Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sales Review: July 2014

July sales have been posted and there is some good news to share! As always, ICv2 covers the market best. Here is the link to their top 300 comics:

And overall this has been a week of great news. Starting with the Supergirl variant issue announcement and recapping the Boston Comic Con, I have been in a happy place. So will sales news continue that momentum?

Supergirl #33 was the final part of the exciting Red Daughter storyline. This is the arc which hopefully helps Kara turn the corner, head towards heroism and a healthier life, and end the black hole drag of angst which has plagued the book for most of its history since the New 52.

This arc was fantastic, especially the Red Lanterns issues. Tony Bedard and Emanuela Lupacchino are established on the book. And we see Kara shedding the ring. So far so good!

But would sales be effected?

The book slipped in terms of ranking down to #131, a product I think of one-shots, weeklies, and mini-series.

I say that because the book sold more this month than the last, up around 400 units. In this day and age of chronic sales erosion, this is amazing. Especially since it didn't come with some sort of massive reboot or creative team shake-up. Is this word of mouth?

Are the slightly increased sales from Red Lantern readers? Will new readers stick around?

I usually review the sales of a title I like which is lower than I like. But this time I thought I would do something different.

Batgirl #33 is sitting pretty at #79, selling just north of 37K, a number I wish Supergirl was selling at. I want us to remember this number. Because Batgirl #36 is one of those creative shake-ups. This is the soft reboot of the character, skewing to a younger Babs and looking way more kid friendly. The new creative team of Brenden Fletcher, Cam Stewart, and Babs Tarr have been receiving massive praise for the new feel and look of the book and it hasn't even been released!

What number will Batgirl #36 hit? I am guessing more than 100K.


Anonymous said...

Batgirl's sales are in part a function of Gail Simone's die hard fanbase...of which I am more or less a member.
I wish she'd get a crack at Kara the cliffhanger's alone would be worth it.


DR said...

I think #35 is the futures end issue where Batgirl looks like a Bane wannabee.

100K would be nuts. No matter how much the internet loves the unofficial return of Batsteph.

Anj said...

You're right about Batgirl, edited the post.

I almost feel like betting about that 100K number. What did the new Ms. Marvel sell?

And John, I also like Simone, but have been a little choosier with what I read of hers lately.

bartiemus said...

This book is so constant in sales which is great. I am sad though books like Red Hood and Catwoman got a 10 15K boost thanks to the bombshell variants it makes me sad that Kara missed out.

Anj are you going to do a break down for Justice League United and Red Lanterns since there still Kara's books as well?

We should get a nice bump from futures end and Dooomed plus The Lego Variant this book might actually make it to issue 50 now that DC has gotten Scott Lobdell the hell away from it.