Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Superman:Unbound Sneak Peek

A lot of news has been leaking out about the upcoming DC Direct to Video movie Superman:Unbound,  and animated movie based on Geoff Johns and Gary Frank excellent Brainiac story arc. The most extensive coverage is available on YouTube, a 10minute preview of the movie. Here is the link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SykkLEkw5M

My guess is this will be an extra on the Dark Knight Returns Part 2 DVD.

First off, the cast and crew and listed in the YouTube video and on World's Finest Online.

Superman: Brainiac Cast and Crew
Matt Bomer – Superman/Clark Kent
Molly Quinn – Supergirl
Stana Katic – Lois Lane
John Noble – Brainiac

James Tucker – Director, Supervising Producer, Character Designer
Bob Goodman – Screenwriter
Andrea Romano – Voice Director
Kevin Kliesch – Composer

We had known Quinn was going to be Supergirl for some time now. I think the rest of the cast sounds great especially Noble as Brainiac. Definitely watch the video for a sneak peek of all of their performances.

Another thing that grabbed me in this video is hearing that this movie, while based on Brainiac, will go 'left' from the source material. It is implied that it means the movie won't follow the arc beat for beat. I will say, the conceptual art and most of the lines in this video seem pretty true to the story. Maybe this isn't 'based on' Brainiac and is 'inspired by' it instead.

And now some images and thoughts.

Clark Kent is described by the director as a more 'buttoned down' version of the character as opposed to Johns' version. He is a sort of 'Mad Men' Clark.

I also find the sub-plot of Clark trying to hold back Lois ... metaphorically bottling her, as Brainiac does to cities ... very interesting, especially now. I am in the mood to see a strong outgoing Lois.

Lois is described as 'bohemian'. I like the short haircut look.

And it sounds like she is as hard-hitting here as ever, volunteering to be a kidnapping victin for someone so she can get the inside story.

And Brainiac looks like the bruiser he was in the comics.

Noble sounds chilling in the role.

As for Supergirl, I will be posting an image of her from TV Guide soon. But we do get some storyboards of her in the video and hear some of her lines.

Here she is about to send that fist to the camera as she mows down Brainiac drones.

My assumption is Pa Kent's death and Kandor's growth are not going to be part of this movie. So I will be surprised if Kara saves the world by stopping Brainiac's solar aggressor.

Quinn says she is honored to be Supergirl and sounds truly thrilled to be Supergirl. And the lines we hear her speak in the video sound spot on.

Superman:Unbound will be out in the summer, although no official release date has been given.

Another animated movie with Supergirl. Should be great!


Gene said...

I find it interesting that James Tucker is directing this. Perhaps to atone for not including Supergirl in his Batman: The Brave and the Bold show?

Give us some Karatharis in this movie James and all will be forgiven.

Argocub said...

Makes me wonder if Argo city will make a appearance in the film. I hope so!

valerie21601 said...

I expect changes as series and characters move from one medium to another. I would be extremely surprised if they were 100%.

The only book I know of that was 100% followed scene by scene and word by word was the movie Rumblefish.

When adaptions are done right they are still wonderful stories staying true to the core of the character, their supporting cast and their myths.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the clip was pulled due to copyright claims. Maybe Warner doesn't want to let the cat out of the bag too soon.

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments and bummer that the video was pulled. Glad I saw it!

Supergirl does a lot in Brainiac, smacking around drones like mad. So I can only hope we see that level of action from her.

And there was a hint that Zor-El and Alura will be in the movie so hopefully we get some Argo City!