Thursday, December 24, 2015

An Early Holiday Gift: Belinda Zee

I was on Twitter the other day and I asked Eric Jones for an early Christmas gift.

I have never understood why DC hasn't published more Cosmic  Adventures of Supergirl. Landry Walker and Jones clearly want it. Lots of Supergirl fans want it. It is a no-brainer.

Anyways, I was bemoaning the lack of new Belinda Zee in my life and asked Jones for a doodle and he obliged, posting this new picture on Twitter.

Since some people might have missed it and since it is so fantastic and since I really miss the character, I thought I should share here. Heck, I might make a t-shirt to wear at next year's conventions.

Now, if only DC would do the right thing and put out a sequel!


Gene said...

Excellent artwork there Anj. One hopes the TV show will turn on a light bulb in someone's mind at DC and finally give us the Cosmic Adventures sequel we deserve. Incidentally Belinda Zee would be a great character on the show.


Martin Gray said...

Oh wow, how kind. Hopefully the reissued selection will garner good sales.