Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mike Maihack Supergirl/Batgirl Commissions

I have showcased Mike Maihack's Supergirl/Batgirl comics and commissions a number of times on this blog. Maihack seems to capture the essential characteristics of these characters while keeping an unshakeable feeling of joy and humor. I have been very happy to see more SG/Bg stuff from Mike Maihack now and again.

Recently on his blog, he has posted a couple of commissions which I thought I would share here.
Here is the link to Maihack's blog and the first commission:

One thing I like about these little webcomics and commissions is how Maihack is able to showcase the differences in approach to super-heroics between the two heroes while making it feel completely natural for them to be friends.

Here a more serious Batgirl looks over her shoulder while Supergirl flies by smiling. I think Maihack's Supergirl is always smiling.

I will also say that this commission is a little ... um ... cheekier ... than usual Maihack fare. There is a sense of coy 'come hither' from that Batgirl.

Maihack also posted this second SG/BG commission here: 

I like this one a lot. It has the feel of a post-adventure moment of zen, Kara elated at victory, Babs just soaking it all in. Again, smile abound.

I can only hope that Maihack makes it to an eastern seaboard comic con so I can meet him.


Gear said...

Mike Maihack's stuff is great. I've enjoyed his Batgirl/Supergirl shorts, and these commissions are really nice. Here's yet another artist with a fun take on the characters. Nice.

lordmazapan. said...

Since i saw his comissions a year ago, I put his commissions in my favorites in deviantart.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

I hope his SG/BG Christmas webcomics continue. That should be a tradition!