Wednesday, July 22, 2015

October 2015 Solicits

The solicits for DC's books for October have been released and there was one doozy of an announcement. Unfortunately, there was a surprising lack of Supergirl news including even in the books she is supposedly part of. Still that doozy of an announcement made me happy.

Here is a link for all the solicits:

On to the solicits!

Written by DAN JURGENS
Art and cover by LEE WEEKS

Following the epic events of CONVERGENCE, here are the adventures of the last sons and daughter of the Krypton and Earth as they try to survive in a world not their own. But can they keep this world from suffering the same fate as their own? Can this Superman stop the villains he once fought before they are created on this world? What is Intergang, and why does Lois’s discovery of it place everyone she loves in jeopardy? What will happen when their nine-year-old son learns the true identity of his parents? Make way for the original power couple, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do them part!


I don't think I need to reiterate how Lois has been basically absent in the New 52 Superman world. There is a portion of Superman fans who have lamented this new status quo and have been looking for a place where a more classic Superman could be found. 

We saw Jurgens and Weeks give us just that in the Convergence Superman mini-series. So I am thrilled that DC decided to continue the stories of those characters. I don't know what Earth this takes place on. I don't know if there are other heroes on this place. Does the 'last sons and daughter' of Krypton mean Supergirl? Or Superman's kids? But I do know that I am going to devour this book!

This was the biggest news of the month for me.

Art and cover by AARON KUDER

As this new epic begins, the Man of Steel’s identity as Clark Kent has been exposed. He’s been beaten and pushed to the brink in his quest to regain his powers while his enemies have gathered their forces. And now, Clark must ask himself the ultimate question: Should he even continue as Superman?
As the action begins, a new hero emerges to fight for Justice—and against Superman!

I assume that 'The Truth' is over given this is a new epic. And I like that Superman is trying to regain his powers. I don't want this depowered Superman to be the new norm.

And a new hero? Alpha Centurion? 

Art and cover by JOHN ROMITA, JR. and KLAUS JANSON

After having his secret identity exposed, Superman vowed to bring to justice anyone who hurt those close to him. But when a villain calls his bluff, how far will the Man of Steel go?

This looks like a Sin City cover.
A villain wants to hurt someone close to Superman. How far will Superman go??

I am rather sick of this sort of take on Superman.  This solicit seems to encapsulate all the things I am struggling with.

Written by GREG PAK

What impact will the revelation of Superman’s secret identity have on the rest of the heroes of the DC Universe? As Superman seeks to serve justice to the villains behind his power loss, find out who the Man of Steel’s new crimefighting partner will be!

What a beautiful cover!

But we do get a nugget of information here. There are villains behind his power loss! I hope it isn't the standard government/military complex that we have seen all too often recently. How about the Parasite? Or Mongul?

And a new crimefighting partner? Any guesses? Gangbuster?

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Cover by CARY NORD

Following a shocking betrayal, Kal has lost faith in justice. Now, he’s embarking on a dangerous quest to restore his powers, while Wonder Woman makes unexpected allies of Lois Lane and Lana Lang.

This book has been teetering on my pull list although the last issue was something of a rally. This issue sounds interesting. But this solicit is the one that grabbed me the most.

Who has betrayed him? Jimmy? The League.

More interesting, Clark's dangerous quest to get his powers back reads like the 8 page preview where he flies to the sun and tells Diana he doesn't love her. So maybe we finally get to that story.

But Diana teaming with Lois and Lana is the hook for me. Just how is this going to play out?

Beautiful cover too.

And then the books Supergirl is supposed to be in ...

Art and cover by HOWARD PORTER

There’s a new Batman in town—and the real Batman takes it upon himself to seek this imposter out. Plus, a new threat approaches our galaxy. Will the Justice League be prepared for it?

She starred on the cover of #2 but I don't think she has been mentioned in the solicits since.

At least on Twitter, JM DeMatteis confirmed she will still be part of the book!

Cover by ANT LUCIA

A dark ritual is performed in a German cabaret, and a supernatural servant is brought forth to serve the Reich— has Zatanna been manipulated by The Joker’s Daughter? Plus, Batwoman leaves Gotham City, and Amanda Waller introduces her to an unearthly ally. And Wonder Woman gets into combat as she joins Mera on the European war front.

Last issue's solicit revealed that Supergirl is part of the Soviet Union in the WWII time period. No mention of her here but we are most likely still unveiling the entire cast. Lovely cover by Ant Lucia on this book.

And then a surprise!


In these all-ages tales from SUPERMAN ADVENTURES #1-10, the Man of Steel must convince the citizens of Metropolis that he really is a force for good when Lex Luthor unleashes a terrifying robot look-alike on the city. Plus, Superman faces off with Metallo, Brainiac, Live Wire, Mr. Mxyzptlk, General Zod, and more!
I might have to get this trade both for me and as holiday gifts for a bunch of people. So happy to see these stories collected! If you are looking to introduce a younger reader to the Superman mythos, you should grab this!

Any thoughts??


Martin Gray said...

Re: Lois and Clark, I think 'last sons and daughter of the Krypton and Earth' means Superman, the son and Lois together.

Re: Action, I read somewhere that Greg Pak says the current business is going on a year...

Re: Superman #45. I may drop this book.

Re: Superman/Batman I hope the new crimefighting partner is Krypto - Superman, superdog-trainer.

