Monday, October 20, 2014

Sales Review: September 2014

ICv2's coverage of last month's sales somehow slipped past me so I am sorry this post is coming in later than usual.

September is DC's gimmick month (although with all the 50/50 variants lately there have been a fair number of months which could fit the bill). Last month was the Futures End month, a look into the future of the title characters in issues complete with lenticular covers. As I said during the month, unlike" Zero month" with its origin stories or "Villains month" with its look at arch enemies, "Futures End" month didn't entice me to sample new titles. Why read a new title if it is a future story which may never come to pass? In fact, I skipped some of my monthly titles! I guess I am not a complete completist.

The sales for the month are reviewed here:
As always, I thank ICv2 for their great coverage and recommend you visit the site.

Supergirl's Futures End issue was a mixed bag. Again we have a story where she was (presumably) defeated by the Cyborg Superman and brainwashed.

While she does end up throwing off the brainwashing, ripping off her robotic bits and defeating the Cyborg, she only does it with the help of her boyfriend Captain Comet.

The art was lovely.

I guess my lack of excitement over the month didn't mean sales weren't brisk. (As always, when I say sales, I mean volume purchased by comic stores for sales.)

Amazingly, all DC titles sales were up. And it has to be because of the fancy covers and the Futures End crossover.

Futures End Supergirl sold 48,597 units. Incredible. That is the most the title has sold since the second issue of the New 52! Even her zero issue only sold 34K. I hope that some of those new readers, buying the cover, will stick around. Of course, there is a new direction coming up.

I suppose this means that DC will continue doing such things as fancy covers and big crossovers as they seem good for business in the short term. Let's hope Supergirl continues to get some boost from these things.

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