Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Figures Toy Company Silver Age Action Figure

There are a number of pieces of Supergirl memorabilia that I have on my wish list which I know I will never own. One of those is an original Supergirl Mego figure. There is no way I can afford that.

So I have to thank Figures Toy Company for coming out with faux Mego figures. Based on the original designs, these figures really channel the Mego's but for a far more affordable price. (Not that this wasn't pricey - coming in at $29.99 at my LCS.)

This is one of the few pieces of merchandise that have Supergirl in her Bronze Age hot pants costume. And it is interesting to note this figure has her in the ballerina slippers, the original footwear for this costume. Ultimately she dons red boots (as we see in the packaging).

There is a very retro feel to this figure right down to the 'real' hair and the flesh leggings to cover up the doll legs. There is also an innocence in her face which goes well with the curled up old fashioned hair style.

I also have to give kudos to the company for the packaging. This is a beautiful card with a great Supergirl flying into action. But I also love that this clam-shell plastic packaging allows you to open and close it without ripping anything. As the figure can't stand on her own, it is nice to put it back and use as a display. Lastly, there is a plastic bundler which closes the top so you know if the figure has been opened (as mine has).

The back shows the other Superman figures including Lois !!! And Mxyzptlk! And Bizarro! And Jimmy!

I wish I could buy them all! Again, nice art on the back as well.

As I said, there isn't much merchandise in this costume. But this has a nice spot surrounded by others including the two tumbler glasses and the Crisis on Infinite Earths action figure. Here is that corner of my collection.

I love this figure and so glad to have it in my collection. There is no way I could afford the original Mego. So glad that I have some version of it in my collection!

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Martin Gray said...

Fascinating stuff - I don't know the original toys, were the proportions always so creepy?