Re: Superman/Wonder Woman Oh no, Krypto betrays his master! >arf<

RE: DC Bombshells I bet Zee is renamed SSatanna. And eurggh, a mention of the Joker's daughter, albeit a non-'canon' one. I've been delighted that DC had stopped pushing this non-character forward. She's the pits, not worthy of evoking Duela Dent.

Caoimhe said...

Alpha Centurion is in Doomed, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else out there thinking that Supergirl is getting written out of "JLA 3001" before the onset of Autumn? And I cannot figure out what the plan is with respects to "DC Bombshells" ? Does DC have any plans at all for Supergirl in a floppie book anything at all?? Or are they all so drunk on their all new anything goes multiverse concept that they literally can't do any sensible planning for down ticket characters??

Aiyeee silence and more speculation that is all we are getting here.


Martin Gray said...

'Is anyone else out there thinking that Supergirl is getting written out of "JLA 3001" before the onset of Autumn? '

Well no, John, Anj says in his post: 'At least on Twitter, JM DeMatteis confirmed she will still be part of the book!'

Jay said...

I had a slight interest in Lois and CLark till I found out it was set on the main Earth. Killed all my interest in the actual story. Now my only vested interest is the hope that they leave and get back to their own world as soon as possible. The main Earth has a Superman, it doesn't need two.

As for the new crimefighter in Action? I'm guessing a brand new Gangbuster, and its Lee Lambert.

Jay said...

Action: I hope the new hero is Lee Lambert in the guise of Gangbuster.

Superman: You know what? I kinda hope Superman is forced to kill someone in order to save the life of this friend in peril (probably Jimmy).

Batman/Superman: Intrigued to find out who's behind his power loss. And with the issue of his powers being so front and center by this time, I think its likely he'll be back in his suit and powered up by January of 2016.

Superman/Wonder Woman: I think its more than likely the perceived betrayal is Diana herself, hence him being so mad in the sneak peek. I also find it to be interesting that at this point he will be on the outs with the three most important women in his life at this point {at least I'm going to assume, that if Lana is on Diana and Lois's "side", that Clark won't be too pleased with her either.

Lois and Clark: When I first heard this, I had a slight interest. Enough to at least try issue #1. Then I heard it was going to be placed on the main Earth, and I lost pretty much all interest. The idea of these characters being on the main earth for 9 years and just showing themselves now is entirely unappealing to me. Along with the fact this Earth already has a Lois and Clark, it doesn't need another. This should have taken place on a different Earth. You could still play with the concept of them trying to get home just from a different, but still unfamiliar Earth. At this point though I just hope Jurgens doesn't go overboard with nonsense about these guys just being so much better than the main Earth versions, and that there are no mandates to incorporate this into the main Superman books.

Anonymous said...

Re. Lois and Clark - I do wish this was on another Earth to give it more continuity and creative freedom but I'll settle for Prime Earth or whatever Didio called the main DC Earth in that Newsarama interview. I'm all for a more familiar and classic incarnation of Superman who's married to Lois Lane, has many years more experience to his superhero career and has grown into a wise hero. Even if that does mean I now basically like the current Earth 2 Superman in essence. And hey if Jurgens calls out the Superman BS of the New 52, I might be all for it.

Re. Superman - This inflames my extreme dislike and ill will towards the completely derogatory and out of character ways for treating Superman. I swear if Superman kills a villain threatening one of his friends, I'm blogging with extreme prejudice about how DC have failed to portray Superman right yet again. For a writer I had such high hopes for, Yang has let me down very quickly in short succession.

Re. Superman/Wonder Woman - Just what I want to hear, Superman giving up on justice. One of the main things he stands for and champions. DC, respecting their heroes ladies and gentlemen.


Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Yes, DeMatteis said on Twitter she is in the book and in this issue solicited.

Lee Lambert as Gangbuster is a brilliant idea!

I also think Didio's comments about continuity are insane. How can the Lois/Clark Superman be on the same planet at the current Superman. Just leave it elsewhere elseworld.

And lastly, if Superman kills someone ... I think I'd have to go away.

Jay said...

The ironic thing is that if you put both the pre-Flashpoint Superman and the Truth Superman on the same Earth and showed it to Siegel and Shuster, they'd recognize Truth Superman a lot more. So I don't buy that DC has been doing Superman any disservices. I have the utmost respect for those who are simply like the version before this better, I get that, but historically this new one does nothing to tarnish the legacy of Superman. If anything it honors it more than a Superman put to page in a long time.

And this stranded Superman has absolutely no moral cards to hold over New 52 Superman if he's been on this planet for 9 years and did nothing to help in the initial Darkseid invasion, or the Throne of Atlantis affair and so on. Just another reason them being on the main Earth is a bad idea.

And just so you know I'm not trolling...the reason I mention the idea of Superman killing someone is because I genuinely think its a worthy character study. I mean, look what happened when the Byrne version killed the Phantom Zone criminals. It led to some really good stories, it led to the space Exile, Mongul, the Eradicator, all that stuff. Its not the act I want to see, its how he deals with it. And without one's powers, without the ease of diffusing situations like he had before, when it came down to someone he loved and a villain, when wit and guile alone isn't enough to just be able to corral someone up and hand them to the authorities, win the day and your loved one is safe, what happens? I think its a very interesting character study. And when I talk about this I'm thinking super-villain, not some common thug. But that's just me.