Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Supergirl Show Episode 2 Pics

The Supergirl premiere is set to air on October 26th and CBS is doing its job to promote not only the first episode but also the show. I have heard a promotion is being aired before some movies in theaters. I have seen CBS releasing videos of the premiere being shown to mothers and daughters, mostly school age girls. And we have swag such as this poster being released.

Suffice it to say, I would love this poster. I keep hoping that CBS will begin selling merchandise for the show at some point. As of 2 days ago there were no Supergirl items on the CBS Store site.

We also saw videos and photos from the cast and crew as they started filming the second episode.

One of the shots is this dynamic shot of Supergirl lifting up a National City Ambulance. (I wonder if I could get a job at National City General Hospital?)

Great shot with a determined looking Supergirl lifting the vehicle up with one hand, her other hand clenched in a fist. There is something fierce about this looking Supergirl. Who knows what is happening around her? But she looks ready for action.

But the shot also reminded me a little bit of this shot from Superman:The Movie when a baby Clark hoists Pa's truck.

Reminding me of the Donner film is a good thing.

But as much as I loved the action shot above, I also loved this candid shot of Melissa Benoist enjoying an ice cream. I doubt this is a scene from the show. But there is something charming about this pic of Supergirl eating a frozen treat.

One of the reasons I love the character of Supergirl is that she is pretty complex and layered. She is bright and optimistic. But she also can be a fierce crusader for justice. So as much as I love seeing a grim-faced Supergirl lifting the ambulance, I also love seeing this side of her (even if it is only the actor on break).

It is pictures like this (as well as the Kara scenes in the promo) which make me think the show gets all these sides of the character.

We are down to 3 months!


Manu said...

Melissa is the perfect Supergirl :)

Here is a short interview on set :)



Anonymous said...

Anj, as much as I think that ambulance lift is nothing short of AWESOME, I am in TOTAL agreement with that cute adorable pic of Melissa eating the ice cream. In fact of all the pics that have dropped on social media, this is my number one pic.

What boy would say no to having an ice cream or some frozen drink with the cute, beautiful, Girl of Steel? Me, it would be a nice ice cream soda, with two straws. As we sip the drink, I look into that adorable face, and my heart soars. Melissa is so cute, I want to hug and kiss her! Yes, I am in love with her as Supergirl, who has been my comic book crush for over 30 years. Sure Helen Slater was the first live-action one, followed by Laura Vandervoort, but Melissa adds a whole new dimension with her charm, energy, laugh and million dollar smile. Of course looking gorgeous in the suit is a bonus. And the more I see her in it, the more she looks just amazing.

Anonymous said...

Haha... lifting the ambulance like that, how could I miss that nod to the Donner Superman?

And thanks for posting that clip JF -- three GREAT moments in it :

1) Melissa B's enthusiasm for the role and the show overall! ALWAYS WELCOME!

2) 0:31 "We're testing Supergirl's abilities and speed..."

3) 0:56 the classic line "This sounds like a job for Supergirl!" YAAAAY!!


Anonymous said...

Please be good, please be good, please be good. My hype is reaching higher and higher levels each time I read about this show. I really hope it lives up to it.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere out there on line there is a pic of Melissa B. pensively walking her dog in full Supergirl regalia and checking her smartphone From this I can only deduce that the Maid of Might's current actress favors what appear's to be the "Cotton Poodle" breed.
Love the ambulance pic "Look Ma One Hand!"
Whoever is doing publicity for this show deserves a raise I am avidly consuming all the on line Supergirl clickbait like a starving barracuda!
Oh and since The Maid of Might has landed on CBS I think it'd be cool if down the line (assuming success in the ratings of course) if the show invited the Network's First Costumed Superheroine Lynda Carter to drop by for a guest shot....


Anonymous said...

JF, let's actually go back a little further...1975...Joanna Cameron the Saturday Morning kids show The Secrets of ISIS. But then again she is living a life of privacy and running a hotel on Hawaii so Lynda Carter would make sense, all based on her schedule with her singing tour.

As for Lynda Carter...well that temptation is there. If the show should go to 2017 the 40th anniversary of Wonder Woman going from ABC to CBS, it might work. That said I would want to make it a retro episode...dedicated to not just Lynda Carter, but also to Christopher Reeve (the crew said they modeled the show after the Donner films). Besides Agent Carter is set in WWII America.

An idea for the opening credits...make it like the animated opening used for the first 1.5 seasons of WW. Of course instead of stars, there would be flying "House of El" symbols (done by computer animation) everywhere and have each character be first animated, then morph into real life. Also do a disco version (not electronic dance, but raw disco [hi hat cymbal, funky bass and all) of Blake Neely's Supergirl theme song. And...here would be the topper; have Colleen Atwood make a variation on the 1974-83 hot pants/blouse/choker ensemble.

The character I would have Lynda play...the mayor of National City in 1978. The title, and this would be a show played for a few more laughs than normal, "That 70's Supergirl." Basically Kara has a dream one night that life has switched to that of the era before Social Media, political correctness, hey even before cable TV!

Anonymous said...

I am mega excited for Supergirl coming this year and hope with all my heart it becomes a smash hit worldwide. But for ages I feel like I'm battling trolls because sadly so many people have left really hurtful/disrespectful comments about SG on social media, YouTube and other websites. I have strongly defended and spread my love for the series and Melissa against them but they always come back for more. Sorry I don't like the negativity people spread about a show that can bring excitement and hope.

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

I love the idea of Lynda Carter showing up. Maybe as a prior woman super-hero from an earlier, less enlightened time?

And as for negativity? Who cares. I don't think those people will convince the many excited about the show to turn away!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anj, Tomorrow Belongs to Us. This is Our Best Shot at "Supergirl Redemption" lets push past the Haters....the sun has set on them.


elknight20 said...

Hey, Anj! The poster looks lkke an homage to Gary Frank's Supergirl in Supergirl #1! :)