Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Costume In Supergirl #38?

DC's January solicits included this cover for Supergirl #38 and immediately I wondered if the new creative team was going to change Supergirl's costume. Goggles? Pants? No red crotch shield?

I have issues with the lower portion of Supergirl's new 52 costume and would welcome a change.

But is this a new costume or something else?

Initially I wondered if it could be some form of school uniform. But I am assuming the cat-creatures in the foreground are also students and they aren't wearing anything.

And then someone, and I wish I remember who, said this costume reminded them of something else.

I was reminded that Kara wore traditional Kryptonian battle armor back in Supergirl #10. Of course this was a fever dream of the Black Banshee.


Here is a close-up of that battle armor, including wild yellow goggle/face shield. It isn't exact. But it is pretty similar.

And with Crucible Academy being a 'super-school' where future heroes and champions go to learn and train, I suppose this being some sort of Kryptonian combat gear for class might also be a possibility.
Comic Book Resources recently gave a sneak peek of 2 pages of Supergirl #36, the first issue of the new creative team. And one of those pages is another look at the gear from the cover. Here is the link:

 Here are a couple of panels from their exclusive look.

Here is that costume again. It definitely has a more battle armor feel to it in this panel. And boy, that is one voluminous cape!

Could this just be for Crucible exercises? I hope so. As much as I dislike the red crotch shield, I don't think I want Kara in battle armor all the time.

Still ... fascinating.

I had to include some panels from the other page CBR showed. Kara meets the returned and bearded Kal.

But the bigger thing is that it looks like she is working the register of a coffee shop! Nothing says 'embracing Earth as home' as a first job! Look at that frustrated face in the first panel.

If Kara is bringing home the bacon, she must think of Earth as her home now. So it is sort of a shame we may not be seeing more of that if the book goes completely off planet.

And it is just beautiful art by Emanuela Lupacchino!


Anonymous said...

New Uniform? Living armor? Inquiring minds want to know!

Can probably speculate till the sun goes nova (or when issue #38 comes out, whichever comes first) what exactly the story is behind
this. I can definately buy 'living armor' myself; I seem to vaguely recall some previous Super titles that made mention of it.

I'll reserve most of my comments for the preview panels... thanks for sharing BTW, Anj. Kara working in a coffee shop, Kara wearing
nail polish? Kara having what seems like a human secret identity? Kara NOT heatvisioning / smashing the cash register in frustration?

And finally... Kal-El / Clark wanting to talk with Kara, and Kara accepting?

Just... Beautiful!

Don't know if this is the final print version of this, or if dialogue will be added -- personally I think it just works as it stands.

I can't help but wonder if this is the same coffee shop Siobhan works at as well...maybe Kara and her patched up their friendship,
albeit offpanel?


Stephen Mitchell said...

These look like good changes to me. Superman is rumored to be getting a new costume as well around the same time.

I like this direction for Kara and I'll be adding Supergirl to my pull-pile.

ealperin said...

Looks good, so far.

Ditto with Stephen 's remarks

Jay said...

It looks temporary to me, personally. Especially since a costume change isn't even being mentioned in the solicits like it is for Superman's upcoming tweak in #38. I mean anything's possible of course, but I'm personally expecting this to be some sort of specific excursion garb for academy purposes.

Saranga said...

oh please let this be a new costume. maybe they want to change it so it will tie in to the telly series?

Bartiemus said...

I really like the armour ditch the visor and where good to go.

I did not realize that girl was Kara she seems a lot older. There was an interview with Mike Johnson that said the next arc is going to be half in space and half on Earth so that gives her time for a normal life yay.

Martin Gray said...

I definitely don't want Kara in Superman-style armour, just an uncomplicated, slightly more demure look.

The preview pages look great too, and I'm with Anon, this is likely Siobhan's coffee shop. I wonder if the messenger in the background is a Crucible scout.