Monday, August 11, 2014

Lego Variant Covers

One of the publicity mysteries that I haven't figured out yet has been the lack of variant covers that have graced the covers of Supergirl. Whether it be 'selfies' or 'bombshells' or 'Scribblenauts' or 75th anniversaries, the Supergirl title has been left variant-less. And this is even more perplexing given that the character has graced the covers of other books in their variant form. The bombshell Supergirl appeared on three books' covers ... just not her own.

Now any publicity is good publicity, so putting Kara out there on any book's cover makes me happy. But her own book seems to consistently teeter on mediocre sales and any boost would be cool.

Thankfully, the latest round of variant covers does indeed include a Supergirl variant! I don't know whether to gasp or say 'hooray'.

As you can see above, the variant them is Lego covers and they grace 22 different books. Here Newsarama has gathered all the images (which were parsed out to various websites):

I like the riff on the Supergirl 'zero issue' here, a Lego version of her bursting through the same cover that was on that original cover.

And Lego Supergirl is also on the cover of that month's Justice League United. I also like that this the Legos bursting through the 'zero issue' of JLU. I like consistent themes.

So thank you DC for giving Supergirl a variant! It makes us all happy!


Chris Barnes said...

It looks very cool and I might have to pick up a few of these LEGO variants. I'm glad that Supergirl is getting some attention that's for sure. Since the new 52 relaunch she has been one of my favourite characters!

alex said...

I like this LEGO variant cover :) my only complaint is why Green Arrow and Animal Man doesn't include in this LEGO variant Justice League United cover. Also Green Arrow deserve to have his own solo LEGO variant comics cover

collectededitions said...

Someone asked Dan DiDio on Facebook why Green Arrow wasn't getting a Lego variant cover; someone else answered, "Because Green Arrow sells below the threshold for variant covers to be financially feasible," and DiDio indicated that was correct. No knock on Supergirl, but this may be why you've seen fewer variant covers for this title.

Anj said...

No offense taken. I figured as much.

In some ways it is cutting their nose to spite their face. DC rewards high-selling titles but not low selling titles. So higher selling titles sell more and lower books wither.

I am just thrilled to see this one!

alex said...

I can understand why Green Arrow solo series doesn't get Lego Variant cover. But I can't understand why Green Arrow and Animal Man doesn't include Lego cover in Justice League United. Both of this character is among the best things happen on JLU Book :) really can't wait for to read JLU next issues

AndNowInStereo said...

That's probably the reason, although it didn't stop Batwoman having a theme cover in nearly every theme month and that book only slightly outsells Supergirl. I think Supergirl having one in Lego Month might have something to do with Supergirl already being in the Lego Batman games. I know she was in the second one, wearing the Matrix costume, so perhaps she's unlockable in her New52 costume in 3. This is apparently why Beast Boy is the sole focus of the Teen Titans cover.

Bartiemus said...

A happy Kara makes a nice change. I also love for all of the JLU covers Kara has been smiling. Maybe DC will finally let her get over the angry loop she has been stuck in since The New launched.

I'm hoping we get the next round of Solictations soon it will be good to see where she is heading after Red Daughter and Doomed

Anj said...

I agree Bart. I am anxious to see the solicits!