Saturday, May 21, 2016

Threeboot Legion Of Super-Heroes #17

I review Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #17 over on the Legion of Super-Bloggers site. Here is the link:

This is a great issue which sets up the Legion book for the upcoming year while showcasing Supergirl. Waid polishes up the character, differentiating this Supergirl from the sullen one which was in her solo title.

Waid makes her a living legend, teaming up with other heroes.

And Waid adds the wrinkle that Supergirl doesn't think any of this is real. She believes she is dreaming it as part of Tarukor.

We recently heard about Tarukor over in the Adventures of Supergirl chapter 8 by Sterling Gates.

I love when writers reference the rich history of the Superman mythos.

Head to that site and let me know what you think.


Martin Gray said...

That was such an assured run, I wish it hadn't been derailed by Geoff Johns' plans. And Supergirl has rarely looked better.

Anonymous said...

> It looks like it is going to be a hugebrawl. But when a Kryptonian is on your side,
> big threats are sometimes a no threat at all. In one panel, Supergirl deactivates
> the robot, much to the chagrin of the other Legionnaires who feel deflated that they
> weren't really needed.

Hahahahah, spot on Anj! Reread this issue after reading your review, and the number of
times they have Supergirl take care of an issue effortlessly, much to the chagrin of
the Legion :D :D Never mind she doesn't seem to stand still in one spot long enough for
the Legion to have a proper conversation with her because there's one crisis or another
she has to step in and solve... LOVELY!

Definately alot of plot threads to follow over the next issues!

Looking forward to your review of the next issue!

@Martin Gray
Derailed by Geoff John's plans? You able to expand on that? I'm taking a stab that
this was around the time of the Superman:Braniac/World Of New Krypton arcs?


Martin Gray said...

Yeah, I was referring to the Johns/Frank Action Comics return of the kinds/sorta original team.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, thanks for answering that Martin Gray.

Cheers and Regards!