Saturday, August 2, 2014

One Week To Boston Comic Con

At this time next week, I will probably be in my car, driving to the Boston Comic Con for day 2 of the three day convention.

I have talked about my hopes for the convention and my top targets for commissions.

And while I say it every year, I am going to try to tweet or live-blog a little bit while there.

But there is one more thing ....

The Grail Piece.

A while ago, someone asked me which artists comprise my wish list for Supergirl commissions. Of that short list of names, one is actually going to be at this con.

Amanda Conner.

I don't think Conner does con sketches any more.

I am sure that her and Jimmy Palmiotti's table is going to be a madhouse given how popular Harley Quinn is. So I doubt she would have time even if she did sketch.

And I don't know if claiming I am a huge fan of her art , a huge of Supergirl fan, running a Supergirl blog will matter much.

There is a reason such commissions are called Grail pieces.

They are coveted. Given a certain reverence. And exceedingly difficult to obtain.

I fear that I will be like Percival.

The Grail will be within my sight but will most likely be unobtainable.

But the quest will go on.

Send any good vibes my way.


Starsaber said...

I think she did some sketches at MegaCon earlier this year. Since I'm pretty new to collecting comic art, I just got an autographed print, but I think she did at least a few.

Saranga said...

Could you tweet or fb Jimmy Palmiotti (as I don't think Connor uses twitter) and ask him about commission pieces?