Friday, December 4, 2015

Super Friends Supergirl

Hat tip to blog friend Craig who emailed me some images of Supergirl as part of the DC Super Friends merchandising line. I haven't seen this version of Supergirl here in the States and Craig said that these images are from international sites.

As someone who bought this Super Friends comic book when it came out (art by J. Bone in places!), I was waiting for Kara to appear but she never did.

But there she is in the upper right corner, wearing her white t-shirt, DCAU costume. One of 8 heroes on the cover!

And here is her 'Who's Who' page in the Super Friends book. "Don't let her sweet smile fool you - Supergirl is an unstoppable force for good!" I love it.

There is a fresh, young, sweet look to this version of Supergirl which I love. And I am a complete sucker for the 'Gwen Stacy' head band look.

Craig also pointed out that this version of Supergirl was also a toy in the Happy Meal equivalent at Quick restaurants. I never heard of Quick so I had to do some research. I bet the Suprême Cheese tastes great.

But onto the toy. Pretty slick toy with a nice base sporting the S-shield. Again, just a lovely look to this.

And it has some action! You can push the button on the back and her arms move up and down.

Such a nice design. If only I lived in Belgium when these were out.

And the Quick love isn't done. They also came out with Super Friends sticker books. Supergirl versus the Riddler? Seems almost unfair. But the Supergirl stickers are lovely.

As part of the DC Super Friends line, we get some 'chapter books' including a Supergirl one. This one sports a New 52 costume and looks pretty stylized. But it also includes 30 sparkly stickers! How much fun!

Hope someone out there got to enjoy these treats! And thanks again to Craig for sharing!

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Uncle Screensaver said...

I'm happy to have helped!I'm happy you enjoyed a look at yet another version of the Girl of Steel.
Thanks for posting!