Thursday, January 3, 2013

Robot 6 Best Of 2012

I think end of year 'Best Of' lists are not as tired a trope as some on the net make it. I rather like hearing what other people consider to be stand-out books or excellent moments. It often leads me to trying a book that I haven't picked up before. For example, I haven't read Saga but after seeing it appear on just about everyone else's Best of 2012 list I feel I have to give it a whirl.

I also like these lists when they give some promotion to books I like that I think could use a boost. So I was pretty happy to see Supergirl get mentioned twice on Comic Book Resources Robot 6 blog's 'Favorite Comics of 2012 list. Here is the link:

And here are the mentions:

First from Robot 6 contributor Tom Bondurant. Supergirl was his #6 title.

I don't necessarily agree with the statement that the last Supergirl was a 'wide-eyed innocent' in comparison to Superman. But one thing I agree with ...

This doesn’t make Supergirl gritty or jaded. Rather, it adds a layer of poignancy to her mission on Earth.

One thing that I like about this Supergirl is that despite the rough start to her life on Earth, there has been solid core to her character. She hasn't become jaded ... something which we did see with the Loeb/Kelly version.  And that slow realization that she must accept the tragedy behind her and move forward has made her complex.

And then from Robot 6 contributor Michael May. Supergirl was also #6 on his list.

May states something that I am always worried about. That DC editors will stop Mike Johnson and Mahmud Asrar from writing the book they want and will muddle things up.

He also notes that Supergirl hasn't been weighed down by angst, again keeping her away from being jaded.

With all the great comics that have been released in 2012, I was thrilled to see Supergirl mentioned twice here.  


Martin Gray said...

Excellent review as ever. That's a great point about Lex shaving for Superman.

I wonder if Superman really went to see Luthor to tease him into helping out against H'el, either openly or behind the scenes. After all, if Earth is destroyed a) he dies and b) someone else gets to have beaten Superman. And of course, he hates aliens.

Martin Gray said...

Oops, that comment was for the Superman #15 review - delete, delete!

Sean Dillon said...

Say, did you see that Supergirl retrospective Movie Bob did?

Anj said...

Say, did you see that Supergirl retrospective Movie Bob did?

No I didn't.


Adriana said...

This is good news for Supergirl from Robot 6. It shows she is getting the recognition she deserves.