Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mike Maihack's 2015 Supergirl/Batgirl Christmas Comic!

I have gushed about Mike Maihack's Supergirl/Batgirl comics in the past. Maihack has this uncanny knack to get to the heart of these characters. From Supergirl's endless optimism and cheer to Batgirl's dour Bat exterior masking a brighter interior, these comics are pure pure joy.

One of the things about these strips is that Batgirl tends to be the 'straight man', the character who sees the insanity around her and might look at the crowd exasperated. Supergirl has been able to handle just about everything that has been thrown at the duo and the most Batgirl has had to do is shake her head.

So I love this year's Christmas strip. Realizing that Batgirl might feel unneeded, Supergirl gives her the best present ever. Purpose. She'll sit this battle out so Batgirl can save Gotham.

How can you not love the lower 1/3 of this strip, both characters smiling brightly, doing the right thing. Wonderful.

As always, a big thanks and Merry Christmas to Maihack for producing these strips. I love them.


Anonymous said...

I got the HUGEST grin on my face when I read this one... thanks for sharing Anj.
And yes, beautifully encapsulates everything about this holiday in these two characters.

Best to all, and see everyone on the other side of 2016!


Uncle Screensaver said...

Anj! The Silver Age Omnibus is still just $18.00 on Amazon. They haven't increased the price yet to match the updated listing. (On they show the list price as $85.00 Canadian but the pre-order price is just over $21.00)!

I love Maihack's World's Finest. They really are what the core of these characters are about, bringing hope and inspiration to those that read them. I love that this showed character growth on Supergirl's part, which only adds depth to the strip that makes me grin every time I read it.

DC obviously hasn't made him "cease and desist," so why not hire him and put out an all-ages book that would have both children and adults smiling every issue? Then again, these strips may lose some of the special joy fans get when we discover there's a new one. At least there's another hopeful and hope filled Supergirl out there we get to read about.

Anonymous said...

I love Supergirl's winter trimmed white "christmas costume".....a variant for every occasion...


Anonymous said...

I have the suspect that SUpergirl made the hole to motivate Batgirl.

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments!
Love the idea that Kara made the hole!