Saturday, October 18, 2014

IGN's Interview With Laura Vandervoort At New York Comic Con

There was very little Supergirl news coming out of New York Comic Con. And I have to say that surprised me.

The comic is just about to kick off a bold new direction. Kate Perkins is taking over the primary writing job and is only the second woman to write Supergirl. Emanuela Lupacchino is the artist. Things are going to be very different. You would think that with general comic panel and a Women in Comics panel strictly for DC that the book would have got a little publicity. But nothing.

And let's not forget that CBS has picked up a Supergirl show for next season. Now it is early. But surely there could be something official about the show. But nothing there either.

There was one thing that I did stumble across which was this interview that IGN did with Laura Vandervoort where they talk about her show Bitten as well as her thoughts on Supergirl. Here is the link:

Please visit the site.

I am a fan of Vandervoort and I love that she feels some attachment to the Supergirl character. So I have a couple of comments about this interview.

I love that she talks about whoever is taking over the role should pick something that resonates personally about Supergirl and bring that to the character. With Vandervoort I think she brought that strive for justice, even a fierce edge about it. She was great as Kara.

But I do like that she acknowledges that everyone has a sense of what Supergirl should be like. As I always point out here, Supergirl is a complicated character. Is she sweet and innocent? Bright and optimistic? Fallible as a new hero? Fierce crusader of justice? All of the above? And there is a subset of her fandom which think she should be primarily one of those categories.

I am glad Vandervoort went with the fierce aspect.

Vandervoort also wouldn't mind guest starring on the Supergirl show if they would have her. As she says, Smallville did a great job with that, bringing in Terence Stamp as Jor-El, Helen Slater as Lara-El, and Christopher Reeve as Dr. Virgil Swann.

For me, I wouldn't mind seeing her as a villain (something she says in the interview). And if I had to pick one that has some Supergirl history, I would pick The Enchantress.


Gene said...

What I would like to see is an episode where Supergirl teams up with Supergirls from other dimensions against a huge villain like the Anti-Monitor. Each of the Supergirls would be played by actresses who were Supergirl before in one form or another.

Just imagine Laura Vandervoort flying alongside Helen Slater (Superwoman?), Nicole Tom, Molly Quinn, Summer Glau, and Nicole Sullivan (another Superwoman?)

Tell me that wouldn't be cool.

Anj said...

That would be very cool.

I toyed with the idea of Vandervoort being a 'Power Girl' like character.

Anonymous said...

I swear LV went "fierce" simply because Tom Welling was playing Clark with such an inexplicably low affect...someone had to impose some energy on that show...
I'd cast Laura as a variant on "Lesla Lar"...except in my version she is a Terran Female who is a sort of demented dangerous "Krypton Fan Girl", someone who thinks Kara isn't living up to her homeworld's standards...


Anonymous said...

> Just imagine Laura Vandervoort flying alongside Helen Slater (Superwoman?), Nicole Tom, Molly Quinn, Summer Glau, and Nicole
> Sullivan (another Superwoman?)

...I just had a nerdgasm to the Nth degree about THAT idea! Toss in SBFF Supergirl, and I'd think we'd have enough critical
mass for spontaneous self-fusion!