Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Silver Banshee Who's Who

Silver Banshee is scheduled to be in the Supergirl show and I couldn't be happier. I have covered the Banshee a lot on this site over the years but I realized I never posted her Who's Who entries. For those who don't know her, these pages are excellent primers!

First up, from the Who's Who 1988 Update, is a page lovingly drawn by the all-star art team Mike Mignola and P. Craig Russell. Unreal art team there! The image is perfectly eerie for the character. She is horrific, wailing, in tattered clothes which look like smoke or flame. Her pose is appropriately defiant. And the surprint with a barrel chested Superman squaring off against her and the ancient Scots adds a lot.

The history recaps the Banshee's first two adventures without giving us too much of her background. We know she wants a particular book. We know she has supernatural powers. But otherwise we don't know much else.

In the 1990's, DC put out the 'loose leaf' Who's Who which allowed fans to catalog the pages however they chose.

Here is the Silver Banshee page from that compendium. I don't like this art as much as the prior. The Silver Banshee logo is rather bland. Artists Dusty Abell and Terry Austin really play up the sort of sexiness the Banshee can have. That is one prominent backside we are seeing. Because of this pose, we barely see the Banshee's face.

The text page is much better. I like the close up of the Banshee's face. I love Superman trying to mute the Banshee's scream by covering her mouth.

The origin story is much more complete, reviewing the clan McDougal curse, Siobhan's desire to run the clan, and the Crone saving her from Hell.

I can't believe that I live in a world where Supergirl is a live action show and that Kara will be fighting Silver Banshee. Unbelievable!


Anonymous said...

Silver Banshee is a character I never appreciated until the Johnson/Green version, and that "boobs and butt" shot sorta encapsulates why. Like Byrne's Maxima she always struck me as just a reason for the artist to draw sexy poses, a ghost in stilleto heels and skin tight spandex for fanboys to slobber over.

I hope we get a Banshee that's more Johnson/Green than Byrne.

Anonymous said...

Ahem...let me be the first to note that per Newsarama.com Sterling Gates will be writing the Supergirl Digital Comic...I REPEAT STERLING GATES IS BACK!!!!!!!!
I for one couldn't be happier if Jim Mooney rose from the dead and proposed to Lay Out All Comers.....



mhr said...

I wonder hoe she'll look like... there was a time I got a o lot of Supergirl commissions, one featured Silver Banshe: