Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sideshow Collectibles Supergirl Premium Format Figure

Supergirl is certainly having a presence at the San Diego Comic Con.

As if the news and merchandise from the show wasn't enough, Sideshow Collectibles has announced that a Supergirl premium format figure will be unveiled in San Diego as well. Here is there brief blurb:

I would love a picture of this figure which will be showing at the Sideshow booth at SDCC. So this will be yet another thing I will be asking anyone going to the con to get to me if possible.

I do think it is interesting that the costume is apparently the Michael Turner version, heading back to the one used in the pre-New 52 continuity. I would love the shirt to be a bit longer than this advance art but we'll have to see.

And these figures are historically around 2 feet tall and cost around $400. So this isn't a frivolous purchase. I am certainly priced out.

That said, the series look beautiful.

Here is the Power Girl premium figure to give you an idea of what these things look like.

Can't wait to see the Supergirl one ... if only to dream of having it in the shrine.


Firebird said...

Hunting down for a picture of this statue will be yet another task I will be doing at this con but a fun task it will be. Still, given the nature of the large crowds it will be a miracle if I can get to nearly everything Supergirl related there. Will definitely have a story or two to tell if we get to meet at Boston Comic Con. Wish me luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Given the price of these things are in the $400 range that is WAY out of my zone. BUT, if there was to be a 1/6th scale figure of Melissa B as Supergirl complete with a Kara disguise going for say between $100-200, maybe something can be done.