Saturday, January 12, 2013

TV Guide On Superman:Unbound

More news has been released about this summer's direct to video DC Release Superman:Unbound. TV guide has a brief piece about it. But more importantly it has a couple of pictures from the movie. Here is the link:

I know it is was one frame, but the art looks very slick here. I like the way both Kara and Lois look here. Very nice. My assumption is this will be the belly shirt costume given that is what Supergirl wore in the Brainiac arc.

And this blurb from the article gives some context around the picture:

In the film's second story thread Superman struggles to relate to the women in his life. As his romance with Lois heats up (in his secret identity as Clark Kent), he worries that she could be in jeopardy if his enemies discover their connection. And his paternal instincts drive him to be overprotective of the teenage Kara — despite the fact that she has super abilities on par with his.

I think this is an interesting subplot. In the prior post with the YouTube video, we heard how Superman is becoming protective of Lois, in essence keeping her in a bottle. That sort of resonance works well with Supergirl as well, harkening back to her earliest stories.

But more importantly, it makes me wonder if she will stop the solar aggressor missile now. He might have to let Kara 'free', let her show him she is ready and doesn't need to be protected in order to save the world. I thought Kara's moment in the sun (literally) might get cut out here. Now I think maybe it will be an important piece to Superman learning a lesson.

One thing that was missing from the YouTube video was a view of Superman in the movie. So I am glad that we got to see what he looks like in this article.

Again, I think the art here looks great.

Can't wait for this movie!


Anonymous said...

In a well run Supergirl-verse, she simply KNOW the missile had to be stopped and take off unbidden...
(but assured in her own slightly vain teenaged girl mind that this was indeed "the important job at hand").
Hoping it plays like that if at all...


Diabolu Frank said...

Didn't even know this movie was happening. Definitely prefer the design work here over the Elite one.

girllustrator said...

This looks wonderful! I don't usually watch animation but I'm definitely making an exception for this one. Thanks Anj! :)

Gene said...

The art looks great, but I am a tad surprised they did not try to emulate Gary Frank's art style. Perhaps they wanted to avoid any legal complications since his version of Superman had a strong resemblance to Christopher Reeve.

I'm curious to know what Supergirl is tearing up about. I also wonder if they will include that infamous X-ray vision moment she had with Cat Grant in the original comic.

PRgirl1294 said...

This seems like it's gonna be a good movie. The only thing that I'm disappointed about is that it doesn't seem that they're gonna feature Superboy (Conner Kent) in addition to Supergirl. It would be a good way to show Superman's paternal instincts with two different people, and honestly, I think that Supergirl has had more than enough of the spotlight outside of the comics, while Superboy has only been in two TV shows (having an official recurring appearance in only one of them) and has never had an official appearance in any of the DC animated original movies (that clone in "Superman: Doomsday" doesn't count). Now that they've resolved the legal issues surrounding him, they should really consider him off a little more.

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments.

John: I really felt like Brainiac was a big moment for that Kara, a sort of growing moment, conquering her boogeyman. So I hope she gets to play that role again.

Frank: It does look artistically cleaner than Elite.

Gene: In the video pulled from YouTube the director said that they thought about using Frank's look but thought it wouldn't translate well. As for crying, she is either reminiscing about the Brainiac/Kandor invasion or upset that Superman doesn't take her seriously.

prGirl: With Brainiac being so enmeshed with Krypton, the story lends itself more for Supergirl/Superman. I don't think Superboy had a big role in the comic arc either.

PRgirl1294 said...

True, but still, I think that Superboy could use a little more attention outside of the comics, 'cause he is a very interesting character IMO. Maybe in the next Superman-related movie or in a Teen Titans-related movie.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for this! The prelim art, from what I see, here, looks really slick! Can't wait to purchase this, when it's on iTunes! I already watched most of the DCAU animated movies, along with The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 (Part 2 has already been preordered, by yours truly. ^_^). Will be adding this one to the list. :)-ealperin