Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Supergirl Collection

It has been a while since I posted pictures of my entire Supergirl collection, instead just showing a snippet of where I have placed a new item.

Over the last couple of months, there has been something of an explosion of additions - everything from Happy Meal toys to puzzles from my childhood to statues. With all these new pieces, I figured it was time to show the whole display.

Here is the first shelf. This shelf concentrates on Silver Age interpretations, the 70s hot pants costume, and the Crisis headband costume as well. I keep trying to rearrange the shelf so the 'Welcome to Midvale' sign in the background is more prominent. But it isn't easy.

The latest piece was the diecast metal Super-rocket in the back. This toy was listed as Superman's rocket. But the occupant looks like Supergirl enough that my family bought it for me. I suppose it could be Kal all cozy in a yellow blanket. But it just as easily be Kara.

And hooray for two Streaky's being on this shelf.

The middle shelf is concentrates on the white shirt animated costume and most 'full shirt, red skirt' versions of the costume. Looking around you might see the bookend Femme Fatale statues and the DC Superhero Girls toys.

This shelf also has some of the variants as well - the armored Flamebird Kara, the Elseworld's Finest Kara, and the Lucy Lane evil Superwoman (peeking out from the back right corner).

Hooray, a Streaky is here as well!

The last shelf has the belly shirt costume and the New 52 costume pieces as well.

The shelf also has some 'variants' as well - Ame Comi, Bombshells, and the television show figure.

Sometimes I don't think it registers how many pieces are in the collection until I look at pictures like this and describe them. I find it interesting that the belly shirt and the white t-shirt seem to have the most pieces.

And I don't think I am done. I have the television show statue ordered, slowly paying it down. My dream pieces include the large version of the Matrix statue in front of the stained glass window and the Superman holding Supergirl Crisis statue. And, I am always on the lookout for new things which catch my eye.


Anonymous said...

Great collection! My favorite shelf is the Pre-Crisis one.

Funny how DC killed the character off because they deemed her as unprofitable and expendable... and still they kept making money from her since!

I think that baby is supposed to be Kara. Unless I'm seeing things, the lips are red, right? So I think it's implied it's a girl (I think red lips=lipstick=female in the toymakers' minds. Of course, it begs the question of what kind of parents put lipstick on their baby daughter right before rocketing her off their dying world, but I don't expect them to care). That detail, together with the yellow stuff around its head, suggests "Kara" to me. Yes, the rocket is listed as a "Superman" toy, but it doesn't mean it's specifically Kal's rocket, and I don't expect the manufacturer to care for details.

Flamebird Supergirl would be a very cool figure if it wasn't for the memories associated with it. Candor. Ugh! *Shudders*

How well "Elseworld's Finest" sold? It seems to be pretty popular for a one-shot alternate universe story published twenty years ago.

I wish you luck with your hunting for more additions to your collection.

aa3on said...

Impressive collection! I'd love a figurine or figure of the rebirth Supergirl. And the Lego Supergirl figure looks pretty cool, too. :)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I might have mentioned this to you before, Anj, but there is a COIE trade novelization which isn't bad. Marv Wolfman likely wrote it, I'd have to look. Eliot S! Maggin wrote the KINGD OM COME novelization and it was extremely well-written.

Steve Hunter said...

Thats Fantastic, truely wonderful collection

Anj said...

Thanks for comments!
I'll need to get to the Elseworlds review at some point!