Thursday, May 5, 2016

DC Superhero Girls Action Figure

 It took a little effort and visiting a couple of Target stores but I finally was able to snag a DC Superhero Girls action figure for the collection.

I have been pretty happy with the portrayal of Supergirl in the DCSHG shorts and special. She is upbeat and energetic, trying to learn how to use her powers to help people.

And I don't mind the quirky polo shirt, red skirt, Chuck Taylors look for the character. It has a much more 'student' feel to it than some of the others in the line do. Plus the blue shirt/red skirt motif mirrors other venues close enough to feel like it is on a costume spectrum for the character.

Add in a Gwen Stacy headband and I'm sort of sold.

The doll itself is pretty good with articulation at knees and elbows. The face is a little cartoony but this is based on a cartoon.

I found it hard to get it to stand on my display shelves but luckily I had an S-shield base from another figure lying around.

The back shows decent detail work on the hair and nice folds in the short cape and skirt.

Not bad.

The packaging is a little odd though.

"Includes cape" seems unnecessary.

I wonder if all the other figures come with something else ... a lasso, giant mallet, plant vine, etc. So maybe they felt Supergirl needed something too. I'd have preferred a kitten.

All in all, a nice addition to my collection. Glad Supergirl is a big part of this promotion.

 She went to the 'variant' corner of the collection with the Flamebird armor figure, AmeComi, Superwoman, and Hot Wheels car. 

A couple of items are on order. Promise to do a full collection post soon.


Anonymous said...

Boots will someone PLEASE take poor Kara in hand to a good "superheroine shoe sale" and get her some nice red boots....all her galpals in HS have appropriate footwear those sneakers stick out like sore thumbs.

Anonymous said...

I happen to like the sneakers myself, I think it gives her a sort of All-American teenager look. I'm torn on the
doll overall though. On one hand, my inner geek can't resist, on the other I'd have prefered it if it were a fullup
highquality figurine.

One spot of good news though about DCSHG -- SUPERGIRL IS THE SUPERHERO OF THE MONTH!! Check the latest video!

And to allay your concerns Anj, not all her scenes are of her klutzing totally out, more along the lines of learning
how to use her powers, and having fun with her schoolmates. The one of her heatvisioning the marshmallows over the
campfire... pure sugar sweetness!

GO SUPERGIRL!! I'm a VERY happy Supergirl fan right now!


mephosto said...

i snatched mine up as soon as i saw it but she has toxic avenger eyes, one's lower than the other.

Uncle Screensaver said...

I like her look in the show. The entire concept of the costumes are designed to be simple enough that cosplaying can be easy for kids, and while, yes, some are more of a "costume" than others, I think that this fits the character. As it's been mentioned, she's the Girl Next Door, just this girl is an alien! She's kind of like Betty Cooper/ Betty Cooper as Superteen.

Both the action figure and action doll list the "molded cape" as an accessory, which I do also find redundant, but I suppose it can be considered for younger kids who feel "super" when they wear a towel as a cape. When you take it off, you're "normal," so she can be in a way too.

Perhaps this incarnation has some memory of her once best friend Cassie and cousin Conner who were very relaxed in their costumes. :P

I can't wait for July when they're available internationally, I just hope I can get them before they're sold out. :)