Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sales Review: April 2016

#Rebirth is here. The DC Universe:Rebirth special was released yesterday. Everything is going to be different ... hopefully.

But the fallout of the New 52, the lame duck period of the pre-Rebirth DCU, and poor overall sales preceding the reimagining are still palpable. Sales for April were released and show that DC still has an uphill climb.

Here is a link to ICv2's coverage of sales:

I have been enjoying the new direction of the Super-titles since the Peter Tomasi began the 'Super League'. The Truth tasted like ash in my mouth.

While this arc includes a dying Superman and a reinvigorated Clark/Diana romance, overall it has felt much more classic.

But has it been embraced? Has word on the street bought sales?

Well Superman #51 sold over 38K. Batman/Superman #31sold 34K.  Action Comics #51 sold 32K.

These aren't overwhelming numbers. And I don't think that sales have improved.

Maybe with #Rebirth, new readers will come take a look.

Perhaps more interesting has been the idea that the pre-Flashpoint Superman is going to take over the lead role in the Super-books after #Rebirth. It seems that the New 52 Superman will be gone.

So why does DC have such faith in the pre-Flashpoint Superman? Is it that he represents a return of hope and heroism that Geoff Johns has said is the backbone of #Rebirth? Is this version selling gangbusters in Superman:Lois and Clark?

Superman:Lois and Clark #7 sold 20K.

I am interested in seeing how this transition happens. This Superman is older than the New 52 one. I don't think he can simply walk into the other Clark's life.

My hope is #Rebirth will be a little jolt to the super-books. Maybe new readers will come!

And what does the lame duck, pre-#Rebirth sales look like for lower selling books whose cancellations have been announced?

Take for example the wild, fun, continuity-bucking Justice League 3001?

JL3001 #11, the penultimate issue, sold just under 12K.

So long, JL3001! A few, wise readers knew ye!

I will try to commit these numbers to memory. Because it will be fascinating to compare these to the post #Rebirth sales.

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