selfie?? That's a new one for me.

Now here is where I needed to take a leap, even within a DCSHG short.

Somehow the grown Kryptonite becomes a living, sentient, mischievous Krypto-Mite.

Ah well ... comics! Or comics-based cartoons!

The trinity heads to Lena's home so Supergirl can apologize in person. That is a nice little lesson about taking responsibility.

But Lena, eager to have the heroes leave so she can continue her experiments rushes them back out the door.

You think the heroes would be a little suspicious. But they roll with it.

The For Rent sign on the building loosens to reveal this was a Lex Corp building. Incredibly, the heroes don't see this either.

I suppose this is to give new viewers the info they need. Lena is a Luthor. (Heck, she uses a LexCorp phone for the selfie.)

I guess this Lena is pure villain and not conflicted like so many other Lena's we have seen.

The Krypto-Mite rips apart Lena's lab and then heads outside where it sickens Kara.

Batgirl and Wonder Woman use their powers to crush it back into dust allowing them to leave.

Again, you think they might investigate where a walking, jabbering Kryptonite chunk came from.

But instead they leave.

And we see the many small dust particles all grow creating more Krypto-Mites.

All right ... nice cliffhanger.

These shorts are delightful and entertaining. I can't help but stay tuned.

And Supergirl being featured in any format always makes me smile.

Looking forward to the next parts!


Anonymous said...

"I like that these three chum around in this continuity."

Yes. When it was the last time the female Trinity hung together in the main universe? Why cannot we get that kind of friendship in the comicverse?

"There is something very Silver Age about a super destroying a Luthor lab. Remember, those elements were part of Lex's original origin story."

God... I hadn't thought about it, but you're right!

As a bonus, this Luthor was creating an artificial life-form (albeit unintentionally).

"Proud of her accomplishment, she takes a selfie! A super-villain selfie?? That's a new one for me."

Yes, that was... different, certainly.

"Somehow the grown Kryptonite becomes a living, sentient, mischievous Krypto-Mite."

Yes. On the one hand it was a "Wait, what?" moment. On the other hand, that silly campiness takes me back to my childhood when comic-books and cartoons were unashamedly silly, funny and didn't take themselves seriously.

I loved how protective were Diana and Babs from their friend. "No Kryptonite hurts my friend!"

Gosh-darned Krypto-mites. How can something so obviously evil and creepy to be so cute?

Funny episode. I look forward to the next one.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping a new episode will be out, this week or next. The origins of the Kryptomites definitely stretches believability,
but I'll just roll with it. And I LOVE Supergirl's adorkableness when fixing her jet she inadvertently launches a missile...
targetted at Superhero High, no less. Oooops! :)

From the Season 3 teasers, the Kryptomites seem to be the big baddies, so am definitely tuned in to see more! Just hope Supergirl
isn't totally sidelined by these little buggers.


Anonymous said...

I'm still working thru Supergirl's escape-from-Krypton rocket comes equipped with a rack of sidewinder missiles. DC Superhero Girls has to be taken all of it's own idiom, its aimed an "entry level" fans and it does a good job of corraling all and the same. As mentioned above I like the fact that this is all built around DC's Female Trinity Babs-Kara-Diana all of whom seem to get along famously. Funny though, thanks to this particular program....Diana has unique membership in TWO "trinities", Batman-Superman-Wonder Woman and Supergirl-Batgirl and Wonder....Woman.



Anonymous said... -- NYAHAHAHAH! NEXT EP IS UP!! And the Kryptomites aren't finished spreading havoc...