Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Stuff

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope the holiday treats everyone wonderfully! I figured on this day I would post just a couple of recent things about Supergirl that are worth being thankful for.

One thing I am thankful for is DC giving the Super-titles and Supergirl some publicity. A crossover like H'El on Earth helps churn up the pub-machine but any time the spotlight is put on Supergirl, I'm happy.

So over on the DC Source blog, Supergirl is one of the '5.2 reasons' to be addicted to super-heroines. Here is the link:

There is no text other than the title 'The Awesomeness that is Supergirl'. I wouldn't have minded a little description to try to lure new readers in. But to call Supergirl awesome is pretty cool.

Earlier in the month, there was a similar '5.2 reasons' column this time about the super-titles. Here is that link:

Supergirl got a little more love in this column even if the "Kicks 'S'" header is a bit groan worthy. Here is the blurb.

4. Supergirl Kicks "S"
If you haven't been reading Supergirl, you need to go here now and start. Seriously. We've been fans of writer Mike Johnson ever since his Lil' League arc on Superman/Batman (with art by American Vampire's Rafael Albuquerque) and unsurprisingly, he has been doing an amazing job on the Girl of Steel's self-titled series, penning a young Kara Zor-El that feels like a real teenaged girl lost in a world she barely understands—like "Alice in Wonderland," if Alice had superpowers and beat up the Queen of Hearts for being a crazy person and threatening the lives of pretty much everyone. It's a phenomenally well-written series only further enhanced by the incredibly beautiful art by Mahmud Asrar.

I should stop critiquing these things since they rarely sound like the book. Again, describing her as an Alice that would beat up the Red Queen makes her sound unhinged or a 'bad grrl' and I don't know if that is how Johnson is writing her. Sure Supergirl lashes out, but she also seems sad. It is more nuanced than Supergirl being a hammer and Earth a nail.

Still, I suppose any publicity is better than no publicity.

Over on his Twitter, artist Brett Booth posted a commission he did of the DCnU Supergirl. This is a great piece. I enjoyed Booth's take on Kara during the later part of James Robinson's JLA run. Congratulations to whoever scooped this up.

Lastly, I updated up my blog pages - pull list and commission. Holiday cleaning!

Anyways, have a happy holiday!

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