Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Supergirl As Jeopardy Champ by Adam Hughes

I have praised Adam Hughes Supergirl art in the past. But this rough sketch that he recently posted on Twitter might be my absolute favorite. 

As someone who has a private fantasy of actually getting on Jeopardy, this picture of Supergirl trashing the competition on the show is the best of two world. Supergirl and Jeopardy is like chocolate and peanut butter!

It is even more fantastic that she is ringing in and shutting out the competition. And Catwoman's vexed expression is great.

I think Kara would crush the opposition!

Hughes explains this sketch as an actual clue that was going to be on Jeopardy as a video daily double but apparently it didn't go far.

Too bad it didn't come to fruition. Love it!


mhunt said...

there is a more finished version, I have it.

Anj said...

Thanks. I would love for you to send on!

Chris Barnes said...

Very cool! I wasn't much of a supergirl fan before the new 52 relaunch, but since I was able to get in on the ground floor I've really loved her book so far, she's a lot of fun to draw too!